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New Secret Ideas for Progressive Auto Insurance Savings

Updated on July 23, 2015

Progressive auto insurance is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States.  The company was founded in 1937. Its headquarters are located in Mayfield Village, Ohio.  There are more than 450 progressive offices throughout the United States with more than 28,000 employees.

Protection and Coverage

Getting the best protection for your vehicle is very important. Being able to get coverage at all is also a major concern among many motorists. There have been many great reviews by progressive auto insurance policy holders. Recent customer reviews say that progressive provided them with excellent coverage after being dropped from their cheaper auto insurance company after many years.

Although Progressive already has an outstanding track record, the company constantly seeks to improve its services to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Progressive auto insurance is always coming up with ways of helping motorist save money.

The Snapshot Device

Progressive offers discounts to its customers by the analyzing driving habits of its current policy holders. Individuals could receive as much as a 30% discount off insurance premiums. By utilizing a small monitoring device called the “Snapshot” which plugs into the diagnostic port of a vehicle, Progressive will track how much your car is driven, what time of day the vehicle is driven, sudden starts and stops and speed driven.


The 30 Day Assessment Period

Progressive auto insurance uses this tracking assessment for approximately thirty-days. There are some advantages for customers who participate in the 30 day assessment program. Policy holders who have driven less during this time could receive additional discounts.

The device may not always present an accurate reading of the policy holder’s driving habits. During the thirty day assessment, there may be several occurrences that could actually prevent this from taking place.

Save and Receive a Discount

A driver could still save money and receive a discount during the 30 day assessment period even if he/she decides to use another form of transportation such as public transportation, a motorcycle or bicycle. Because the vehicle is not being used, the device will not be used to monitor the vehicle and therefore would show that the driver did not drive during some of the thirty-day period. This could result in a discount and progressive would have no way of knowing that another kind of transportation was used during the assessment.


Privacy issues with this kind of tracking device from Progressive was a big concern while the Snapshot device was being developed. The Snapshot does not come equipped nor is it associated with a GPS; therefore the location of the policy holder cannot be tracked. Progressive auto insurance believes that this information is important for all customers to know who participate in the 30 day tracking period.


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