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Next Generation Audi LED Matrix Headlights

Updated on May 29, 2014

What are LED Matrix Headlights?

Audi actually has come out with extremely high tech LED headlights called the Matrix headlights that automatically brighten and dim according to other vehicles on the road. The lights shield other motorists from the glare making it safer on the road for everyone. This sounds like a wonderful idea because anything related to better safety is a great plus and should definitely be implemented.

Sounds awesome! How can I get the LED Matrix Headlights for my Audi?

Unfortunately, this LED technology is illegal in the United States because of a very archaic law from the 1960s that requires all cars to be able to manually turn the headlights on low or high. The problem with that is the Audi LED Matrix headlights don’t really have a physical switch. The car is much smarter than that and is much smarter, adjusting to road conditions and making it safe for everyone out there. The law clearly hasn’t caught up with technology, making it quite a shame that something so innovative would be illegal.

Why is the United States so hesitant about new LED technology?

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) just wasn’t prepared for this sort of thing and didn’t know what to make of the entire situation. Sure, the LED Matrix headlights may not have an actual switch, but it is technologically much safer than anything else on the market right now. Many people on the road sometimes forget to turn on their headlights at night, making it dangerous for not only themselves, but other people on the road as well. The LED Matrix headlights completely eliminate that with its amazingly innovative sensor technology just in case drivers forget. That means there is one less thing to worry on the road, as drivers have enough they need to be alert about.

What are some neat facts about the new Audi LED lights?

The LED Matrix headlights can brighten or dim based on weather conditions on the road while a camera can see incoming vehicles and adjust the brightness accordingly. It can even see pedestrians on the road to not blind them from the glare. Better automotive lighting is exactly what the car industry needs to reduce collisions and accidents. The multifunctional camera can watch for vehicle lights and tell them apart from storefront lights. In the daytime, the camera even doubles as the lane departure camera and forward warning collision camera. These multi-faceted technological innovations would greatly benefit everyone on the road and make driving a much better experience for all.

Why is the NHTSA lagging in technological growth?

The NHTSA just needs to catch up with technology or else there would be no significant advancements. Historically, the United States has been pretty lousy at accepting new lighting technology and that definitely hinders the progression of society. In the 1980s, Americans still had tungsten-filament headlamps while Europeans had headlamps with projecting lenses. All that was available in America were two 5.25 sealed-beam headlamps or a big 7-inch headlamp and it was pretty obvious that America lagged behind Europe. It’s quite unfortunate that history is repeating itself with the Audi LED Matrix Headlights. The new LED headlights would be amazingly beneficial for the road and the quicker the NHTSA catches up to technology, the better the roads would be safer for everyone to drive.

If the NHTSA is still lagging, what does this mean for the future of automotive lighting?

When the government doesn’t have much knowledge about new technology, they tend to move very slowly in approving and granting patents so nothing beneficial to society moves forward. This is incredibly hindering because we have the technology available here in the United States, yet the government doesn’t allow consumers to take advantage of great things like new LED lights as a safety feature.

The benefits of new car lighting greatly outweigh any potential negatives so the sooner the government and the NHTSA investigate and grant this patent in the United States, the sooner everyone would be able to take advance of new LED safety features. In automotive advancements such as lighting, there is only one way to go to and that’s upward. Upward mobility is so important and the NHTSA needs to understand that the Audi LED Matrix Headlight is extremely beneficial for cars on the road. Perhaps other car manufacturers would take note of new LED automotive lighting and develop these patents for their own flagship vehicles in order for the government to notice and speed the process along.


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