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New Honda Pilot

Updated on October 28, 2014

2015 Honda Pilot- Style Meets Substance

The newest addition to Honda's already remarkable SUV comes in the shape of the 2015 Honda Pilot. This refreshing alternative in a market made stale by predictable and repetitive design choices seeks to espouse a different conceptual philosophy. It just takes one look at the sleek chassis of the 2015 Honda Pilot to realize that Honda has once again managed to strike a happy medium between the classic and modern looks of automobiles.

The regular, symmetric lines along the exterior are rounded off just enough to grant the 2015 Honda Pilot a sense of compactness and flow- all the while maintaining the trademark solidity of previous Honda SUVs. This new model also succeeds in granting an extremely pleasant interior experience, with its comfortable and highly optimized 8 seat layout, great visibility from the front seats and ample leg room for the second and third rows, a feature uncommon for similar vehicles. The 2015 Honda Pilot is also outfitted with the latest in technological accessories, including a fully automatic 5-speed transmission, a hands-free Bluetooth interface and a navigation tool, as well as heated seats to ensure the most comfortable driving experience possible. Safety was clearly also an important feature in the minds of the 2015 Honda Pilot designers, as it comes fully equipped with a wide range of active and passive security measures, including 3-point seat belts, airbags and a newly engineered body structure to absorb shocks even better.

Engine Options

Of course, the 2015 Honda Pilot remains an SUV as well, and as such is ready to tackle unfamiliar roads thanks to its four wheel drive and responsive V6 cylinders, granting it a smooth handling even of difficult terrain, and a versatile drive tailored specifically for your needs. On the other hand, with its 24 miles/gallon consumption, the 2015 Honda Pilot is easily placed among the most fuel efficient third row seating SUVs on the market today.Finally, as is custom practice for Honda's top line products, the 2015 Honda Pilot SUV comes with a complete 3-year warranty from the manufacturer, allowing you to drive in complete safety.


This wide array of unique features will be available for customers in a selection of customization options, allowing a purchase price as low as $29,870 for the basic model or around $40,000 for the most complete. In a market saturated by similar looking SUV models, the new 2015 Honda Pilot feels like a breath of fresh air thanks in no small part to its clever combination of classic aesthetics and highly efficient features.

According to latest rumors new generation of this SUV will be completely redesigned. Therefore, the price of new 2016 Honda Pilot will be slightly higher.


In the video below you can see latest spy photos of the redesigned Pilot.

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