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Nano the cheapest car in the world

Updated on March 23, 2009

NANO -Peoples car

A dream has come true for million of people in India . A turbulent past due to opposition to its plant in W.Bengal and environmentalist .A car produced by TATA , NANO has been launched today with three basic models costing Rs 1.0lacs( USD 2000/-) .In first phase one standard model and rest two deluxe models would be launched . People can also get their personilsed accessories if asked for has been confirmed.

According to the Tata Motor’s Chairman Mr. Ratan TATA, Nano is a 33 bhp car with a 623 Cubic Capacity with rear wheel drive and the engine is place in the rear of Tata Nano. Tata Nano Mileage i.e Fuel Economical of Tata Nano will be around 22 kmpl 51.7 mpg under city, highway and other road conditions. For the first time a 2-cylinder petrol engine will be used in an Indian car and a single balancer shaft will be used in it. Tata Motors already filed many different patents for Tata Nano related to the innovative creativity in the design of the TATA Nano.
Tata Motor claims that Tata Nano complies with Euro-IV emission standards and would comply with Bharat -III emission standards. With Co2 emission lower the permissible limits.

Tata Nano Mileage or Average: 20 kmpl (5 L/100 km, 47 US mpg, 56 UK mpg)
Tata Nano Acceleration: 0-70 km/h (43 mph): 14 seconds
Tata Nano Max speed or Tata Nano Top Speed : 105 km/h (65 mph)
Tata Nano Body and dimensions :l=3.1mtr b=1.5mtr h=1.6mtr
Trunk capacity: 30 L (1.1 cu ft)
Seat Belts: 2 ,Aluminium engine,Fuel tank cap : 1.5ltr, four door ,high seating

Hope Nano would pass the test and apprehensions of environmentalist and traffic problems .


Tata chairman Mr Ratan Tata has done what Henry Ford did for Americans . A car which an average Indian middle class people can own .This fills the huge  price gap between a two wheeler and present days cars .

A journey started 4 years ago has been fulfilled by sheer determination and innovations. Hats off to those engineers who worked on this project, entire project has been indingeneous . The cost achieved are due design , supply chain management , production automation , material selection .

Tata nano bookings can be done on www.tatanano.comwith fees of-Rs 300/- and booking fee of Rs 2999/- . On first phase only one lakh allotment would be done through lottery system . Forms are available with select titan and tataindicom show rooms .

 Note: This is a part of Best of India  series

tata nano

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