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My BMW Sucks

Updated on April 23, 2011

What Happened to Quality German Engineering

I really hate to write this, especially after I’ve accomplished one of my goals, to own a BMW, but I am so disappointed in it, it is time to bitch about it.

I really am not a vain person. Not into status symbols just for the sake of looking like something I’m not. I don’t know fashion and I don’t go to all the hip clubs. But I do appreciate quality and when I am blessed to be able to buy nice things for myself, then I feel I should have them. My Beemer has been one of those things.

My BMW Sucks - How's Yours?
My BMW Sucks - How's Yours?

The History

I was frugral and bought it used just about two years ago. It’s a 2005 325I. Although I’ve discovered how ridiculously different people react or treat you when you drive up in even the most basic BMW, I wanted it simply because I thought the Germans made a superior vehicle; more value for the buck.

Plus, I’ve had a fascination with all things German for quite some time; German was my college major for a couple years, back when I thought of being a UN interepreter. I have or had family living in Germany and I have backpacked through the cities there. I thought I would live there one day. I heard angels sing when I stood in the Olympic Village and gazed upon the 4 cylindrical pillars of BMW Headquarters in Munich.

However, in the short time we’ve been together I’ve had numerous complications with my little car and am now terribly disenchanted with what I always thought was stellar “German engineering.” In my own defense, I am NOT rough on my cars, I take care of my stuff and I have a 12 year old custom Harley that's in pristine condition.

Here are just the major items I can remember, in no particular order.

  1. A/C goes out. In Georgia. In Summer! Thank God it happened while still under the initial warranty. This was just the beginning.
  2. Sunroof breaks for no obvious reason – with no warning, I open it one day and hear a horriblly loud pop. Dealer says because it’s all one piece built inside the roof, it cannot be fixed without a MINIMUM $1800 repair.
  3. Bad fuel pump – Drive to work one day at 9am. Attempt to leave for lunch. Car almost cranks then dies. A few helpful friends and a AAA tow truck later, I am about $800 poorer because it had a bad fuel pump.
  4. Passenger window has issues – one day out of the blue, front passenger window gets stuck in the down position (of course). Goes back up slowly, sometimes not at all. Have to pull it up by hand.
  5. Battery dies – costs about $180 to replace because it’s in a funny place and requires some special kind of charging or prep work. Why does a 3-4 year old factory battery die?
  6. Oil leak after oil change. OK, this one may not be the car’s fault, seems to have been a slack oil changer that didn’t replace the oil ring but since I’m not so sure…
  7. Driver side window has issues – about 6 months after passenger window; driver’s side joins in the fun. You can hear/feel a click of some kind. They both need new regulators.
  8. Yesterday, “central locking system” button doesn’t work. Neither does the hazard button next to it. I checked all 3 fuses and they’re fine. WTF?! UPDATE: Not exactly sure how to explain what it is still but apparently a little latch that is activated when you push the lock/hazard buttons is broken. Husband jerry-rigged it with tape but that's only temporary. So now the little button casing just sits outside of it's cubbyhole and I use it that way. And why don't the doors lock when you begin to drive anyway? Even my old ass Fords did that!
  9. Gloomy day and dirty windshield reminded me that the windshield washer fluid stopped spraying about 9 months ago. Have to clean window by hand. Fine when I’m at home but on the road, not so much.
  10. Express down feature on windows works when it feels like it, yet it works going up (when the front windows actually go up). Maybe this is related to items 4 & 7.
  11. From the very beginning, alarm doesn't sound when you lock the car. You just hear a "thunk."
  12. Sep. 2010 - Gas door lever breaks so gas door just flops around without locking
  13. Nov. 2010 - Front driver-side window button breaks off
  14. Nov/Dec. 2010 - Coolant leak develops. Needs to be refilled about every two weeks.

These things can be expected in an older vehicle, but come on, this car is barely 5 years old!! And only 3 when I got it!! And it’s German!!! I now have new appreciation for every Ford product I ever owned or leased. I miss you Escort, Probe, Mercury Cougar, Mountaineer and yes, I even miss you Taurus.

Yes, I know the warning that cars like Mercedes and BMW can cost a lot to maintain, but we’re not talking regular maintenance here. I was rearended on 285 a few weeks ago and the guy at the shop asked me how I liked the car. I subsconsciously hesitated in my response and he called me on it. He then told me his boss had the same car and had multiple complaints; including the sunroof and electronic glitches that required him to enter from the passenger side. I’ve heard a few other tales as well.

So, I am somewhat comforted to know that I am not alone with my BMW troubles and disappointment. Buy American, Japanese, Swedish, hell buy Chinese but DO NOT buy BMW!!! OK, buy "the ultimate driving machine" if you like, but don't say you weren't warned.

I'm sad and happy to report I got rid of this p.o.s. in February 2011. I wish everyone else with Beemer woes good luck getting rid of theirs. I'm fortunate to not have to get a new car right now and while I'm not totally turned off by German, I'm definitely not going back to Bavaria.


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    • profile image

      California Lemon Law 7 years ago

      Interesting article about the BMW Fuel Pump and Fuel System defects found here:

      Some symptoms of the fuel pump defect are as follows:

      The vehicle hesitates when starting (engine not getting fuel properly)

      • The vehicle loses power while driving

      • The check engine light comes on

      • The vehicle goes to limp mode

      It's disappointing to buy a car that's defective. There are laws that are lemon laws that protect consumers in most states in the U.S.

    • profile image

      Always Greener 6 years ago

      You've probably bought a car that wasn't serviced fully, every time. These are cars that seem attractive when the price is cheaper, but become a nightmare for the second owner. Also, BMW electronics (i.e. windows) can be suspect on older cars (yes, even 5 years old). That's why I bought a BM with little to no electronics on it, it's an older model.

      Some people blame the brand, that's their view. But, really, it is a matter of being really vigilant when buying the car unfortunately. It sounds like you've bought a real lemon - and there is no lemon like a BMW lemon!

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      @ Always Greener - I guess I can find solace in having a BMW lemon.

      @ California Lemon Law. California is much further along in consumer protection than the fine state of Georgia. I've wondered about the lemon law here; might be worth checking into.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      You're by no means alone, mine was a brand new BMW motorcycle with crooked handlebars, ticking engine and it leans to the right. BMW and their qualified technicians have lied to me time and time again... I dedicated a website to them

    • profile image

      G35er 6 years ago

      Yeah, I looked at BMW and Audi before getting the Infiniti G. Never looked back. Issues to date: ZERO.

    • profile image

      Bill 6 years ago

      BMW's so called quality image is nothing but "smoke and mirrors". I've worked in their US plant for 13 years and their lack of quality amazes me. The batteries have always been an issue from day one. The problem is BMW owns the battery manufacturer and won't change to a better battery. Most times they fail the battery test before we can ship them from the plant. Now that we have Hall 52 building the X3 it will lack in quality as well! Good Luck!

    • profile image

      Robert M 6 years ago

      BMW 2006 325i Valve cover bolts are defective

      If you own a 2006 325i and your valve cover is leaking oil and causing your engine compartment to smoke you likely have defective valve cover bolts.

      In 2006 BMW changed the composition of materials which include a magnesium cover secured by aluminum bolts. Aluminum bolts do not have the proper thermal properties required to withstand the torque, expansion and contraction required to properly secure the valve cover.


      The aluminum bolts break and oil leaks onto the engine block causing the engine to smoke and lose pressure.

      BMW is aware of the defect. BMW fixed it less than a year later by going back to the steel bolts in the 2007 models and greater.

      Certified BMW mechanics are aware of the problem because it is a common factory DEFECT. Unfortunately this problem commonly occurs just out of warranty. It’s not a cheap fix and BMW won’t acknowledge the problem.

      Personal experience: This is my third and final BMW. BMW does not care about customer loyalty. This is clearly a factory engineering defect.

      If you are experiencing this problem you should contact:

      BMW of North America, Inc. Corporate Office

      300 Chestnut Ridge Rd.

      Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675


      Toll free: 1-800-831-1117 (BMW Customer Service Center)

      Fax: 201-930-8362

    • profile image

      lemon 6 years ago

      i have a bmw 325 sport wagon and its the worst car ever. I cant wait to get other car (japanese). I have spend over $3500 in 2 years. BMW its over rated

    • profile image

      regret to be bmw owner 6 years ago

      BMW is wayyyy over rated, their service sucks, gives u a feeling that no one cares about ur stupid car after they sell it to u, and battery is really a big issue. My car was driven 12k in the past year and bmw told me i did not drive enough to keep the battery running..I kno i didn't drive that much, but how much do i have to drive? Don't buy bmw..not worth ur money or ur time spend at the repair shop complaining about how lame bmw is...

    • profile image

      BMW SOLD 6 years ago

      I sold my 2000 BMW 323i for under $4000. I just feel relieved. The car gave me too many problems over the timespan that I was its owner. I ended up doing the math and maintenance alone has cost me 2000$ on average over a 7 yr period. Horrible, horrible reliability. Everything that can break, will break in a bimmer.

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      @ BMW SOLD, congrats on selling. I'm about to try and sell mine; let's hope they don't find this page ;-)

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      Oh GREAT!!! Now I find this page!!! I just bought a 2008 545i for my wife and I love it ..... so far. Unfortunately she does too so I don't get to drive it much. I have noticed I smell oil whenever it is warm, like when someone does a sloppy job of changing it and spills it all over the engine. Supposedly a BMW dealership had just serviced it when I bought it and we have the service records showing just that. We have had it only 1 week and the smell is diminishing. I hope the car doesn't end up being a junker like the one below....

      My brother has a Mercedes-Benz that just went out of warranty and has had one problem after another.... two catalytic converters (car has 2), console switch (windows, locks, etc), 3 or 4 other things like water pump(?), alternator(?), etc. has spent over 7,000 dollars in repairs in less than a year.

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      @Michael, I'm sure not EVERY BMW is crap, I hope you get lucky. But there are so many people I talk to in person that have issues as well. We've all been duped by good marketing!

    • profile image

      Big Bruce 6 years ago

      As bad as the reported experiences y'all have been talking about with BMW's, back in the late 60's to early 70's their 1600 and 2002 models were well-enough designed and manufactured that BMW drivers were a bit non-conformist, but entirely loyal to the brand.

