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Nighttime Driving – Be Careful

Updated on October 29, 2014

There are many reasons why people drive vehicles. Some like driving, while some have no other option. Some may like to go to places in their own vehicle or a rented one and some may move to another city with their family. While driving for a long distance, the time of the day makes considerable difference. While driving at day time is quite safe, driving at night may pose many risk factors, which a night driver should be well aware of and should take care of. Road accidents are three times more at night, than in the day. Therefore, some points should be considered while preparing for driving at night.

Avoid Tiredness

Nighttime driving may be more tiresome. To avoid tiredness, keep the interior of the vehicle well-ventilated and keep yourself refreshed with nibbles and non-alcoholic drinks. A short nap, a brisk stroll or caffeine can help you keep alert.

Speed Regulation

Driving in speed is more hazardous in the nighttime, than in daytime due to lessened visibility. It doesn’t allow you time and distance to stop when you notice something dangerous.

Lights are Important

It is always wise to turn the headlights and taillights on one hour before the sun goes down and it is also wise to keep them on one hour after the sunrise. This makes other drivers see you clearly in the low light. Don’t flash high beams at a car with its high beams on; this only makes the driver unable to see. In fog too, use low beam lights. If your car has fog lights, use them with low beams only in the fog or rough weather.

Keep Away from Glare

Avoid watching oncoming headlights; instead watch the right side of road and the white line figuring out the outer edge of the traffic lane. If the headlights of your following vehicles reflect in the rearview mirror, make use of the ‘day-night’ feature of the mirror or adjust the mirror so as to cut off as much light as possible.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

— George Carlin

Adjust Interior Lighting

Sometimes streetlights may cause much of glare. In such a condition, dim the dashboard lights and use sun visor. Don’t use any other interior light.

Make Others Point You Out

Whether or not, other vehicles have put their lights on, you should put your exterior lights on to ensure that others are noticing you clearly. You should check beforehand that all these lights are working properly.

Clean Windows and Lights

It is important to keep all the windows and lights clean, because dirt accumulated on windows can increase glare and it causes difficulty in vision. And if headlights are dirty, efficiency is reduced by 90%. So, keep your windshield and headlights clean.

Movement of Eyes

Your eyes should be well in movement to observe carefully flashes on curves, hilltops as well as intersections which may be the headlights of other cars.

What To Do To Make Driving At Night Safer

Increasing the Following Distance

Increasing the following distance by 4-5 seconds can make it easy for you to figure out possible problems on the road and you can get enough time to take action. Moreover, if your lighting is proper, you can respond more quickly and can stop at a safe distance from the car ahead of you.

Driving at night may be enjoyable for you if you take appropriate care. When you drive at night with your family or friends, the lives of your companions too are dependent on you. Keeping that in mind, you should take every caution while driving at night.

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    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 2 years ago from Southern Spain

      Found you on that nonsense game ! You have some interesting hubs. In Australia there is a lot of kangaroos, Cows etc on the road people hit . Not worth risking a drive at night...