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Why Should I Get Nitrogen In My Tires?

Updated on July 22, 2013

Getting your vehicles tires inflated with nitrogen is a relatively new concept to the average consumer. However, it has been used by the aviation industry for years. Most tire stores, auto repair shops and dealerships now have the option to get your vehicles tires inflated with nitrogen. Learning about the uses and benefits of nitrogen inflation will help you in deciding whether or not to use it for your own vehicles tires.

Inflation Pressure Stability

The main difference between compressed air and nitrogen is that nitrogen has almost no moisture. The benefit of this is that it helps to keep the air pressure inside the tire more stable as it is less affected from outside temperature changes. Having moisture inside your tires from regular air will expand and contract as the outside temperature rises and drops, which means that your tire pressure will fluctuate. Therefore, having your tires inflated with nitrogen will keep the tire air pressure more stable and closer to the correct psi that your tires need.

Won't Rust Wheels

Moisture tends to rust metal surfaces and because nitrogen has little to no moisture, you will not have as big of a problem with your rims rusting. This is especially important if you have custom or aftermarket wheels as they can be quite expensive.

Improved Tire Tread Life

One of the biggest factors in poor tire tread mileage is proper inflation pressure. Because nitrogen keeps tire inflation pressure more stabilized, you run less risk of your tires being over or under inflated. As a result, you will get better tread life out of your tires because they are running at the correct pressure.

Improves Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is best when tire air pressure is at its correct setting. Again nitrogen helps with this because of its benefit of being more stable. Your vehicle will get poor gas mileage if your tire pressure is not correct, especially if your tires are under inflated.

Where To Get Nitrogen

As mentioned earlier, most any tire shop or auto garage should have nitrogen available. The one drawback to nitrogen is that most times, it is not free. It should not, however be too expensive, usually just a few dollars per tire. Some stores offer lifetime nitrogen tire inflation that you can buy one time and get as much as you need.

Mixing air and nitrogen

If you are needing to air up a tire that is inflated with nitrogen, but are unable to find a shop that carries it, it is okay to add regular air into the tire. It is better to have your tire at the correct pressure with a mixture of air and nitrogen than to run it low on pressure. You will not get the full effect of complete nitrogen inflation, but as soon as you can find a shop offering nitrogen, have them completely empty then refill the tire with nitrogen.

What do you inflate your tires with for your own car?

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