      Believe it or not, today, ALL German cars have suffered greatly in the quality ratings assigned by J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. From the mighty Mercedes, to the FAR inferior Audis and VW's as of the last decade or so, Germany cannot seem to put out a decent, dependable, durable automobile.

      Why is it that I cannot find even ONE decent Audi Fox or 100 from 1969-1980 on Craigslist or ebay? There are many dozens same vintage Ford Pintos, AMC Gremlins and Chevy Vegas advertised, for God's sake! Remember how we were taught to consider the Pinto the worst thing on wheels? What a vicious lie to those who bought a used Audi Fox!

      I naively purchased a 71 Audi 100LS in May 1975, getting rid of a mint condition 73 Datsun 510, to appease my J.A.P. fiancé, (now ex-wife) and her inflated need for fictional status.

      I finally caved into common-sense in December 1975 after having spent close to $2,500.00 in repairs to this ULTIMATE LEMON. The final straw, (even after all the mechanical repairs) after being rear-ended, (which destroyed the rear bumper) we bought a new rear bumper at the nearby Audi dealer. My wife, whose muscle-tone was below ZERO, was able to carry the new bumper out to our car, holding it in ONE HAND!!

      When we went to bolt the bumper on, we found that it mounted strictly to body panels - NOWHERE was there any bumper-to-frame connection whatever! On Yeah - VW/Audi were REAL big into safety in those days!

      To this day, 35 years later, that vintage of Audi still goes down as one of the worst ABORTIONS ever excreted on the driving public - even Fiat's were superior by comparison!

    • Right On Time profile image

      Right On Time 6 years ago from Australia

      Yes that's not a nice car and best of luck with selling it:) The newer generation of BMWs need to be bought brand new - end of story. Used = pain. I love the older generations which were less complex than the cars of today.

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      @ Bruce and ROT; I suppose everything was made better "back in the day." And I have also heard similar complaints about the Merceds these days; I still had hope for the VW.

      My BMW is welcoming the New Year with a new anti-freeze leak. I shutter to think what that could be. But as it stands right now, the car needs at LEAST $4k in work (sunroof, windows, 120k mi maintenance). There's no way I can recoup this IF I even tried to fix it. I wish I could take off the new set of tires and brakes I just put on and dump it in a ditch!

      I daydream about selling it to someone who'll pay off the loan and be willing to do the work; could still be a pretty good deal if they have the know-how but I know this is a long shot so I'm just stuck!

    • profile image

      X5-2010_Owner 6 years ago

      I bought a new 2010 X5 in 2010. The All Wheel Drive system dies while on vacation 1100 miles from home. I waited at the local BMW Dealer for them to reprogram the cars computers for 5 hours and the reprograming crashed. The dealer rep stated that "this happens... frequently" and said that they will try again over night. The second attempt was successful; however, the problem was not the program but a computer module. Guess what....that part is only available from Germany and two weeks away!

      I have to drive home to return to work with a faulty car. The Dealers response was for me to drive the car home without ABS, Anti-Swerve Control, and the Parking Break controls.

      It is so great to spend nearly $70,000 for a car that was built in the USA, sold in the USA, and the repair parts are kept in Germany!

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I have a 2006 BMW 325i and while it looks great it is by far the worst car i have ever owned. While under warranty, I had to have the steering spindle replaced due to play in it. I also had an oil leak as described in another post as soon as it went out of warranty. BMW did repair it after I raised holy hell. I had to replace my brake pads and rotors as soon as the car went out of warranty (BMW would not replace under warranty) I had to replace the battery a couple of months ago. I also had to replace the water pump 3 months ago ($1,300) using a non BMW mechanic. Now the power steering is out, which I assume is the pump. Also,I just delt with the door lock issue and hope the replacement fuse will cure.

      I cannot wait to get rid of this car and will never buy one again. Give me a Japanese car any day! By the way, I bought this car new, have done all of the required maintenance. I have about 70K miles on it, but a majority of them are highway miles.

    • thefundu profile image

      thefundu 6 years ago from India

      That is why it is diminishing and Audi is rising. No doubt Audi is building great cars, but BMW is getting back by its own careless working..

    • profile image

      RJC 6 years ago

      I have come to the conclusion that German cars are heavily engineered - but not well engineered. Kudos to the PR firms that sell the German engineering factor as a gift from heaven. My 2002 VW AWD Passat has been in the shop more times that I have visited my dentist. I cannot wait to trade it in for a Japanese car. If the dealer tries to low ball me for its trade in value, I will not argue. Just take it off my hands.

    • profile image

      Dandra 6 years ago

      @thefundu - Audi is rising but only in suburbia I've observed, not in the cities where BMW reigns.

      @ Metal Ink: Sorry to hear about your car! It sounds like it had a fault to start with. You have to sell it now before the new 3-series comes...or else it'll depreciate like anything.

    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      BMW dealers make a profit from these breakdowns, the independent shops don't know how to repair these junk either. BMW is for the rich who can lease them and never have to own them.

    • thefundu profile image

      thefundu 6 years ago from India

      Hmmm Bob, You might be right. These can be the tactics of big companies to make money. After sales service is a more profitable sector of any auto industry.

    • profile image

      My X5 2007 Sucks 5 years ago

    • profile image

      JoinTheClub 5 years ago

      I purchased my new 2009 1 series expecting quality and superior workmanship after turning on American made crap. I too was sadly disappointed. This will be my last BMW even though I planned on buying a 1 series M in 2013. I have only 12,000 miles on this one it and my list of problems shouldn't exist on a $40+k BMW. I'm already planning on selling it 6 months before the warranty runs out so whoever buys this POS can get everything fixed that I don't have time to deal with. One thing I won't do is give it bad reviews for companies like Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book, or Edmunds. It's ppl like me that keep the ratings high because I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot.

    • Mental Ink profile image

      Mental Ink 5 years ago from Metro Atlanta

      Spencer & JoinTheClub, your experiences prove that newer and CPO aren't necessarily better. Welcome to an unhappy club.

    • profile image

      Wang 5 years ago

      I have several friends own BMW, all of them sold because so many problems.

      Friend Michael C. had 328 for 6 months. Gear light won't properly. When he switch to D, P and N are on. Audio had problem (only sound left side of speakers).

      Friend Roger L had a brand new 2008 M3. 2 cylinders decided to shut off on highway. He had to call AAA to tow his car back to deanship.

      Friend Eddie C Had a 2007 M3. Passenger side door won't open after 3 months of purchase. Driver side windows can't roll down.

      Friend Kevin C. had a 330, bought it brand new. Sunroof won't open, driver side window won't open after 1 year. Weather strip falls.

      Friend Mike C had a Z4. Convertible side bar broke in 2 piece after 4 months of purchase.

      All of them were mad about the service and quality. They will not buy BMW anymore

    • profile image

      Brian 5 years ago

      I understand the frustration of everyone on this board; I'm certainly in the minority. I've owned two E46 3 series (323ci and M3) and currently have an E39 530i with 97000 miles. They've all been mostly trouble-free and an absolute joy to drive. I think the trick is to buy them new enough that the previous owner doesn't have time to neglect it, then read the forums for your BMW model religiously and be prepared for the expected failures. A good independent mechanic goes a very long way to reducing maintenance costs (I've been to the dealer a whole 2 times in 10 years of BMW ownership), and they appreciate the business, as opposed to making you beg for service.

      That said, it's unlikely that I'll buy another one, primarily because the electronic gadgetry can easily leave you stranded and the competition is sooooo much better these days. Finally- if you get a manual transmission, you're much less likely to have drivetrain issues- BMW automatics are terribly unreliable and very expensive to replace.

      It's a high maintenance car, to be sure, but they're soulful. Like the bad girlfriend, logic says, "dump it," but I can't bring myself to do it:)

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      I have owned many cars; new and used and the used were always clean and low mileage vehicles. I've owned American, Japanese, German, Swedish and British. By large the German and British cars were so severe in problems and, their frequency of problems was unbelievable. The American and Japanese cars were inexpensive to run, insure and easy as cake to maintain. My 2004 Ford Crown Victoria just covered 282,634 miles and runs like a top. The Ford never needed anything except oil changes, tires, coolant flushes and a spark plug change. And it runs and drives like the day I bought it new. My 1996 Nissan Maxima has 166,700 and its been as solid as my Crown Vic, except the Nissan's sunroof has some corrosion bubbling around the edge. The two worst cars I ever had the misfortune of owning were a 1992 Jaguar (caught fire due to an electrical short and a total loss) and a 1993 BMW 528 (engine block cracked at 63,000 miles, dealer wanted $5,000 to replace, another non BMW mechanic wanted $3,300 to replace the motor). I've learned some valuable lessons in life, one being: STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THE EURO-CARS!!!!

    • profile image

      Todd 5 years ago

      I've had 3 BMWs; bought all 3 NEW and all 3 were a DISASTER.

      Definitely purchased by people who like how they look yet know nothing about cars.

    • profile image

      steve 5 years ago

      German cars in general are VASTLY overated, BMWs are the worst by far, the quality is terrible...

    • profile image

      Jay 5 years ago

      I really hate my bmw 2002 325i, oil change cost more then $125 to change, i regreat owning one.

    • profile image

      MaryPat 4 years ago

      I own a 2003 BMW 325I since new and HATE IT! Car has cost me over $10,000 in repairs and still has issues.

      Replaced all 4 power window regulators

      Tail light harness assembly - twice

      Air conditioning issues

      blower fan issues

      central locking switch

      driver electric door lock mechanism

      Major front end work

      numous batteries, brakes jobs

      ETC. This car only has 85,000 miles on it and was under 50,000 mile warrenty. The above has all happened since and I cannot wait to get RID of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      ats4zc 4 years ago

      Buying new isn't necessarily any better. I leased a 2011 335xi msrp was 53k. Beautiful car, but just one problem after the next. The fun to drive aspect fades quickly and then you realize you made a mistake. Fuel pump went out, headlights failure, trunk latch broken, etc. Afraid worst is still yet to come. I just replaced my first set of tires at 24k miles. The dealer told me my car would not align properly, and that I would have to pay to replace suspension parts bc it was driver abuse and not warrantied.( So people know this is a year old car with only 24k miles, and has been very well taken car of) So I am stuck replacing suspension parts on my year old car that is still under warranty. I asked them to keep the old part for me. It looks brand new, but they said it can be bent so slightly that it is not visible to the human eye. Now my whole car is shaking and drives terribly. In the shop right now, and they are likely going to replace the transmission. I'm praying they do not try to blame this again on driver abuse. I have owned 6 vehicles and never had a worse experience. Just awful, Bad enough that the cars are not built well, but even worse that BMW won't stand behind their products. Never again!

