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All New Skoda Superb Review: Design and Engineering

Updated on July 8, 2019

While the earlier Superb was a conservative design with simple lines and traditional proportions, the new superb is more radical. Its dimensions are unconventional, a lot of the details are edgy, and this makes it a design that's difficult to relate to immediately.

The attractive-looking wraparound headlamps get your attention first. They have a sharp edge and upward sweep to them and there are cuts and details on the nose section that look attractive. The skinning of the body is taut. There's chrome detailing everywhere and this gives the car an upmarket look; however, the Superb's silhouette is where it all goes a bit wonky. The stubby nose, upright cabin, and large rear overhang don't gel perfectly and the proportions tend to look odd at certain angles.

But there's a method here, the short nose is down to the transverse engine, the cabin looks bulky as the rear windscreen is pushed well back for greater headroom and the large rear overhang helps stretch the platform to its limit. Built on an extended Volkswagen Passat floor pan stretched to 2761 mm, the car's wheelbase is, however, shorter than the earlier Superb's. Honda Accord has a longer wheelbase and overall length too.

This car also differs from the earlier car under the skin. The earlier superb had longitudinally-mounted (north-south) engines, a legacy of the Audi-based Passat, which needed this arrangement to allow for its full-time four-wheel-drive system or quattro system. The engines on this car, however, are mounted transversely in time-honored front-wheel-drive tradition. The new superb also share its lineage and platform with both the current Volkswagen Passat as well as the Skoda Laura, but has its own unique bits and pieces.

The front suspension for example uses struts and a lower A-arm for better control and some aluminium supports have been used to improve rigidity here as well. Where the earlier superb has a non-independent rear suspension, the new car has all four corners independently sprung. It is very similar to the suspension in the current VW Passat.

Overall Rating: 8/10

One can go for Diesel Superb as it really has a very powerful v6 engine which is pretty much refined and a fun to drive. The diesel one has better passing acceleration and awesome torque as Skoda has used German technology and it is top in safety and worth the price. Honda Accord 3.0 is also a great performer but not as solid as the Superb. One more thing to add Superb Diesel is a really good car as spacious as S-class. Skoda cars are much more successful in Diesel version than in Petrol.

So which version of Skoda Superb you would like to go for?

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