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New BMW X1

Updated on June 23, 2010

The newest Sports BMW X1

How can you not enjoy the BMW X1
How can you not enjoy the BMW X1

The New X 1 series BMW

 The X Series BMW is synonymous with the styling cues of luxury four wheel drives, however maintains its individuality as a sports utility vehicle being able to play and wear a suit.

With the successful standing of the BMW X3 and X5, as well as the latest launch of the X6, we can expect the baby X based on the popular 1 series platform to remain a contender in its pricing affordablitity as well as styling package.

The X1 is expected to retain as many drive train and engine components as its sporty cousins the 126i and 128i currently used for the 1 series market.

The X1 will however remain in the styling cues of its big brother and sister the X3 and X5. The poularity of the 1 series sedans as an entry level sport model with many similar characterics to the monster M3 and M5, and now an M6 power model, have enabled BMW to cpature the interest of a younger buyer previously unable to drive their desired brand.

The X1 follows a similar trend in its pricing structure and availability to a world wide market. Though models may vary from Country to country, the idea of the smaller sports uitlity vehicle in a world of gas guzzlers will definitely be an improvement.

The grill features synonymous with BMW are likely to remain as well as the x -drive gear range systems and more than likely hose the in line straight six 3 litre engine that is time tested as an all round winner for BMW sedans.

 So look out for the latest BMW X1 at your nearest dealer in 2010/2011.

Some existing BMW Features

Some possible features may include the following;

The BMW X1 should likely have a 4 adult seating arrangement with more than ample trunk space. Satndard features should alos include the BMW anti-lock braking system coupled with the traction control anti-skid system. Depsite the re-infrocing of the roll cage, curtain side and front mounted airbag systems are usually a given.

BMW X Series usually offers standard xenon steering linked headlight systems with park assist bumper modules and alloys as standard. The traditional sports utility package has been a hit with BMW owners and is likely to stay as an optional package with larger rim diameters a must and a full fender pack adding a little grunt to the styling and apperance of the X1. Additional options like sunroof, leather interior and such will depend on the standard offering.


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