    • profile image

      North West 4 years ago

      I have had my 2001 X5 since 2002. Believe it or not I have not had any issues other than brakes and burnt out bulbs. Recently the service engine soon light has come on along with the brake and ABS light. It seems to run fine, however every time I step on the brake the ABS system kicks in. At times after coming to a stop for an extended period (anything over a minute) it seems as if the traction control is on and boggs down for a few seconds, this is all on dry pavement.

      Tech has replaced plugs and all coil packs he said there was a misfire code for #6 he had the car for 5 days said he drove it and was good to go. I did not get a mile from his shop today and brought it back due the the same this happen, he said now there is a code for the camshaft sensor 2nd bank.

      Does this sound right would the cam sensor cause this problem?

    • profile image

      john h 4 years ago

      This website seems to be fairly right. I own a 2004 325xi and have had to replace both front drive shafts, the driver's side window is weak. Sunroof and wipers failed. Oil filter housing leaks, Only $1200 so far to fix but am wondering if I should get rid of it. Only has 70,000 miles on it. I will not buy another one but am not sure if I can afford the loss.

    • profile image

      Brian 4 years ago

      I've owned this 1999 BMW 323i, automatic, 4 door for 2 years. I've had nothing but trouble with it. Major leaks fixed, cooling fan replaced, 2nd cooling fan replaced, starter, waterpump, air intake system replaced, thermastat, 2 batteries, brake pads, radiator fixed, overheating problems fixed, batteries for my one remote, reprograming problems, had everyhing working perfectly, now I can't start it, checked the fuses, reprogramed the key, sometimes the trunk and doors opened, then not, got to the point where my wife and I couldn't get out of the car, because it wouldn't unlock. Crawled through the windows, now I learn I might have to get a new module 5 high for $$$$$. Is there anything BMW did right with their engineering? Without the computer working right, this thing is a death trap. And it's fickle. Works, then it doesn't work. I just started it 2 weeks ago, now I can't. Seriously, I'm not joking, what is the best way to blow this thing up and have it sing happy, happy, thoughts in the scrap yard forever? I am at my wits end! Driving time after each repair is about 20 miles or 20 minutes, whichever comes first. Thanks in advance.

    • profile image

      Ted 4 years ago

      Hey Brian, just go here to repair your GM5 module.

    • profile image

      Jayne 3 years ago

      I have a 2006 X5 that has had battery problems. Just 4 months after a new battery was installed the battery died. Took it to BMW. They recharged it and put on a diagnostic machine over night to see if there was a drain. Nothing was found. Now a year later the same thing. I can not let my car sit for more than 2 days or less if it is cold weather without driving it. It is so annoying that I can NOT depend on my car to start. No one else I know has had any battery problems with their cars sitting for weeks not being driven even if the weather is cold; of course none of them have a BMW. I guess that says it all.

    • profile image

      Michelle 3 years ago

      WOW I am stunned with these comments I just a 2002 325 BMW and thought I had made a great investment because EVERYONE SAID foreign cars are the best. I know that it is over ten years old but LOOKS BRAND NEW INSIDE AND OUT. However on my way to work a light came on and I'm not even sure what it means I haven't even tagged THE DAM THING YET!!!

    • profile image

      Michelle 3 years ago

      I bought a 325i brand new. As soon as the warranty/free maintenance was up, it's been one thing after another. Just from August to October alone, I've spent $1,000 and it's still adding. I'm actually looking into selling it to Carmax. I can't take any more of the financial burden.

    • profile image

      Sroor9001 3 years ago

      I own this car bmw 520i model 2002 I love this car I paid 5000$ repair on car I bought it @ 5000$ but it become new

      Run like a charm amazing

      I love it run it for about 1 year

      With no more issues

    • profile image

      eric macleod 3 years ago

      every problem you have with your car I have with mine I have had it for two years 04 325i I have already paid more money to fix the stupid thing then its worth not to mention the 2200$ clutch and o2 sensors the window thing is normal for these gay ass bmws my back window rolls down and up when u rest you hand on it. my keyless don't work at all and my key doesn't lock or unlock the vehicle so my car has to stay unlocked. not to mention my wipers don't work all. DON`T BUY BMW THEY ARE PIECES OF SHIT FOR THE MONEY YOU PAY. QUALITY MY ASS ,YOUR BETTER BUYING A 90S GARBAGE RUSTED HONDA THAN THIS. NOTE TO ALLLLLLLLLLL

    • profile image

      Annonymous 3 years ago

      I own 2003 x5 4.4l. In the last two years I spent over 6K on parts alone. I do fix my self and labour would have been another $4K. If you start to have issue in suspension parts, it is a money pit. I agree with others BMW is for people who have no issue with money. Unless you are a DIYer do not buy BMW. Go with Japanses. BMW quality is a myth. But when every this is good handling and performace is excellent

    • profile image

      TJ 3 years ago

      I bought a 2008 528i about 7 months ago with 68000 miles on it. Drove like a dream ALL SUMMER. Loved my car! Then the Winter came. First I ad a check engine light. Took it to the mechanic and i had to buy a new emissions pump. $560. Then 2 weeks later my car would not start every 2- 3 days. I would have to Jump it all the time. Thought it was the battery. found out it was the altenator... $910 now you would think it was fine right...nope! car still dies and now it vibrates when idle. Driving home the other night i hear a loud boom the check light comes on and car starts shaking! Try to take it in the next day but guess does not stop! I HATE THIS CAR!

    • profile image

      JW 3 years ago

      I had almost the exact same problems with my 325i with a few more problems. It still doesn't even have 80,000 miles on it and it leaks oil all over the drive way. Here are some other issues I've encountered:

      - coolant overflow leaked and had to be replaced

      -windshield water pump when out

      - hazard lights & door lock broke

      - electric control arm on driver side window broke

      - fuel pump went out

      - SES light goes off and they tell me the computer needs reflashed

      - Power steering fluid leaked all over driveway because some plug magically stripped out

      I had a cavalier prior to this and put 130,000 miles on it without replacing anything and it didn't leak or use any oil. I as well will never buy another BMW. I have a family to worry about and can't rely on junk. Our other car is a jeep grand cherokee and it has 120,000 miles on it and drives like it did the day we bought it. Say what you want to about jeep, but ours has been more than reliable.

    • profile image

      JW 3 years ago

      Forgot to mention the front end went out also which cost a few hundred to fix. The lower control arm bushings and other misc. parts.

    • profile image

      Damo 3 years ago

      Don't buy a bmw unless you are prepared to fix everything yourself. I've found them to be excellent and designed well. Parts are cheap, which is surprising since mechanics charge a fortune to fix them.

      The popping sound in the Windows is the wire in your regulator, which has come loose or broken. $40+2hrs trying to figure out how to take it out lol.

      Stuck sunroof... just hold the button for 30 secs to recalibrate it. The mechanics will tell you it's broken, but it's not.

      Sign up to e90forum. You'll learn a lot.

    • profile image

      bob 3 years ago

      I have a 2007 X5...

      Bad water pump $1800

      Replaced the battery $350 had to register it through BMW

      Oil leaks

      Brakes problems

      Never again will I buy another one.

      This is my second BMW and I am done..

      Also never buy anything from autohause peoria il..they dont stand behind you..

      Im buying a American made next.

    • profile image

      VK 3 years ago

      Bought a brand new BMW 2014; 328D..had the worst experience ever. There was a sudden acceleration when parking in a cul de sac. It zoomed like a race car and hit a tree. Very scary, looks like there was a computer malfunction in the car.

    • profile image

      dakidd4 3 years ago

      Defective fuel tank and module with only 66K on a 2008 328xi. The worse, shutting off on me while on the highway (regular highway speeds). Not a good feeling to have when car was repaired for an "excessive fuel amount" diagnosis 2x within a 2 week period and told ready for the road (a third time). Come to find out: fuel pressure issue was valid and a fuel tank and module was needed. ($3100 repair) // Chances of me every feeling "safe" with a BMW again, slight to none...for did not expect something of this magnitude to take place with "low" miles.

    • profile image

      danniej99 3 years ago

      My 2 day old 2014 BMW 328i died in the middle of an intersection yesterday. Apparently it needs a new fuel pump. It's 2 days old! Looks like I'm in for quite a ride over the rest of this lease. At least it's under warranty. Already looking forward to buying a 2017 Toyota.

    • profile image

      Lee 3 years ago

      I hate my car. My 2008 x5 has been nothing but trouble! 1 week after buying it, I found myself driving down the highway with my car alarm going off! There have been too many issues to list here but currently I have been dealing with a brake squeal that is as loud as a transit bus that needs new brakes! The car has been brought in 6 times since November 2013 and they cannot fix it. And the noise only started after I had the brake pads replaced as part of normal maintenance. My service advisor tells me that this is normal but it is not normal to have people turn to stare every time you come to a stop! Never again!

    • profile image

      Mike 3 years ago

      New 750LI, many problems - first Pirelli tires are not cold weather tires. After much complaining BMW / dealer agreed to replace the tires with a reputable tire. Car runs smooth. Next, brakes were bad. After many services visits someone finally found rotors bad. Brakes now work correctly. Next, dealer has the car for almost 2 weeks tryiung to correct engine misfiring. Cannot solve the problem. Dealer contacted BMW tech expert. No sense of urgency and the problem continues. Would never recommend Pirelli tires anywhere the temp is 50 degrees or less and never buy another 750.

    • profile image

      Beemersucks 2 years ago

      I bought mine brand new. The thing is horrible. They suck in money non stop. If a drop of water falls and slide wrongly it will wreck something. So very disappointed with my car never again! As somebody else wrote the quality is just a myth. I have never have so much trouble with a car, they are worst than crystal. You can't look at them edgewise because something will need fixing. The brand just sucks big time. Too bad I didn't do research before I decided on buying one. I just trusted the reputation of quality. It's just that reputation, they simply fall short of it. Mine is a cross over X1 first time in Canada two years ago. I wanted a smaller reliable car hahahaha just a myth. Because of me a friend bought one as well only hers is X3 ooohhh a host of different problems.

