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New Acura NSX Review

Updated on June 6, 2015

What can we expect in new Acura NSX?

This model was introduced on the world auto center at the International Motor Show North America 2015. The serial model, in a glittering NSX red, won the stage to the sound of his twin - turbo engine.

The next generation of Acura NSX shows the style, design and characteristics This Acura hybrid supercar comes with sporty engine and key details and performance of a completely new vehicle. The company will begin accepting custom orders for new NSX since summer, and delivery is expected later in the year.

Specially designed to provide "a new sports experience" in the field of supercar, the new Acura NSX challenged conventional beliefs about super cars - as it did the first generation of a quarter century ago. Access is achieved through a completely new power units 75-speed DOHC V6 twin-turbo engine with a 9-speed manual transmission with dual clutch transmission (DCT) and three-engined sports hybrid system - which is integrated with the ultra-stiff and light body which is made of several materials with a world-first applications of material and production processes. Developed under the concept of "man in the middle of a supercar," a car that puts drivers to the fore in every aspect of its design, the next generation NSX supercar's will use its latest hybrid energy unit, a chassis that provides an extremely intuitive and immediate response to the demands of the driver.

As the culmination of Acura team performance and prestige, the NSX was presented at the Motor Show under the theme of "precision crafted performance." This topic was the original slogan for the Acura brand, the leading force in the development of the original NSX and a key component of its launch.

The development of a new generation NSX, guided precision crafted performance, has resulted in a design based on the market, which is almost three years of intense development efforts involving global design and engineering team led by engineers from the company's development center in Raimondi, Ohio.

The new Acura NSX comes with fantastic design

"The new NSX is a product that we call 'woven dynamic design," said Michelle Christensen, the NSX project leader exterior. "It represents an ideal combination of an exotic sports car form and function of a supercar."

The chassis has a classic low and wide proportions that matched the modern and inviting surface treatment, aggressive design front and rear headlights that pay homage to the original NSX model. A typical suction side and the upper C-pillars suck air through the engine mounted in the middle and directs airflow over the rear part to maximize thrust. In order to adapt to the new new longitudinally mounted twin-turbo V6 and 9-speed DCT gearbox, the vehicle continued (+3 inches) and extended (+1 inch) with a little more space in the cabin, compared with the proportions shown NSX Concept 2012 .

Each element of the new Acura NSX exterior design has been carefully designed for the management of the air flow for better stability of the buoyancy force and the cooling system of the vehicle. The NSX has passed extensive testing in the wind tunnel most advanced state companies Raimondi, Ohio, which has led to a number of significant changes from concept to final design, including a modified valve bonnet, new front fender vents and modified side air intakes, as well as optimized rear spoiler work.

"In accordance with the evolving concept of 'man in the middle of shattering, the NSX is designed from the inside out with its uncompromising focus on the driver," said Jonathan Norman, leader NSX interior projects. "Like the original NSX, we have created a' cockpit to support driver ', which provides exceptional driver control and visibility, but was promoted to fulfill the expectations of the extreme performance of the modern supercar. "

The interior of the NSX has an outstanding frontal visibility, simple and intuitive controls, and superior ergonomics - highest in the seat, which is characterized by superior performance with outstanding comfort and easy entry / exit from the vehicle.

The instrument panel NSX has a dynamic TFT screen which responds to changes that the driver can choose from an integrated system dynamics with relevant graphics and information. The center console has a power button that prepares sporty hybrid drive, nestles in the center of the new integrated system dynamics control dial. Woven under the skin handmade instrument panel is a central framework - functional structural member of the chassis, which reflects the design aesthetic sports bike. Ultra-thin, yet strong design A-pillars and low-mounted dashboard minimize obstruction of views times.

Acura NSX front view

What engine will give a power to the new Acura NSX?

In accordance with the founding philosophy of the original NSX model, a new generation NSX is designed to provide a new experience of a sports car that maximizes the capabilities of drivers, providing an extremely intuitive response and "the will of the driver."

Acuras engineers have used the expertise of the company in terms of high-performance engine and hybrid electric drive technology, as well as her experience old two decades with leading technologies and dynamic torque management technologies, including super - control drive to all four wheels (SH - AWD), as to create the most modern, technologically advanced and intelligent operation in the world of supercars.

