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How to Replace Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires - Quick Guide

Updated on February 14, 2011

So when it comes to replacing motorcycle spark plugs or wires, you need to know things which are better and clearer than what your friends or neighbors talk about the spark plugs of automobiles. Since it is causing considerable amount of misfires, it is a dire need to know about them all even though you need not know about all those engineering stuffs behind. Here we are going to take a look at some of the best tips and knowledge that you must possess before you go about replacing your motorcycle spark plugs.

Ok, so it would be a better idea to start with the functions of a spark plug in an automobile, right? Actually, spark plugs are into the system because of two main reasons. They are the ones that help in ignition. That means igniting the fuel or air mixture that is necessary for the start-up. Now the next thing is also an important one. That is nothing other than transferring the heat from the combustion chamber of automobiles.

Replacing Motorcycle Spark Plugs
Replacing Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Even though this article is now written in an automobile engineer’s point of view, it is still helpful for those who are looking for ways to read your spark plug or to replace the spark plugs. So please read down to find out more. So here we go. Spark plugs’ wiring end is the major area that gives you indirect information about the condition of your automobile’s engine. If you look at that, you would be able to know how our engine is actually performing in terms of good or bad. Not everything actually, but it’s just the outlook, that’s all. So here we go about replacing motorcycle spark plugs tips.

Before Replacing Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Now look for the following colors in the wiring end of your spark plug. Brown, tan or gray or light gray, then you need not bother about any faults or your engine’s condition. That’s the normal indication of an engine in normal or efficient condition. Look for any ash deposits. If there is, you should clean it as soon as possible since they are more than enough to cause misfires. You don’t want that to happen, right? So just clean it all.

Look for leakage of oil since this may lead to the carbon fouling issue that again causes a misfire. This is something that most of the people use to forget while they try to read their spark plugs or replacing them in a hurry. Taking care of these things is not a bad thing at all. In fact, you may do it often. Now the next thing is obvious. That is, look for overheating issues. That is, the so called particles in the wiring end may melt due to various reasons or undesirable conditions and this may lead to some other serious problems or accidents. So look for that too.

Now the final thing – check for worn plugs. In other words, just make sure that you are not carrying worn plugs. So changing and replacing the spark plugs is not that serious but some things have to be considered seriously to make sure that you replace the spark plugs of same heat range and similar associated parameters, as a whole. So that’s all with this short article on motorcycle spark plug wires replacement tips.


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    • profile image

      buster711 4 years ago

      this article is titled "how to replace plug wires" yet it is about READING spark plugs...if i wanted to learn to read the plugs i would have typed that...i was interested in changing the wires...NOT reading the plugs !!

    • rich_hayles profile image

      rich_hayles 6 years ago

      Comprehensive guide web3, very impressive.