    • Spletni Delavec profile image

      Spletni Delavec 2 years ago

      I am sory to read about your problems. I own 2001 330 xd touring for 8 years now and must say I am very satisfied. Only few minor problems besides regular service.

    • profile image

      Rob 2 years ago

      If you have a battery or electrical problem, just pull out the wiring bundle from the trunk or hatch. The wires probably touched each other and shorted. Just reattach them color by color and your trouble will end.

      I agree. They look and drive great, but you cant beat the reliability of a Lexus!

    • profile image

      James 2 years ago

      It's interesting to read comments from American owners of newer BMW's. It's common knowledge that maintenance can get sticky and you have to buy wisely and be prepared for a few glitches. Such is the way with over-engineered modern cars at this level. I also wonder what a difference it makes buying an American market car, since the reputation in their home market is pretty solid from what I've seen.

      I have to confess. I don't drive a modern BMW. I drive a '73 2002. It's a bit rough around the edges but it's a 41 year old unrestored car. I've also been driving it daily for the past few years, with very few issues indeed - the occasional ignition problems and one or two drivetrain woes, but all are easy and cheap to correct. I should also mention I drive the car pretty hard sometimes, and still it keeps on pulling. The story is largely the same for cars built into the 80's, the M10 and M20 line of engines really are bullet proof. I will gladly keep my 02 indefin if you don't know anything about BMW's, maybe you shouldn't buy one. You guys and your reliability problems are laughable, real enthusiasts buy real BMW's that aren't filled with frivolous luxuries that weigh the car down and detract from the driving experience. Try a well sorted classic to get the full picture of the marque. Otherwise stick to Jap cars.

    • profile image

      Jay 2 years ago

      My BMW has started misbehaving after service. The engine just dies when the fuel pin is between 1/4 and E.That means I must be above 1/4 all the time in this recession. The mechanics I have visted have no proper explanation to me other than asking to part away with my cash for parts that aint cutting it.Am done!

    • profile image

      bmw user 2 years ago

      Ohh and forgot to add:

      11.) Fuel pump went out as well. Came to work everything ok - going home cant start car... went in for inspection - dead fuel pump - replace cost $800 .. So for the $38,000 i paid for the car, I am not up to $15,000 in repair costs.. The car is going in the garbage right after winter ends..

    • profile image

      Julian 2 years ago

      I own a 2008 550i and i disagree. You don't know anything about cars. Yes my car is not perfect but most of the repairs i can do it myself. How reliable is this car and i love it. Remember nothing or nobody is perfect in this life.

    • profile image

      onions 21 months ago

      I've always loved the look of bmw, that's why I bought my 2002 bmw 330ci. But i must say if you can't work on cars, don't buy one used and out of warranty. For example, I see a couple of posts that said they paid 800 dollars for a fuel pump replacement and another $800 for a water pump replacement. I Bought my water pump with the metal impeller, from ebay for $30.00 and put it on myself so I saved $770.00 and its only four screws that hold it in. Changed it in 30 minutes. As for the fuel pump, I ordered that online from RockAuto for $100 put that in myself as well, saved $700 just pop out the bottom of the back seat (the part you sit on) and it's only a few bolts as well and screwing off a retaining ring. Very Simple To Do And Like A 30 Minute job. Bought a radiator for $150 by calling 1-800-radiators and they deliver it to your door in 2 hours or the next day if you call near the end of business hours. Installed that myself saved about $750. Bought expansion tank for $75 from auto parts wholesale store, easy install. Bought new ceramic (no brake dust) brake pads for front and back and brake wear sensors for the front and rear as well as new rotors all the way around, (4 in total) online from RockAuto, came to about $330.00 for the parts and installed myself. I probably saved about $1,500 at the least had I went to a shop. Learned however to do these jobs by watching bmw diy videos on youtube. My point is if you plan to buy a used bmw, you need to be mechanically inclined or be ready to pay pay pay because issues will arise with these cars. Especially when they're aging. I plan on going back to Japanese because I think they age better. More durable and reliable.


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      • profile image

        Annoymous 6 years ago

        It part of the experience of owning a BMW! Enjoy it! Too bad you did not buy a "new" BMW. It a full coverage warranty plus all maintenance issues are covered for the warranty period. Much cheaper way to go! But I guess you did not know that going into a used BMW. From your description; the total cost of the items listed for repairs is only $5k so I don't know what you are complaining about. It kind of average and you owned it for a full 5 years. That only $1K a year!

      • Mental Ink profile image

        Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

        @Anonymous, if it's "only" $5k to you, I'll gladly give you the address to send a check to. And when I bought it, it was still under warranty, but the warranties don't last forever!

      • profile image

        Louis Jimenz 6 years ago

        I have owned a 325i for 3 years, got it under 30,000 miles. All BMW service departments know many of the issue these cars have. If you really think about it, BMW has created a great money maker for them. 15k over priced, fall apart in everyway even on the boat over here, and use every idea they can come up with to explain what the customer did wrong to create issues for their BMW. I don't need to write my issues on this post because I had all the same issues from the posts above with the 325i. I need to hurry up and trade it for a new Ford or any company which has made changes to improve quality in their cars. It is easy to see why BMW stopped making the 325i, the product crappy. The shell is the only thing worth anything. I hope 2011 brings me a nice trade, and to never get another BMW.

      • Mental Ink profile image

        Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

        Good luck in your quest to trade Louis. Mine's about to go in the next week or so and I don't care where it winds up! There's no way to get out of it without being upside down so I just want it gone. It started hesitating at the top of a hill the other day, I am just done! And I agree, from the outside it still looks great; but that's where the greatness ends.

      • profile image

        dave hope 4 years ago

        Hi folks I feel sorry for the people who have had bad experiences with their bmws I own a 1995 bmw e36 320i convertible with 90k on it full service history I have owned the car for 4 years I wouldn't swap it for anything other than another bm convertible

      • profile image

        britney 4 years ago

        i must be lucky then, im 22 and got my first car a little over a year ago, a 1991 e36 318i, had a few problems, fuel pump went, and had to get a new gear box (my fault), other then that it didn't skip a beat, bought it for $1450 and sold it for $1400 a year later, am on my second bmw, a 1997 e36 323i and love it, i need to replace the master and slave cylinders couple hundred, but i had my machanic check it and for $3450 its a steal, i love BMW xoxo

      • profile image

        Werner Beukes 3 years ago

        Just bought a new f30 320i, with M Sport pack... It's a crap car, I have it for 3 weeks now, and selling it this coming week for something that's worth it...

        Don't buy the f30, it looks crap, drives crap, and I absoulutely hate this car.... It's full of bottuns and screens that takes your mind ofmthe road and clutter the interiour.. And that blue line from nowhere that runs over the dash, what's the point in that? It's a silly car, unless you are 12 years old... Not for grown ups...

        Cheers bmw!!! I'm moving on to some serious car companies!

      • Konrad Checinski profile image

        Konrad Checinski 3 years ago

        LOL. LOLOLOLOL. You want a driver's bmw, so you buy a LOW END f30, when all the reviews say its made for label whores.... LOL you tool

      • profile image

        Jazmen Mitchell 3 years ago

        I have a 335I the worse car however I owned too however it's not the car it's the dealership ripping everyone off I don't understand how they get away with this??I contacted bmw north America and they were also no help:,-(

      • profile image

        Rahul wara 3 years ago

        I had bmw e46 320 Ci i paid £10,000 for it it was my first bmw and mad from junk, 5 year I had only one thing in my life to worry about it was this car I was just spending money to sort out the problem after 5 year I sold the car thanks to God,for £8,200.i need it car for my work so i found Honda civic LIS coupe for £1,800 I thought that will do the job temprery till I find nice car. no matter how hard I dive the car never give me any problems Now been 4 years am owning the Honda I just love this car and I never think to buy car any more accept Honda best company in plannet

      • profile image

        madmax64 15 months ago

        I used to own a 2007 BMW 335i. It was the worst car I've ever owned. The A/C went out and the oil pan started to leak at 45,000 miles. I thought that is not normal. I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee (16 year old vehicle), it is far more reliable than BMW. I had to sell my 335i because I just can't afford expensive repairs. I bought myself a Mercedes C350 and it's more reliable. I'm happy with Mercedes.


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        • ecoloqui profile image

          ecoloqui 6 years ago from Principato di Seborga

          I seem to be the only one to love my BMW - 1981 - 635CSI!

          But then, I live in Europe, could that make a difference?

          I have the car for 8 years now, had it completely rebuilt by a BMW mechanic, and it goes like new, like hell!!

          Before I had a 728 and a 628, no problems whatsoever.

          Planning to buy (an additional) Z3 Coupé.

          Anyone else with positive feelings about these "wundercars"?

        • profile image

          RC 6 years ago

          If you have to own a BMW -

          Lease or sell it before the warranty expires.

          All the above comments are true - quality is overated, dealers lie and try and to rip you off and any minor fix is $500 min.

        • profile image

          RT Rider 6 years ago

          I've owned BMW cars and motorcycles since the 70's.

          1976 2002, 1987 325i, 2001 330cic, 2007 X3

          Bikes: 1985 K100RT, 2000 R1100RT, 2007 K1200GT

          I've ridden hundreds of thousands of miles on these amazing machines.

          Unfortunately anything mechanical can fail (any brand), and you folks unfortunately are the unhappy lemon owners. BMW's generally are very reliable and the choice for serious motorcycles riders when touring the world.

        • Mental Ink profile image

          Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

          Sorry RT Rider, as a Harley and sport bike rider, I completely disagree with your comment about BMW motorcycles being the bike of choice for serious riders! Although their bikes may be better than their cars. Just this week I saw two different BRAND NEW Beemers broken down on the side of the road.

          It seems to me lemon is their most common, and great engineering is the exception; at least in this country. I have a feeling they adhere to higher quality standards in the European market.

        • profile image

          RT Rider 6 years ago

          Sorry Mental, but I disagree with you. My comment was about serious riders "TOURING" the globe on beemers. Of course there are serious riders that choose other quality brands.... there are many! This is great time for having choices with motorcycles. However when you see the bikes that tour the globe and are documented in books and movies, it's usually a beemer. Especially with the adventure bikes that are available today. Of course we have never seen are Harley broken down. If you choose 1940's technology at 2011 prices, then go for it.

