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Needing to Know the Perfect Time to Buy a Used Car is Priceless

Updated on October 30, 2011

make the seller's market a buyer's market buy purchasing your used car or truck at the right time.

you shop for used vehicles online, at dealerships, and some even attend auctions.
you shop for used vehicles online, at dealerships, and some even attend auctions. | Source

The new car has gone the way of the luxury yachts and fur coats, basically a thing of the past. With our current economy many people are opting for a used car instead of a new car when they find they need to get a new form of transportation.

The definition of a used car is one anywhere from a year or two old to a classic. The story remains the same and the techniques don’t change. Picking the perfect time to buy a used vehicle of any sort can make a enormous difference in your pocket and spare change you have on hand.

Buying any kind of car or truck is an exercise to be reckoned with. Reviewing the web sites, visiting the car lots and dealerships as well as verifying the Kelley Blue Book prices after you find your form of transportation that may be the one is a long and arduous process. There is a right and wrong time to buy a used car. The right time can make an incredible disparity in what you pay for your vehicle and if you get your money’s worth for the car or truck you want.

Car salesmen are virtually the same around the country. They have cars on their lot that need to be moved in order for them to make money and make room for more inventories. What you need to do as a buyer is come at the right time to take the vehicle off of the dealers hands. Getting the right time can make the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market.

These are some techniques and information that can make a sensational gap in the amount you pay for a car when shopping for a used car.

Winter months

If you happen to live in a part of the country where the winter months have below freezing temperatures, snow and ice you may be in luck. This is the time of year when cars are hard to move. No one wants to look for vehicle after vehicle trekking through the snow and ice. This means the dealer hasn’t sold a lot of cars and is looking to make a deal.

Typically this is when anything that may have been slightly wrong with a vehicle goes full blown. If you needed a battery, the one that was barely hanging on will die. If you had terrible tires, it will surely show on the road with winter driving conditions. This is good. It means that these things have been addressed by the dealer who wants to sell that car. If they haven’t been addressed you have a huge bargaining chip when negotiating a price.

Rainy Weather

Rain does strange things to people. For some reason no one seems to want to be out in it. It doesn’t hurt you and it’s not cold like snow but people avoid the rain like a plague. This means they are not going to look for cars to buy or actually buying cars and trucks. Bad weather is always good for the buyer and tough for the seller. Rain opens the door for a buyer’s marketplace.

If its spring or a time of the year when a couple of rainy days have went by in a row you are in luck as a buyer. That dealer needs to get those cars off of the lot and you have the ticket. Approach a dealership after a couple of days of rain and find the power to get the vehicle at the price you want.

The final days of each month and the final days of the year

Each month so many cars need to be sold in order to meet sales needs, quotas and other calculations that are part of the workings of dealerships. As the end of the month grows near if those numbers don’t add up for cars sold for the month the dealers are more willing to move on prices that are set on their cars. This is not to say that you can get a car for a song, but it does become a buyer’s market once again.

Car models of the next year are always coming in during the final quarter of the year. As we move toward the New Year those cars from the current year need to be sold off of the lot. This is similar to the monthly sales of cars and the need to have them off of the lot and in the driveways of customers, but on a much larger scale. If car shop the week between Christmas and New Years you could really clean up.

These are several techniques that you can use when shopping for a used vehicle that can make the seller’s market a buyer’s market for the time being. Buying a used vehicle has become the norm for many households that are feeling the brunt of the current economics of the nation.

Saving a couple of thousand or even a hundred dollars on a great used form of transportation could make a tremendous difference in a lot of pockets in America.


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    • profile image

      StephanFlaming 6 years ago

      The used car is the good option for those who want to buy the car but not able to do because of the financial problem. now a days there are many sites offering the used car for sale online.

    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from California

      Good topic, everyone should read this and do plenty of research before buying that used car!

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      Loved the simple way you put this Hub across...You've covered all the basics. It's a good guide for us Dummies, I feel so educated now! Very useful!