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NanoTech Fuel Enhancer-More Savings,More Vroom!

Updated on May 8, 2011

NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

Oil Price Rise Again!!! What shall we do?

Don’t worry,by using the NanoTech Fuel Enhancer you can now save more even make your engine more power.

NanoTech Fuel Enhancer (NFE) is the liquid nanotechnology with multi-functional fuel adding in with the petrol which will immediate delivers you with unexpected results to your car.

NanoTech Fuel Enhancer can saves fuel up to 28% (from 8% to 28%).I myself personally experience it with my 6 years old Nissan Cefiro 2.0 V6.It really make my car more powerful and of course save money.Anyway this will depending on the engine and apply to the road and traffic conditions and also your driving habits.

NanoTech Fuel Enhancer even can increases engine power up to 20%.This enhances combustion for more smoother-running engine with quicker acceleration and increased power.By keeping the combustion chamber clean,it reduce the engine knocks and this helps
to maintain a quite and smooth-running for a longer period and finally this will extends the engine life.

With the cleaner engine, it prolong life expectancy of the oil filter. The engine oils also can last at least twice longer than others and thus help you to cut down the maintenance costs and save money.

Lastly, by using this NanoTech Fuel Enhancer,it helps to reduces harmful emissions up to 98% resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment.

Healthier Enviroment
Healthier Enviroment


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