        • Mental Ink profile image

          Mental Ink 6 years ago from Metro Atlanta

          RT Rider - The beauty is being able to choose what works for you. Too bad you have to resort to insults in the process of disagreeing. Everything can break down, that wasn't really the point and the broken down Beemers I mentioned were cars, not bikes; perhaps I should have made that more clear. At any rate, opinions are like buttholes; they always stink to the other person!

          As a biker, I appreciate anyone who has the balls to ride on two wheels (especially as a woman); I don't really care what the make is. That's not the point of this post.

        • profile image

          RT Rider 6 years ago

          Mental, I agree with you about choosing what works for you. I couldn't agree more. There are a lot of products available and we try to make the right decision for ourselves.

          I love all motorcycles and cars, and I certainly don't think that BMW is superior or without faults. I just like them. My original post was simply about giving my personal experience and perspective with the ownership of my many BMW's since 1976.

          Hey, ride safe and I hope you have better luck with your auto purchase.

        • profile image

          Easy rider  5 years ago

          BMW batteries the worst every made your lucky if they last one year same for high pressure pumps and injectors don't ever buy a BMW there quality of building a car has really changed

          They are known for cheap build parts and there known for how many time the consumer goes into the dealer for check engine light do you know what BMW stands for ? It's means break my wallet .

        • mattdigiulio profile image

          mattdigiulio 5 years ago

          Wow. I am a lifelong fan of Bimmers too, and I knew they had all kinds of troubles. I didn't realize it could be as bad as you listed. The '05 and newer 325 is an amazing car, one of my favorites, but you turned me off to the idea of getting one. Sorry, and thanks. I'll invest in an Infiniti G37. Great hub, voting up and very "useful."

          Best, Matt

        • profile image

          Spencer 5 years ago

          Googled for 'bmw quality sucks' and found this page. I'm coming to the same conclusion about my 2006 "certified" preowned X3. I have similar window, sunroof and AC issues. The drive shaft had to be replaced months after getting it. The rear bumper/plastic on the lip of the lift gate has popped off twice. Also had to have the airbox boot replaced because it had a hole in it, which of course is not covered under the CPO warranty. The AC work is only covered if they can find a leak, if not it'll cost $350 to recharge. They can't give a good response when I ask why else would the freon be low if there wasn't a leak? It's a fun car to drive, but the quality simply sucks compared to my 2006 Accord

        • profile image

          Carlos COllaguazo 5 years ago

          I own a bmw 325i 2006 no problems so far but reading all this complians on this forum, am starting to put money aside for maintance. Five grands at least.

        • profile image

          RJ 5 years ago

          Over the years I've owned a lot of cars. Typically I've gotten new cars every 3-4 yrs after leases are up. Most of my cars have been american or japanese.

          Worst car I ever had was a 2006 Sentra SER Spec V. Amazing car to drive but after 44,000 miles, cracked engine block. I was able to make a great deal with the dealership on the Sentra and got a 2008 X-trail... second worst car I've owned. After I dumped the X-trail couldn't decide what I wanted, A3 was in the running but seemed pricey for what you get. Just to buy some time I bought a very used 2000 BMW 328i for under $1000. I've had it for two years now.

          The 328 runs like nothing i've had before. The car has 135,000 miles on it and runs better (no exageration) than any of the Chryslers or Fords I've owned even when they were brand new. The handling on this four door "family car" is amazing. It outhandles the sport tuned SPEC V without a doubt. I'm never getting rid of this car, even after I get something new I'm keeping the 328 and getting it restored.

          Sorry to hear so many having problems with their BMWs, maybe I just got lucky with the model. I see a ton of the E46 3 series around on the road (E46 was 98 to 06 model years). The biggest complaint that I have with mine is that every now and then I have to reprogram the key fob, takes about 30 seconds.

          Based on how impressed I am with that 12 year old car, I'm willing to give BMW a chance. I looking to buy a new 3 series.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I've owned several BMWs and I've loved everyone of them. Never had any major problems not too much money spent neither. It helps when you're not dependent upon other people to service and maintain YOUR car.

        • profile image

          to the last commenter 4 years ago

          last guy said "I've owned several BMWs and I've loved everyone of them. Never had any major problems not too much money spent neither. "

          Sir, you are freaking liar.. the very fact you came looking for this blog even though you love ALL the BMWs you have owned states you are lying and you are affiliated with BMW.

          My 2003 bmw is requiring $2-3k in repairs every year. My wife's honda requires $0/ year in repairs. Same everything. BMWs are ULTIMATE SUCKY MACHINES.

        • profile image

          Jjohnes 3 years ago

          Here is my experience. I love cars and bmw is my favorite brand since I was a child. When I was a student I wanted an E30 but never got a chance to have it (didn't have the money back then ...). Now i was looking for a use E 30, but they are pretty beaten up oldbcars these days. In the process I have found a very good looking and apparently well maintained E46 325i 2002 and bought it in 2010 with 110 000 km (I'm in Canada). The car drove nicely (it was a manual) and the sound of the engine was great. It droveblike new even when I sold it a few minths ago.

          BUT here is the real story: 9000 maintenance and repairs in 3 years (that also included a set of winter tires and the oil changes). Radiator, water pump, battery, alternator, airbag light, check engine, motor fan, bulb, window regulator, plastic and rubber parts breaking, some body work for rust, brakes, suspension (links, front shocks), etc.

          I also have a Honda Acord 2003 on which I 've only changed the brakes and did a small suspension job.

          Those who defend the German cars say they break because of the complexity of the German engineered cars. That is all BS, BMWs have used the plastic junk water pump for 15 years and the problem has not been solved (they wouls just have to add a few more dollars and use a metal propeller one instead). What complex engineering is in alternators, radiators with cheap plastic parts, window regulatore, plastics and rubbers, batteries, etc. Honda and Toyota use them for decades without problems.

          I wanted to buy a new 3 series but I cannot pay money to a company that cheats on the customers.

          I'm now the happy owner of a Subaru Outback 3.6R, very fun to drive and solid at the same time. i do not fear that the car will let me on a drive.

          When BMW will put your money in quality parts instead of marketing campains I may be thinking to buy another one. not until then.

          The customers should stop buying them used as this helps BMW give a high residual and their leases.

          It is a shame that such a prestigious name is now associated with poor quality products in the same category as the Big 3 in Detroit.

          With maybe a few hundred dollars more by car BMW could become the perfect car if they made them more reliable.

          Happy BMW owning for those who still have the guts for adventure ...

        • profile image

          Jjohnes 3 years ago

          Sorry for all the typos in my previous comment. I was really pissed of thinking about my former BMW that I've just submitted the comment without spellchecking...

        • profile image

          ort11 3 years ago

          Well, I thought being a Saab fan had it's issues, but nothing like this. Just drove a 2008 BMW 5 series wagon. Beautiful car. Maybe will stick with the Saabs

        • profile image

          souleat3r 3 years ago

          not all BMW 's suck I have a 2007 328i and have clocked 60000 miles myself having bought it at 20000 and only 3 problems

          1 back window wouldn't close

          2threw a gasket (the worst)

          3 had to return because they didn't fix it correctly the first time I wasn't charged a dime they

          not the best car but not a total crap bucket either

        • profile image

          BMW struggle 3 years ago

          Once I fix something on my BMW 325xi 2003,another problem arises right after.

        • profile image

          Howard 3 years ago

          All I have has since buying bad motor works is problem after problem, really a junk of a car...

        • profile image

          james 3 years ago

          I've had BMWs for over 25 years and one thing i've learnt is never buy a BMW over 3 years old, never buy the 1st year model and preferably always wait till the LCI model

        • profile image

          CL 3 years ago

          I have a 2005 X3. I come from the same 'fascinated and impressed by all that is German' background. Lived there a couple of years and finally, after years of driving other cars, splurged to buy 'the ultimate'. It had 7000 miles on it.

          First two years saw me at the dealer thanking heavens for buying an extended warranty. AC blower motor? Windows that go down on their own when you start the car for no explicable reason? Key fob working... most of the time? Oh yeah, the rear emblem badge literally fell off going down a road one day. I chalked it up to a hot day, but... Really? German glue can't keep a round piece of plastic on for more than three years?

          I should have sold it, but thought, 'the worst is past me'. I overlooked the lack of acceleration, so-so gas mileage and sporty (i.e. Bumpy/rough, beat you up on long trips) ride. I mean, one should overlook comfort for good acceleration and efficient gas usage- wait, what?

          The worst was yet to come. Leaky sunroof, small rust underneath back hatch, bad seals, and then, one day, the coolant expansion tank just explodes in the driveway. Never mind issues like staying in third too long. Then, one day, it simply overheats at a drive through window waiting for food. That was enough to kill the head cylinder seals and... Warp the engine. Of course i didn't know i had a warped engine until smoke came out the back. $5000 in exploratory surgery revealed it was warped and would never be the same. Sure, i could have used the $5000 as a down for something else, but Germany and the snazzy dealership hadn't quite hit me up for enough. I took care of that care religiously and it looks great, aside from where it got hit by rocks left on the road by other drivers and the fine door dings people never mind giving out, and I can fairly say maintenance was expensive. $1000+ per service/oil change adds up. Hard to see efficiency in action when I'm at the dealer shelling out a couple thousand every year I drive a car.

          Lesson learned: ignore the hype, ignore the exotic, sophisticated European cachet, trust your instincts. If it acts like a lemon, no matter what badge is on it (or just fell off as your driving down the street), it IS a lemon. I will never own a BMW again.

        • retiredat44 profile image

          retiredat44 2 years ago

          needless to say, after being totally reamed by BMW, we bought another new Toyota.

        • profile image

          Bmw user 2 years ago

          Here are my experiences.. I have almost replaced every freken part of my 2006 bmw - with only 78K miles I had to do the following from first/oldest to last/newest repair.. Be sure to review this next time you plan on buying a BMW.

          1.) replace water pump (it spilled out coolent on highway and died - forced engine temp to jump to almost engine melting temps - if i didn't notice the high temp my car would have either gotten up in flames or engine meltdown) cost $800!

          2.) replace air shocks (both driver & passanger) as they leaked air and car had zero suspension on highway - cost $2400!

