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Nissan Datsun Z Cars History 1969 - 2017 Part II(260Z 280Z)

Updated on May 14, 2016

The 260Z 1974-1974.5 Datsun

The 260Z was introduced to the United States, in 1974 as an upgrade to the 240Z. The 260Z was improved in several areas. The biggest change was the engine, which was increased in size to 2.6 liters with a decreased compression ratio of 8.8:1. The suspension was stiffened for improved handling at high speeds. Strict emission restrictions were introduced by the addition of several components, which lowered the 260z horsepower to139 HP. The top speed was increased to 117mph and 0-60 time was 10.0 seconds. The Interior was improved with the availability of new trim options and the air conditioning controls were redesigned. Fuel economy was improved from 20 mpg to 28 mpg. The 260Z is a rare Z to see there not that many that are road worthy and only 5000 were produced for the US market. The body design was not too different from the 240Z which was inspired from the Ferrari GTO and Jaguar E type. It was a great looking reliable car but the step back in performance made it less successfully in the United States when compared to the 240Z. Outside the US the 260z was sold until 1978 and its HP was rated at 165hp, due to not having to adhere to US emissions standards.


260Z: 2+2 Model Datsun

2+2 model was offered for the first time in Z History, the 2+2 model was11.9 inches longer and provide a fold down back seat for "small" passengers. It was an extremely popular option when it was first introduced. The 2+2 model was easily distinguished by its larger quarter panel window and distinct rear hatch. It was mainly marketed towards families.


280Z 1975-1978 Datsun

The 280Z was the next upgrade to the Z car. The engine size was increased again to 2.8 litters and fuel injection was now used instead of carburetors. Performance was decreased to 149hp, 0-60 time was 9.4 Seconds. The interior was improved with an addition of an ammeter in the center of the dash and a 5 speed manual transmission came standard. The 280z and the 260z shared similar parts.The "ZAP" model was introduced in 1978, which featured a yellow paint job with a red/orange/yellow/black chevrons on the hood and sides. Unfortunately not many Zap versions of the 280z are left. Unfortunately the metal that Datsun used to construct their cars was not galvanized Until the late 80's in turn these early Z cars rust really easily.



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