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Nissan Datsun Z Cars History 1969-2017 Part IV (300ZX 84-88)

Updated on May 23, 2016

Nissan 300ZX 84-88

The 300ZX replaced the 280ZX in 1984 as the third generation Z car. This was a redesigned Z car with very little in common with its predecessor. The 300ZX had a new V6 engine, the 3.0 liter 160HP VG30E and the Turbo charged 200HP VGE30ET. The body of this new Z car was wedge shaped with pop up headlights, which in the mid 80's made it look like a futuristic space car. The interior was very modern for the time. The seating was very sporty and came in cloth or leather. The dash was digital or mostly Analog and it display multiple pieces of information depending your version of the 300ZX. The most notable features on theTurbo models was a single Garrett T3 Turbo, a hood with a Scoop, a rear spoiler and 5 lug alloy wheels vice a 4 lug until 1987. The suspension was stiffer and some of the Turbo models offered electronically adjustable shocks. Sales of the 300ZX were very good, over three million were sold in the United States alone. This Z car was stunning looked similar to the computerize 1983 Pontiac Trans Am from the Hit TV Show " Knight Rider ".

50th Anniversary 300ZX

1984 marked the 50th anniversary of Nissan, to celebrate this occasion Nissan developed and sold a limited edition 300ZX. The limited edition 300ZX came standard with a two tone metallic paintjob. The colors were silver on black separated by a triple gold pinstripe. The inside of the car was decked with black leather, the black leather seat were electronically six way adjustable with a center air bladder. Electronics wise, the digital dash and the clarion stereo with 8 speakers made this car seem like it came from the future. In the United States around 5448 50th Anniversary 300ZXs were sold.

300ZX 1984 50th Anniversity

Bob Sharp Racing

Racing for the Bob Sharp racing team was Paul Newman. Paul Newman raced his Turbo 300ZX from 1984 through 1988 placing very well in many races. Very little of his race car was stock, it contained mostly after market or modified race components. Its engine produced a monstrous 1000hp with a single cam V-6 engine and a huge turbo. The body of this race car was a tubular frame with a 300ZX shell fitted over it over it. Paul Newman and his race partner Jim Fitzgerald placed very well in many races with this race modified 300ZX.

300zx Paul Newman

Additional Resources are on the 300ZX are below.


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