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New Ways to Fight a Speeding, Red Light, or Parking Ticket

Updated on January 17, 2014

Tickets Suck

Nothing can make you quite as upset as coming back to your car to find the pink paper of extortion sitting on your windshield.

Well, maybe one thing is worse: getting pulled over for speeding, and feeling the knot from your gut move up into your throat as you see the lights in your rearview mirror.

But lament no longer, there is new technology out there to help keep the state out of your pocketbook.


Waze To The Rescue

The most useful thing I have found to not get caught speeding is an advertiser-supported application called Waze. This application will work on any smartphone and is free to install.

Waze is kind of a cross between Facebook and your GPS. If you allow it to, you can tie it in with your friends and see where they are traveling, and it even lets you message them. Waze is also an interesting way to be a snitch and an informer.

The best feature is the snitch aspect. The application encourages you to report police and place them on the map. This information goes out to everyone else, and they get a real-time location marked on their GPS map.

By using a large social network of informers, police have a very hard time hiding. When a cop moves, other people will report him gone, and the map adjusts in real-time. Waze has a bunch of other cool features, but the police tattling feature is what makes it stand out.

noPhoto Fights Cameras

Unfortunately, some states have rolled over for money and have allowed red light cameras to be put up everywhere.

Being ticketed by a robot camera is especially annoying and insulting. The Waze application will warn you of these too, but extra protection is recommended. A license plate jamming device has been developed, called noPhoto. It is a license plate holder with powerful lights that overexpose a picture taken from a red light camera.

Red light cameras use a flash, even in the daytime, to light up your license plate so that it’s easy to photograph. The noPhoto has a built-in sensor that detects the microsecond the flash from the police camera hits it. It then blasts its own built-in light to make the plate light up while the camera is exposing. This causes the picture of your plate to become overexposed and unreadable.


Fixed Will Go To Court For You

There are also cell phone applications that will help you avoid parking tickets. You set it when you pay and it sends you a reminder and a countdown of minutes. If you do get a ticket, a mobile application called Fixed will help you get it dismissed.

When you get a ticket you take a picture of the ticket and it sends them the details. The app will tell you what to take pictures of next. If you get a violation for parking on a yellow curb, it will ask you to take pictures of the paint job. It might ask you to take pictures of the no parking signs to see if they are in order. If you get ticketed for a street sweeping violation, it will ask you to take a picture of the street to see it was really swept.

Fixed tries to find any kink in the armor it can to make a case. Then, it actually mails off your protest for you, with evidence. If you win, Fixed takes 25% of what the ticket would cost. If you lose, you owe nothing. Fixed is still a new company and it is not available everywhere yet.


Always Take The Ticket To Court

I have not had a ticket stick in over 20 years and one thing I learned is always fight the ticket and plead “not guilty.”

The system is counting on 95% of the people to say it is just too much trouble to go to court, and just pay the damn thing by mail. The 5% that show up and fight have a high rate of dismissal.

I once went to court for a speeding ticket and the courtroom had a good hundred people in it. The judge said, “Everyone who is pleading guilty, please stand up and go with the magistrate.” All but five people left the courtroom.

Then he announced to us left behind that the officer did not show up and our tickets would be thrown out. I am not giving you legal advice, but in my own life I always push it as far I can in court, and the other side usually will just give up because it’s too time consuming to waste resources on.


The Free State Project

One popular solution to fighting all the encroachment of government is to just move to New Hampshire where most of these ticket issues don’t exist.

Members of the Free State Project have helped make speed and red light cameras illegal, as well as license plate readers.

New Hampshire still has no seatbelt law for adults, no helmet law or mandatory car insurance.

More Information

The Free State Project - liberty in our lifetime

Fixed - the easiest way to fix a parking ticket

noPhoto - never get a camera ticket again

Waze - outsmarting traffic, together


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 4 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      Please remember the police are the people trying to protect the people. The best way not to be ticketed for speeding is not to speed. I strongly urge you not to run red lights. It is dangerous. Seat belts save lives and reduce injury. Learn accountability.

    • Pittsburgh Vegan profile image

      Adam Rahuba 4 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      Always fight the ticket. Best advice I've ever received. Just by showing up, you're likely to drop your ticket by half or more.

      I've used some technology to avoid speed traps since I began driving. In the early days, it was a Cobra radar detector. Then I used Trapster for a while. I haven't been speeding as much since I had kids, so right now I'm not using anything.