In the center of the performance capacity of the NSX is a brand new 75-degree, DOHC V6 engine mounted in the white center section with two turbochargers that are paired with the new 9 Degree DCT transmission. The V6 engine uses a compact valve drive system and a dry sump lubrication, which lowers the center of gravity. The all-new 9 - stage DCT gearbox has sinapsnu - quick gear changes and easily change to a lower gear. Direct - drive the electric motor in the rear, located between the engine and transmission, supports acceleration, braking and performance shift lever. Front-wheel NSX-run double and independent outputs of electric motors that provide an immediate response and dynamic torque left to right distribution of torque.

The new Acura NSX uses its front electric motors for managing dynamic torque in addition to strengthening the acceleration and braking performance. The result is the current "zero delay" and reaction to handling, which seems to be to anticipate the driver's wish. NSX has passed a wide range of tests on some of the largest challenges racing cars, including the famous Nurburgring.

Acura NSX top view

Graded chassis is composed of several different materials

Also in accordance with the legacy of the NSX, the world's first aluminum-new supercar, the new Acura NSX has an innovative chassis design that is composed of multiple materials with the first in the world of material applications and construction processes.

The inner frame of the car is made of aluminum, steel, ultra high strength, and other advanced materials. Strengthened floor of carbon fiber, torsion bending power completely control these ultra-rigid structure that also use advanced technology merger.

Acura NSX has a world-first technology of casting which combines design and flexibility of making casting process with the strength and elongation properties of the forged material, enabling a significant reduction in weight. The panels on the body are composed of a combination of aluminum and sheet (SMC).

The upgraded sports package

NSX has "Enhanced sports package" with the key drive components - engine mounted in the middle part, sporting hybrid battery and control unit of energy - optimized to concentrate the weight of the vehicle low and to the center of the vehicle, in order to further improve the dynamic response. The combination of the concept of packaging and lightweight body make the NSX in the lowest center of gravity in the class.

NSX uses a fully independent, aluminum front and rear suspension and sent a considerable amount of energy through the tires ContiSportContact ™ -245 / 35Z R19 high-performance front and 295 / 30Z R20 rear - mounted on alloy wheels 19x8.5-inch front and 20x11-inch rear. Powerful, natural and safe braking performance provided 6-piston front and 4-piston rear brake calipers that reduce the ultra high-performance carbon-ceramic brake discs.

Handling is greatly enhanced super-controlled drive to four-wheel hybrid sport (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD), enabling extremely rapid response to all the requirements of the driver - steering, braking, and regulation - with the stability and performance control drive to all four wheels. Assistant agile handling (AHA) used a subtle application of the brake torque to further improve response when cornering and dynamic stability.

Double-driven integrated dynamic system NSX is characterized by soft, sport, + and Track modes. The system adjusts the engine, transmission and chassis response as well as the level of engine noise, which is based on the basis of the wish of the driver and the vehicle environment. Quiet Mode allows driving at low speeds on electric power in the short term. Dynamic response vehicles is becoming sharper when the driver starts the sport or sport + modes, and finally to Track mode, where the NSX reveals the entire spectrum of its capabilities.

The new Acura NSX also has "launch" to achieve the maximum in "zero delay" launch performance and thereby helps the engine and three electric motors.

2016 Acura NSX Supercar

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Acura NSX Interior

The new production plant

Acura NSX will be produced exclusively in the Manufacturing Performance Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio, where about 100 highly qualified associates manage the construction, painting and final assembly by domestic and foreign parts.

PMC and its processes are designed to perfectly fit the craft and technology in a new approach to production. Domestic production design of the chassis, the Acura maintains complete control over the overall quality, including a critical strength, accuracy suspension and finishing - from the initial construction until the final conclusion.

Associates will use innovative techniques to create models of a new generation and a world class quality in the field of specialized production supercar.

About Acura Company

Acura offers a broad line of performance luxury vehicles through a network of 270 Acura dealers in the United States. Acura line has five distinctive models - RLX luxury premium sedan, TLX luxury sedan, luxury sedan ILX, RDX luxury SUV crossover for 5 passengers and Acura MDX for 7 passengers, an American best-selling three-row luxury SUV.

Acuras product line is the third consecutive year, proclaimed as the lead among all luxury brands that retains the quality and after five years of ownership. More than 90% of Acura vehicles sold in America is produced in the territory of American companies that use domestic and foreign parts.

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Acura NSX rear view


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