          3.) replace booster pump for breaks (was driving and hit break and took car 3x longer to stop - thank god no one was infront of me or it would have been an accident - the break booster/pump went out without ZERO warning - I press stop pedal and car slides for 15 feet before stopping!!! thank god no one was infront at the time!!! ) ($850)

          4.) replace fuse/regulator for passenger window (window regular broke and burned out fuse causing failure of door locking mechanism on passanger side & also mirror stopped working) cost $500

          5.) replace battery & alternator cost $1450 !

          6.) replace seals/gaskets/anti-freeze seals/and one seal in the back that required entire transmission to be dropped down & back in. One day come in to work park my car go into work. Come back out a puddle of oil covers the floor and makes a river down the street. Seals/Gaskets failed leaked oil. Had to replace multiple gaskets/seals on engine/valley pan/rear antifreeze seal - etc - Cost $4,800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost five thousand dollars!! for this amount you can buy a car! !

          7.) engine mounts - car started to shake like crazy upon startup - had to replace hydraulic/leaking oil shocks - $600 !!

          8.) suspension parts - (control arms/brushlings/etc all dead at 70k) - $900

          9.) sensors (suspnesion sensor died) causing the air suspension to break down & not work. had to replace sensor and have to recode all wheels - total cost: $800 and 3 days at shop as they could not figure out the problem until they got to the specific wheel sensor giving wrong voltage to system.

          10.) Drive axle - not I hear the axle is about to go out... On highway speeds it gives off noise.. Went for inspection - Quote for repair: $1800

          I have spent over $14,000 on repairs on a $38k car when I bought it with 32k miles, not including the thousands spent on the wheels that wear out unevenly, on oil the car burns though like it was fuel, and maybe another $800 on towing (4-5 times)

          and i wont even mention the dozen other shit like spark plugs, seals for doors, seal for front windshield which started to leak water into interior of car, and about a dozen other $100-200 fixes... if this is top German engineering at its best, save me the nonsense.. This is worst quality of car i have ever ever ever owned!!!!!!!!!!! my 2002 toyota is 4 years older, and yet only thing I had to do to it over the years is put in fuel & oil. This car.. is garbage.. no matter how you badge it.. Ultimate driving machine?? LOL yeah ok.. save me the nonsense! this is the Ultimate breakdown machine!!!!!!!! you will see for yourself! enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • profile image

          Caperss 2 years ago

          My 2011 750Xi is the worst car I have ever owned in my 37 years of driving. In the shop more than on the road. BMW NA could care less and the Dealer was even worse when it came to customer satisfaction. I'm going back to American or Japanese cars and saying goodbye to German cars forever.

        • profile image

          325blues 20 months ago

          I bought a 2001 325i in very good shape knowing I would have to do repairs. I never dreamed the number. In 3 years, I have replaced: radiator and hoses, reserve tank, alternator, water pump, pulleys, fuel pump, shocks & struts, battery, O2 sensors, oil separator valve & hoses, vanos seals, fixed several oil leaks, and 4 door regulators. Now my GM5 module is bad (can't unlock the doors), power steering pump is going bad and the car is surging at idle. If you like working on cars, buy a BMW. BTW, we also made the mistake of getting my daughter a VW Jetta. It is just as bad. I will not buy another German car.....

        • profile image

          Steve 9 months ago

          BMW sucks is an understatement. Unless you enjoy constantly repairing your car, don't buy one. The 2001 325i I owned had the following problems before 75000 miles: 9 window regulators, 2 alternators, broken rusty rear springs, replaced badly leaking rear shocks and front struts, coolant overflow tank, radiator, control arm bushings, camshaft sensor, ac recharged yearly, trim items falling off, water pump, idler and water pump pulley, key fobs, leaking valve cover gasket, brake pads and rotors 4 times, calipers, intake boots, egr hoses, windshield gasket, headliner coming loose, rust on door sills, battery twice, heater valve. I've probably forgotten a few. I did not drive the car hard, maintained it well. Most repairs I did myself, some were done under warranty. I finally threw in the towel because I just couldn't drive it a few miles and work on it some more. Very little value left after 77000 miles. My Lexus never needed anything but routine maintenance. The 325 was one of the worst cars I ever owned. Bring my (mine) wallet (BMW), indeed.


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          • profile image

            Easy rider  5 years ago

            BMW they truly suck every new car that comes out it's becoming worse and worse even the dealer ship can not fix it the dealer ship puts the blame on the software why can't they use the flash method just like other manufacturer but no when vehicle gets programing the whole vehicle has to be programed and believe it or not they produce vehicle and when a part fail they can't even program the vehicle because the dealer don't have the updated software from the manufacturer that's a shame especially when some one just purchased a vehicle for $70.000 or more and now has to sit at the dealer over until buy back .

          • profile image

            Mark 5 years ago

            I had a 335i for four years and it was the most unreliable car that I have ever owned. In that time period, it had four major repairs. Not to mention the high pressure fuel pump issue. The last problem I had was a broken valve spring! There were also several minor issues such as the door locks malfunctioning. Good thing it was under warranty but it still cost me valuable time and I was stranded once. It's not worth it. There's little piece of mind with a BMW. Besides that, the driving experience is way overrated.

          • profile image

            Robert N. 5 years ago

            After owning a 2000 323ci that I purchased new I know the displeasure of the whole BMW experience. I proud to say the car is long gone. I can honestly say that BMW's are way too overrated by the stupid car magazines. The stiff ride, road noise and back/butt breaker seats took their toll on me overtime, not too mention the thousands of dollars lost keeping the bimmer ticking. I now drive a Cadillac CTS which is heaven on wheels compared to the BMW which almost seemed possessed with a plethora of problems. My Cadillac hasn't had a single problem and is very quiet, smooth riding, yet handles well and steers and stops well.

            PS: BMW customer service is THE WORST! It seems that the lousy Germans care very little about their customers.

            The American and Japanese auto companies have the best customer service. The Korean auto companies are catching up fast in customer satisfaction.

          • profile image

            Mental Ink 5 years ago

            Interesting how the comments keep coming every time I think oftaking this page down since I haven't been keeping up with the site. But I think it's also important that other BMW/former BMW owners know that they're not alone.

            With so many bad experiences--and probably many more that have NOT been documented publicly--I wonder how they continue to maintain such a high rep. I guess I just answered my owne question; not enough people are documenting their issues.

          • profile image

            lee 5 years ago

            my 2000 328i sucks. it's a sheep in wolf's clothing. it's very sluggish and boring to drive. i recently drove a 2001 325i. wow, what a difference. someone told me my problem may be vanos, but i think the car becomes sluggish to the point of near undriveability with that problem. i think the 2001's were probably just a huge improvement over the 2000's. then again, someone else told me i'm wrong because the 2001 325i uses the same engine as the 2000 328i. so they are wrong, or my car DOES have some sort of problem such as vanos, or whatever.

          • profile image

            jay 5 years ago

            Lee, can definitely say that the 2000 328I and the 2001 325i does not have the same engine. The 2000 328i has a 2.8 litre in line 6. The 2001 325 has a 2.5 litre engine. There were little other changes in the models between 2000 and 2001, curb weight was just about the same (325 is actually about 100 lbs heavier). Your 328 has a bigger engine with more hp (193 vs 184). I wouldn't expect your 328i to feel more sluggish than a 325... My guess is something's wrong with your 2000.

          • profile image

            Mike 5 years ago

            By and large the worst vehicles I've ever owned: 1985 VW Golf, 1999 VW Passat and a 2003 BMW 325. Electromechanical nightmares on wheels best describes these junkers.

            Quite frankly, ALL german cars are overrated beyond belief!

          • profile image

            C. 4 years ago

            I had a 2003 328ci I purchased new. I never had any problems until around 30K. Mostly electrical mechanical related. After about 60K that's when I couldn't justify the cost of repairs+maintance. When my BMW was operating properly it was by and large the best driving vehicle under the sun. I hated to have to have to divorce myself from the BMW experience. I'm currently renting a 2012 Ford Focus which feels like a cheap, plastic, dime store kiddie car compared to my BMW. If only BMW would step up their quality in the electrical/mechanical dept. they'd have perfect products, and I'd be willing to be part of the BMW relationship again.

          • Smart Alex profile image

            Smart Alex 4 years ago from New York

            I read through most of the other posts. It looks like many complaints are directed at the lower end models. I owned the BMW 740i 1998. I confess Iloved it it. Rode like on a rail. Precision handling and at high speeds you just want to go more. Smooth, powerful and I would buy another if they made it. However that model was the highest end model ..almost and built totally in Germany. At 110,000 miles the themostat broke and overheated the that was my warning to sell and move on. Sad to see it go. But at a 110,000 miles thats what you can expect. I later bought the mercedes S500 4 matic and although built well!(very safe... built like a tank with lots of skid plates etc) Not as nice as the 7 series bmw in my opinion and at higher speeds I didn't feel nearly as safe or comfortable as the older 7 series BMW. I ve heard the newer 7 series bmw's have electrical problems so it may be quality issues in the newer models.

            Sorry you had so many problems. Great hub.

            Thanks Alex

          • profile image

            Javi 4 years ago

            I own a 2006 325 ix. This has been a nigthmare!. Is my first german car. Is my 7th car, Used to drive Hondas end Nissans...Oh my god!!!! CAN WAIT TO GET RID OF THIS CRAP!!!! PLEASE GOD HELP MEEEE!!!!!!! WORST CAR EVER.

          • profile image

            Roo 4 years ago

            I have had a 2007 530i for 3 years now. What a headache. I'm at the point where I don't care what I drive anymore.

          • profile image

            paul 4 years ago

            your car is not german it was built in so. carolina. just another crapy us product.

          • profile image

            Zogom 3 years ago

            I bought a brand new 2009 BMW 335i coupe. Here's a quick list of problems I had:

            (1) Air Conditioning failed June 2010 during a record heat wave! The dealer said that gas was leaking, and refilled it. When I asked him why he didn't check why it was leaking he told me to just take the car and if it leaks again they're going to have to do more work to figure out where the leak was coming from - a step they were apparently hoping to avoid.

            (2) A couple of months later, around September 2010, the AC fails again! This time the dealer kept the car for 11 days before figuring out that the evaporator was rusted and leaking and waited for a replacement part to arrive to fix it!

            Bear in mind, I live in the Middle East, where the summer temperatures easily exceed 50 degrees Celsius in direct sunlight! AC is a big issue here! Why is it that BMWs are notorious in this region for bad ACs? My parents have a 16 year old Toyota that has never had an AC problem!

