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New charging cable helps iPad Pro 12.9 to 64% faster charging

Updated on March 29, 2016

Apple today launched a cable that converts from USB Type-C into Lightning, dedicated to its equipment to ports on the MacBook. Recently, the site 9to5Mac has tested and rated very good for the new Apple product.

Specifically, after 20 minutes Pro 12.9 inch iPad charger with USB-A 12W charger is attached truss according iPad charger is only 5%, while the USB-C Department accelerate the battery capacity to 14% in the same period as on. All testing is done when the iPad in Airplane Mode mode, ie turn off all wireless connections. And are trying to charge with the screen brightness at maximum, while the 29W charger keeps the battery capacity at the current level, the results do not provide enough local 12W energy should constantly be battery factory.

These tests Airplane Mode mode, the screen lights up showing Apple's new device works very effectively

Apple released the device on the market, and retail for $ 75 for a kit, USB charger-C $ 50-C USB cable and fiber Lightning is $ 25. If you currently own iPad Pro 12.9 with charging time charger comes in a long time, then it can certainly be the better solution to be able to charge the phone faster and save more time.


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