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Nissan Murano Reviews Turn Out To Be A Real Success For Nissan

Updated on June 20, 2016

Nissan Murano is one of its kinds and this SUV has actually blown off the minds of all SUV lovers. The New Nissan Murano comes in an elegant design with many improvements over its earlier model. It now has a refined 260-hp V6 engine that gives you an economical mileage of 475 miles per full tank. The new Nissan Murano has an improved CVT transmission that gives you a smooth drive and you simply get in love with it. Nissan Murano reviews turn out to be really exciting and expect you to actually test the drive and the classic features embedded in this model.

Elegantly Shaped

Nissan Murano is a spacious SUV with an organized interior. The comfortable leather seats make you feel relaxed over the drive and every passenger is fully protected by the airbags installed in the car dashboard and its pillars. The number of technological advancements brought in this model is truly remarkable. Now you don’t need to carry a bunch of keys to start your engine and instead keep the Nissan Intelligent Key in your pocket; it’s just a push button and you are ready to drive.

All there in the Steering Wheel

Everything is now in your hands. Your steering wheel helps you manage multiple tasks at the same time. The Bluetooth option available on your steering wheel helps you make calls, leave memos and even view the caller ID with just a push button. You are out of the hassle of picking up your ringing phone, divert your attention to see who’s calling and then decide. The updated navigation system installed in your Nissan Murano now guides you through all the places you wish to visit. You have color coded traffic advisories, Zagat Survey showing the ratings of restaurants and a list of places you are thinking of hanging out at. Now you have a rear camera fit at the back of your Nissan Murano which gives you a clear visual of the distance and the cars parked behind you. Nissan Murano now comes with a classic sound and stereo system that also support the iPod functionality.

Nissan Murano Reviews

According to Auto Press, Nissan Murano reviews show that 2011 Nissan Murano is an affordable mid-size SUV with a powerful engine, smooth running and really economical in terms of fuel consumption. As far as the Nissan Murano reviews are concerned, no driver of Nissan Murano has come across any problem or issue in driving the Nissan SUV. The mid-size Nissan Murano has turned out to be a really comfortable and an accommodating SUV with multiple handy optional cargo features and an elegant interior.

However, one complain that turned out from the Nissan Murano review is that the models of Nissan Murano with slight additions are a bit pricey but the basic version of the SUV is reasonable and good enough for your family. Nissan Murano reviews have shown that this SUV is a highly rewarding car that actually pays off against its value. The CVT transmission embedded in this SUV gives you powerful acceleration and the 20-inch wheels easily absorb the harshness of bumps which you never get to feel.


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