            (3) During December 2010 while driving on the freeway my car suddenly lost power and slowed down, eventually stopping in the middle of the freeway! Luckily it was in the middle of the night so I wasn't killed! It turned out that my 335 suffered from one of the infamous high pressure fuel pump failures. The dealer replaced it with a newer part (#993).

            However, I later read that that BMW had re-designed or remanufactured the HPFP about 6 times and that there were 2 newer parts that had since come out. I called the dealer and asked him why they don't voluntarily call their customers and replace the HPFP? I informed the dealer that in the USA a class action lawsuit was being launched against BMW and that the HPFP were being replaced for free with an extended warranty on the pumps. Not the case where I live in Kuwait though! Shows you how much BMW cares about their customers!

            As it turns out in April 2012 my AC failed AGAIN! While in the garage I complained to the dealer and I informed him that I will pay to replace my HPFP to the latest part number (#170).

            When I received my car I assumed all would be well. One day I was driving on the freeway when a strange shaking/rattling started in my car. I stopped in the emergency lane and the shaking/rattling continued. I turned the car off, then on again and the shaking/rattling was gone.

            I have no idea what caused the shaking/rattling but it freaked me out and I was already sick of this glorified death machine's unreliability. I sold it for about 40% of the price I paid for it and I bought a Nissan Patrol. I am satisfied with my Nissan as it is reliable, strong AC, and so far no problems. Furthermore, the Nissan dealer is so much nicer, and helpful than the BMW service dealers. The impression I received from the BMW dealer is that they indeed couldn't give a hoot about their customers. Because tort law is so strong and well-defined in the USA it appears BMW was forced to replace the defective parts for free. Where I live there's no such laws, but you would expect an internationally respected Company like BMW to voluntarily replace these defective parts. Toyota, Nissan and other Japanese companies have undertaken several well-advertised and well-conducted voluntary recall campaigns in our region.

            In summary, I will never buy a BMW or any German car for that matter. In our harsh regional weather conditions especially, nothing lasts, survives and is dependable like a Japanese car (and to a lesser extent American cars).

          • profile image

            justin roupe 3 years ago

            Its funny I see all these complaints about BMW. The fact of the matter is that all cars are junk. You might have had a good experience with your ford/chevy etc etc but there are plenty of people that have had nothing but problems much like you and the BMW. There are also plenty of people that have had zero problems with there BMW ...IE me . Ive had mine since 2006 (330I) and have encountered my first problem monday. Granted I am a ASE cert tech. Its all about upkeep and knowing what to do and not to do. I highly Doubt the poster was caring for her car as claimed as that is a rare from people who dont actually work on them.

          • profile image

            stolan 3 years ago

            I'm on my third BMW. LOVE LOVE LOVE how they drive. Take great care of them. This is my last one - it's not even out of warranty and I'm looking for a replacement. Why? Quality is worse with each one. My first was built in Germany and was a tank. Obvious difference when they started sourcing parts in China, Mexico etc. Costly and pointless failures of window mechanisms, radio, etc. in addition to the mechanical problems others have discussed. Even worse are the interiors - they used to be spare but well designed. My current 3 is a train wreck. Unusable and irritating on a daily basis. Electronic systems, rain-sensing wipers, etc. are embarrassing in their design at best and a safety issue at worst (my rain sensing wipers "decided" to stop wiping during a torrential rain storm and almost got me killed. Now I have a manual rain sensing wiper - me - swishing as needed). I've come to the sad conclusion that I can't keep it, especially if it's going to have the usual costly and irritating repairs. The driving experience a BMW provides just isn't worth the other crap.

          • Konrad Checinski profile image

            Konrad Checinski 3 years ago

            Ok i am gonna chime in here. I have owned 4 Bmws. Reading some of these comments makes me want to strangle the idiots who wrote them.

            1. Hur dur dead transmission. Did you change the fluid? Regularily? no? you're dumb.

            2. Clutches. Seriously, i have the factory clutch still with no slip. You aren't running boost. If you manage to kill your clutch, you are just stupid. Learn to drive. This is on a 15 yr old bmw

            3. Window regulators. Plastic clips fail. They cost $5 oh noes!

            Where are all the headgasket nightmares, burning oil, coolant etc? oh wait, bmws don't that. Asian shit does.

            How about you infinity G owners, which ALL BURN OIL. Or toyota owners which ALL BURN OIL. Or honda owners which burn oil AND dead trannies.

            K thx bye

          • profile image

            jock 3 years ago

            Had a 96 m3 and it was pure junk, severe engine issues, electrical problem, the interior was coming apart. stay away from the BMW as it will put you in the poor house.

          • profile image

            Nikolai Grigoriev 3 years ago

            I have a new BMW X3 which I own for about 4,5 months. So far this car has spent 10x more time at the dealership than my previous Mitsubishi Outlander in 4 years. And it failed to start once in the middle of the trip. Yes, the interior is nice and the drive quality is definitely there. But when it comes to reliability I think the quality of this car is way verrated. Also some of the electronic components often surprise me with the stupidity of their design. I had a number of funny cases. Just today, unlocked the car with my key in the pocket and my wife happened to be just 1 meter behind me. I opened the door and got in the car - and it has started moving the front seat according to my wife's profile. Needless to say that I am somewhat bigger and taller than my wife so I had a few moments of inconvenience ;) while manually switching the profile to get my seat position. And when it restores another position it also pushes the seat even further forward first ;) So, yeah, many cool features but some of them are soo ill-designed.

          • profile image

            Mikki 3 years ago

            I have a '07 328xi with 74,000 miles and haven't had any major problems. I had to replace the battery in the winter when car wouldn't start when weather was below zero. Thereafter, I went to a private shop and had my oil changed and literally days later the car started stalling and sputtering upon acceleration. I was told I needed spark plug & coil change as well as software updates, had everything done, no problems since. I had the car inspected by BMW dealer & was told everything was fine, just keep scheduled maintenance... No beef with BMW to date here :)

          • profile image

            Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

            I signed up to HubPages just so I can add my voice to this. Up until 2007, I owned Honda and Nissan vehicles. Our Honda Accord and now a Honda Civic are exceptional in that they never broke down, everything worked just as designed. My Nissan Maxima was a wonderful sedan to drive and a friend who drives a Ferrari, BMW M3 and a Porsche Boxster was impressed with the "oomph" it had. Sadly, I sold it after it developed some annoying noise which no mechanic could diagnose properly and fix it.

            When it was time to buy another car, I decided on a BMW 328i. It didn't matter that people who had owned BMWs and sold as soon as the warranty ran out, advised me seriously against buying a BMW. The lure of the brand and the prestige of owning the Ultimate Driving Machine was just too much to resist. So, in 2007, I became the proud owner of a brand new sharp looking 328i.

            The car doesn't have much miles on it. I have averaged about 3.5k miles a year and I take good care of it. But the damn thing seems to have been engineered to fail in many ways so that the company/dealer can have a steady revenue stream. Let me see if I can list all the issues with this car.

            - My radio exhibits intermittent shutdowns. I hear a loud pop, the dashboard panel goes crazy for a second, and everything is fine after that but the radio goes dead. No amount of fooling around with the radio or restarting the engine fixes it. It magically starts working after some time. This appears to be a common problem.

            - The cup holder quit on me just after the warranty period. Another common problem arising out of cheap plastic parts.

            - The rear window lifter failed in the middle of a trip. I managed to repair this myself and was appalled at the shabby construction of the mechanism. There is no way those flimsy plastic gears and wheels will ever last more than a few years of even moderate use. This is also a common problem!

            - Roof trim worked itself loose. Luckily fixed by the dealer under warranty

            - O2 sensor replaced twice under warranty

            For a car which hasn't been driven much at all, it sure rattles a lot. For a car sporting a premium price tag, use of cheap components which keep breaking on a periodic basis is odd.

            After having owned this car and driven at 100+mph, I can see why people like it and hate it. I absolutely love the performance aspects of this car and hate that it has such a cheap feel to so many of its components. BMWs legacy is clearly carrying it ahead but for myself, this will be my first and last. My next car is likely to be an Infinity or Lexus.

          • Hackslap profile image

            Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

            Im a BMW owner myself (2006-07 325Ci..E46) and have encountered my share of problems despite being a sublime car to drive! .. Looks like BMW's refusing to acknowledge or rectify some perinial issues in their build quality and will eventually lose out Audi whose cars are certainly better built.. .. I'm actually going to write an article about my BMW experience so watch this space!

          • profile image

            Jeff 3 years ago

            I don't normally sign up for these things but felt compelled to chime in.

            I currently own 3 BMWs. 2000 528 (1 year) 2003 Z4 (7 years) 2006 325 (5 years). I think I'm qualified to comment. BMW peaked in about 2001. The reputation that we all allude to here is firmly planted in this period.

            To those who have problems with tires, brakes, and batteries. Just stop. These are normal wear items on any car. No auto manufacturer even makes the tires or batteries so take your complaints to the tire and battery makers.

            To those who have suspension problems, think about where you live and drive before condemning the car. I have lived in Chicago and the potholes destroyed every car I ever owned regardless of maker. I currently live in south Florida and have never even needed an alignment.

            Mileage does not tell the whole story. Whether your daily commute is 10 miles or 100 miles, your start will fail after a certain amount of starting cycles and has nothing to do with mileage.

            Electronics. Let's blame ourselves. 100% of vehicle electronics are either government mandated (by us), or the result of marketing research that says that we want all this crap. Considering the nature of electronics and the nature of weather, all cars will have electronics problems.

            Now granted, there are some design features on some BMW cars that make you scratch your head as to how they even made it through product development. But it all car makers. Deadlines suck.

            Finally, I do a lot of my own service on my cars and I can tell you that the parts for BMWs cost no more than comparable parts for any other car. The service rates on the other hand are totally ridiculous. And the fact that many run of the mill independent mechanics won't work on a BMW because of some mystery rumors spread by BMW marketing people is a joke. Doing the brakes on a BMW is no different than doing the brakes on a Toyota Corolla.

            So the bottom line to me is that a car is a car. Every dog has it's day. The only reason that a BMW is more expensive to maintain than most cars is just a result of marketing propaganda. Too bad people buy into it.

