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Must Have Pickup Truck Accessories

Updated on February 27, 2018

Almost anyone who has had a pickup truck has bought accessories to make it even better than the stock truck they bought. You may know all there is to know about buying a car but if you have had one for years and would like to make it "new", you will want to find some of the best pickup truck accessories on the market today.

Every pickup truck owner likes to make their ride "pop" or stand out from the rest in one way or another. These accessories can help you get the most out of your pickup truck both in looks, comfort, and in usefulness. As you read through this site and think of other accessories that you like or have used, please feel free to share those with us in the comment section below.

Probably the most flashy of all truck accessories, accessories for the outside of your light truck range from purely superficial to mostly functional. One of the most common accessories for the truck exterior is a custom bumper, such as a Ranch Hand bumper. These bumpers give needed protection to the front of the truck providing extra knockdown power for wildlife and or thick brush. They also provide a place for winches or other tools that may be needed off road or on the job.

Another great accessory for the truck exterior is side steps. These can come in the form of running boards, nerf bars, or a simple step. If your truck is a bit higher than the average truck, or you just like the look, any of these can make an excellent addition to any truck. They also generally add to the overall resail value of the truck.

Lastly, most truck owners will want a bed lining of some sort in their truck, especially if any work will be done with it. Today, a truck owner can choose from a coating or a plastic liner. Most people choose the coating based on the damage water can do if it gets under a plastic liner, however, few coatings can take the abuse that the hard plastic liners can.

Other exterior accessories include light guards, bed covers, plastic trimming, and more.

Aftermarket Pick Up Truck Accessories For The Interior

Two of the most bought interior truck accessories are floor mat systems and seat covers. More likely than not, if your truck came stock, you have the basic carpet floor mats that get dirty easily without containing the dirt that you track. Aftermarket floor mat systems are great at covering every area that needs to be covered while fitting together to give complete protection to the floor of your truck. These mat systems, especially those by WeatherTech, are laser measured and fit exactly. You can even get full systems to cover the back floor board in crew cabs or SUV's.

Seat covers can be a very smart option if you have a very dirty job, or just like to play in the mud. There are also some seat covers that are extra strong to protect against accidental cuts and tears due to hopping in the truck with tools or knives in your pockets. Most of these covers can be bought in any color or pattern. Camouflage and designs of favorite teams can even be found. However, I am sure your wife would not appreciate you putting these in her Camry, Accord or whatever.

Another great upgrade to you Truck is a backup camera. Aftermarket backup cameras being sold today can be wired to your rearview mirror, turning it into a screen for the camera feed upon the vehicle being placed in reverse. Few upgrades can help save lives like this one.

Some other interior truck accessories include organizers, center consoles, cargo nets, electronics, and steering wheel covers.

Often Overlooked Pick Up Truck Accessories

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Some of the best truck accessories are often overlooked. These accessories are the ones you generally don't think to buy until you either see them on another truck or are in need of them yourself. One of these is a hitch platform or extension. These devices slide into your hitch receiver and stand out behind the truck. Some of them are made to extend the ability of your bed to help carry long items and others are actual platforms that can be used to carry items. The latter configuration is very handy for SUV's.

Another overlooked accessory is a set of emergency tools. By this I mean a chain or pull strap, a set of tools, jumper cables, and a small medical kit. Most everyone with a truck has one or two of these items, but for some reason few people have all of them. If you prepare your truck with each of these items, very few situations will catch you by surprise.

Lastly, if you do a good bit of driving in your truck, you may think about buying a computer programer to change some aspects of your shifting, etc. These are not for the mechanical newcomer, so learn how they work before buying one. You can definitely use one to help with hauling and even get some help get better fuel mileage.


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