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Motorcycle Trip to Wisconsin: Adventure To the Point of No Return

Updated on September 5, 2016

Getting Ready

Luggage racks, cash, sheepskin on back seat, rain gear, clothes, camera and personal stuff.

Our group, and there are ten of us going, are from several towns, so we'll pick them all up on our journey. We all have our bikes and we're ready to go. It's a bit chilly this morning, so we're all wearing leather coats and chaps.

52 Degrees and Time to Roll

We are meeting our group 3 miles from our home and stopping in Owatonna at Olivia's for our first breakfast stop.

The phone rings. They are on their way, so, it's out the door and on our way. The skies are clear and the sun is doing it's best to do a beautiful sunrise. Good job, Sun!!!

Atop a Hill

We stopped to stretch our legs atop a large hill. We can see the church steeple in Lanesboro in the distance.

Rushford for Gasoline

We stopped to refuel at a gas station in Rushford. Potty breaks. Snacks. Water. There were a lot of other groups of bikers there.

The area is very green and beautiful. The riding was pleasant. There was a small amount of win, but it wasn't hot, temperatures were in the upper sixties, so with our full leathers on, we were very comfortable. Very relaxing.


Gas and potty breaks.

Final Destination Day 1 - Prairie Du Chien - Motel

We drove all day and decided to get a motel in Prairie Du Chien. We had made no arrangements because we really did not know where we would end up at this time of the day.

The first couple motels had VACANCY signs in their window, but apparently did not want a bunch of bikers at their hotel. Actually, the Motel 6 did not have any rooms available and the next hotel had a vacancy sign up, which they took down in the middle of our asking if they had rooms. Empty parking lots.

The third motel was generous. They had rooms on both ends of their building. The rooms were clean and dry. We got a couple extra pillows. We had a adjoining room and shared a bathroom with another couple. That worked just fine. They also made coffee the next morning and provided donuts.

There was a bowling alley with a bar and grill next door, so we walked over and ordered up pizza's, burgers, deep fried pickles and drinks. The first half hour was very noisy as there was a television on with the Green Bay Packers playing.

There was a movie theater playing next door and we thought about sitting through a movie, but as the food kicked in, we all decided to retreat to our rooms and were soon all sleeping. Riding is hard work, and we were tired.

Our Plans Day 2

Up and at them, everyone was up and ready to go by 7:30 a.m. We headed up and ate breakfast buffet at the Lucky Lady Casino. It's a very old fashioned restaurant with a full bufffet. We had choices to pick from: bacon, sausage with gravy, ham, scallops, chicken, scrambled eggs, bread pudding. Their bread pudding was very flavorful, with a caramelized sauce on the top.


There are a lot of bald eagles flying in the air at the tips of the hills. This wayside rest had a railroad track running along the river. We got to see a train going past on the tracks.

Food and Drink at Shellhorns

Their service is good. The food was good. Their drinks were, you guessed it, good.


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