          • profile image

            Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

            Ah crap! It was a bit hot in the bay area today and I accidentally hit the rear passenger window switch instead of driver-side. I heard a loud sound and window wouldn't move. Some fiddling and it kept going down.

            Deja Vu! I can't believe I wrote a comment just three weeks ago bitching about the fine BMW engineering. It's time to take the door panel apart and confirm the regulator is broken again.

            Whoever responds defending this crappy engineering doesn't understand what owning a well-made car feels like. After having seen the window lifters fail with such little use and seen the crappy materials used in building them, it's apparent that some aspects of BMW are plain crap. This car is just a PITA for me.

          • profile image

            Mariawolf 3 years ago

            For the person who commented the car wasn't cRed for

            I am the original owner did everything to maintain car at the dealer and basically have all the same issues


            Window switches

            Window washer leaks repaired many times

            Sunroof stopped working dealer wanted $4k found. Small job who closed it permanently for $100

            It never ends.

            I have a 1994 Mustang as my other car--118000 miles and pretty much nothing is wrong with it.

            Buy American!!!!!

          • profile image

            Pce of SJIY 3 years ago


          • profile image

            charles 3 years ago

            Well guys I have had a bmw 530 touring. For 8 years and has been nothing but perfect never an issue but is serviced on time everytime. Actually more than they suggest ps still has the original battery

          • profile image

            Bad Motoring Wakeup 3 years ago

            I was considering buying a used BMW (I haven't owned any BMW since the 3-series from the eighties). After reading all the previous comments, I definitely will not buy anything from 2000 forward now, thanks for opening my eyes to the problems of BMW.

            My 1978, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984 3series were of course simpler cars and much cheaper to purchase as well as repair not to mention just plain more reliable. I never bought one new, but on the other hand there wasn't much worry about reliability because things would generally break only due to wear and lack of maintenance or utter abuse. These cars tended to be trouble and complaint free for about a decade of use with just normal care. I can't afford to buy an unreliable car but one costing as much as the current BMW's is just plain asking to get screwed.

            Reading between the lines of the previous comments about BMW and other German makers, it seems they have been on what I have observed as a trend started back in the early nineties. Namely they have skewed their respective products towards the marketing of gadgetry sold on a reputation earned in prior decades (70's and 80's) for building great vehicles that performed well and were very reliable. The effect of which owners found in resale value and so more people bought new BMW's (see the self energizing cycle?).

            While the cars from the last decade arguably perform better than ever (when new), I think the they are squandering reputations as producers of vehicles that used to leave long term owners happy. BMW probably feels they can do no wrong as long the valet parking crowd keeps blindly buying on past mystique based on some JD Power survey rather reputation among the current owners. They should heed the warning of SAAB whom always got those coveted car magazine and survey ratings and smug snob appeal of the trendy valet parking crowd, but reality set in when they found out they couldn't give one away at the used car lot and eventually the new car lot as well.

          • profile image

            DrKenRamie 3 years ago

            I loved your writing style and story telling, but hated you had the problems. Trust me, you are not alone.. I have Beemers and Mercedes and need mental help myself. I do my own repairs and there is never a time when I'm not doing one.

          • profile image

            Lorenzo Tant 3 years ago

            I must have gotten my BMW X3 built on a good day and a good owner before it,, had a 132,000 miles when purchased have 168,000 now and no problems other than a brake job and one coolant sensor.

          • profile image

            sam 2 years ago

            I boughd my bmw 323i model 2002 and everything was working properley changed oil good then changed brakes pad light starts on and still now its on even after new break pads after a month now b4 2 days I have coolant water bottle blast we ran out of the car thought there might be a blast or a fire but luckelly we escaped and my sister was with her little daughter of age 6 months any how what are thease issues I dont no when I take my car to bmw showroom in sultanat of oman main dealer they sad everything f9 bug when I face all these problems I dont no what to do or what to say they say change the water pully and timing belt and + termostate then ur heating problem will go off and that will cost me more then $ 1.038 how the hell I pay this much money for 12 years old car they say all parts need to be changed in every 5 to 7 years they are made of plastic I sad if u ppl no its gona b risk for human life and can creat problem why to fix luke this thing in car tgey say if we give u a car what dosent have problems then we have to close the compney its the way to earn money .we pay a lot for speical brand and German is known for its hard heavy duty quality but what the hack I dont understand they are good for what I dont no .....

          • profile image

            Steve 2 years ago

            I work with cars everyday and have owned three BMWs in life, I have also owned several VWs, an Audi and a Merc. I will says this, German products in general I find to be HUGELY over rated, I am not exaggerating to say that over 80% of German made products I have owned have been utter crap. A lot of Psychology goes on as far as German made products goes and I find it interesting, for example, I bought a Miele Vacuum cleaner, only used it twice and the motor blew, got an exchange and the motor blew on that two months later, took it back and got a Vax, 8 years down the line and that little "cheapo" Vax still works fine. worked in a bike shop once and was regularly asked to fit Continental tyres to customer's bikes, but after seeing customers returning the tyres bald and full of cracks after six weeks made me seriously doubt their "Qualitat"!! Bought a Bosch Pressure washer 3 years ago and it lasted a week, exchanged it for a Black and decker and that still works fine too, similar story with a Bosch hedge trimmer, pure crap. I'm sure that other people are experiencing similar things with other German products but are kidding themselves into thinking that it was either their fault, or that they are jinxed or unlucky etc! Bought a 6 year old BMW 728i back a few years ago as a treat to myself and had nothing but trouble, 22 separate electrical faults, trim issues, loads of silly design flaws and quality problems, a friend bought a 325d new back in 2007 and by the time it was 3 years old it had been in the dealership 11 times with faults and warranty issues, after 60k miles the car felt worn out, writing had worn off the buttons and switches on the dash and the whole car creaked and groaned around corners! Wife had a nearly new VW Polo when we met and I drove it on the odd occasion, horrible little shitbox, heavy doors, paintwork was dreadful quality with runs and drips everywhere in door jambs etc, hard, ugly door cappings, creaky dash, electrical system was a lore unto itself, ignition key was stupidly placed too close to the wiper stalk making you inadvertently wipe the screen every time your started the car. Nuts and bolts rusted out and often rounded or snapped, engine drank oil like nothing else (a common trait of VW substandard engineering), rattled from cold, leaked oil and the crappy Blaupunkt radio cassette had to be replaced 3 times under warranty before my (then) girlfriend relented and bought a proper Japanese Sony unit which was still working fine 4 years on. Fuses blew in the engine compartment regularly leaving her stranded at least twice. YET, after all this, she was brainwashed so much by others that she loved the car, still referred to VWs as being good cars and even considered another till I persuaded her to buy a Peugeot 206 which looked better, drover better and never gave her any trouble AT ALL in the 5 years she owned it! My list of German failures goes on but all I can say it that I will never buy another German product again in my life! !

          • profile image

            Cruel joke 2 years ago

            Unfortunately , Count me IN the bought a BMW lemon club. I bought a CPO 2007 -328 I with less than 30,000 miles on it in 2010 . I've had most of the same issues as everyone else.

            Oil pan leak

            Tension belt that wouldn't stop slipping.

            New radiator needed a week after buying the CPO car .

            Ignition switch.

            Major Front end work , control arm etc.

            Stereo lights faded .

            Cheap interior that chips .

            Revving very high while stopped at lights to the point the car would jerk forward .

            3 windows regulators within the first year . Most things were covered under cpo warranty. Regardless , who wants to spend all of their time dealing with all the many issues on a car that was supposed to go thru a rigorous inspection process? Its a full time job . I had many more issues that I wont bore you with . Bottom line - The biggest car mistake of my life.

            I cringe when I see or hear the CPO commercials . In a twisted way I'm actually relieved that my Boyfriend totaled mine . The airbags didn't even deploy and trust me they really should have . He was unharmed . I guess that is a good thing to be said for the car. It can take a hit . I'm just happy my wallet doesn't have to anymore . I wouldn't wish owning one of these out of warranty on anyone. It's a beautiful car that drives great when its not "ultimately "in the shop .

          • retiredat44 profile image

            retiredat44 2 years ago

            you lucky bastage... my head gasket blew, for no frakkin reason.. I had heli-coil the head... the Germans totally screwed up with the aluminum blocks in the BMW. They screwed so many people with this design flaw, they should have been sued and replaced every one that broke. The cheap plastic is bad enough, but to put suck a badly designed cooling system in, truly is beyond B.S.

          • profile image

            shaggy 474 2 years ago

            BMW the ultimate lawn ornamant. More time down than driving.

          • Susie Stewart profile image

            Susie Stewart 2 years ago

            Very DISAPPOINTED! I feel like I'm rebuilding this car. I have a 2004 330 ci and it has been the worst car I have ever owned. i had a Chev Corsica that was a very good car and never had that many problems. i guess if you have money to throw away, or time to repair so many things on your car, thi is the brand for you.

          • profile image

            Ergo Sum 16 months ago

            I sympathize with all of you. Have owned a '99 528i for a year and every dash on board warning light is on permanently. Can't drive at night as it is blinding and getting a sunburn in the daytime anyway. I save for 2 monthes to drive it to a mechanic and usually get it towed about half way there. Same thing on the way home if I can afford a tow after paying the mechanic, otherwise it's call a buddy to help push it or jump it. Previous owner gave me her repair bills for 2 years totalling 12,000.00. Thought this meant everything that could possibly be required was already done. In hindsight it was screaming "RUN" ! I went into see another local mechanic to ask about BMW repairs and he showed me one of his tool boxes with a BMW badge screwed into it with a giant screw driver "X" scratched through the badge. Needless to say he doesn't work on Beemers. On the lighter side my neighbours think I'm rich as the car always has a clean polished shiny paintjob as any good lawn ornanment or ship's anchor should. Did you know that if you pull lightly on a beamer winshield wiper that's frozen to your windshield that a tiny pice of plastic weighing about 1/10th of a gram will break and you can't buy that piece unless you buy the whole arm assembly for $300.00. I didn't know that either.....but I found out. It is a BMW part unavailable anywhere else. As I (yes I) was installing it at home I was wondering how much they would have charged to install. Who said BMW parts were cheap. I can replace wipers on my 20 year old Crown Vic for 10 bucks a side. Ohhhh! "CHEAP" as in "PLASTIC" or "P.O.S." I get it now.

            Caveat Emptor would be BMW buyer.

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