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Nissan Datsun Z Cars History 1969-2017 Part I

Updated on May 7, 2016

The worlds first Z car.

It was on Wednesday , October 22, 1969 when PR firm for Nissan USA announced that Datsun was debuting their new sports car the " 240Z Datsun". This two seater was powered by 2.4 liter 150HP producing, inline six engine. The car weighed 2,238lbs, had a top speed of 125 MPH and went 0-60 in 8 seconds. The car was an immediate hit in the US, it was fast and affordable. The car was popular with the general public, more than 130,000 240Z's were sold between 1970-1973 in the US alone.

One of the most popular modifications that were done to the 240z were engine changes. The most popular being swapping out the inline six, 2.4 liter engine with a 5.7 liter V8. This power to weight ratio made these car super fast on the roads. Other Mods included headlight covers, bumper deletes and fiberglass body kits.

Nissan learned early on with the 510, that competition sold cars. This is why they developed a Competition Department facility in Gardena, California to provide technical assistance to race teams. Many Datsun 240 race teams demonstrated the success of Department by winning their events.

Nissans advertising department developed a lot of great ads in different magazines. They showcased the 240z as a fast sensible car for the public to own.

Links to 240z parts and Information

If you own a 240Z or you plan purchase one and want to find replacement parts or technical info below are a few valuable links.

Forty-something years later, the 240z is a rare sight to see in many parts of the country. If your lucky, you'll probably see one at a local car show, a Z Car Meet or maybe flying past you on the road.

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