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Yamaha Blaster Oil Injection Removal

Updated on October 11, 2016
Yamaha Blaster
Yamaha Blaster | Source

Yamaha Blaster

Oil In jection Removal

First step... Drain the oil from transmission. Retighten bolt @ 14 ft. lb. of torque. Remove foot peg.

Cut the two oil lines out of the top of the sidecase. SAVE the plug that goes into the front cover. You are going to use it late. Insert a plug (bolt, screw etc.) into the lines so oil wont drip out everywhere. Pull the oil line from the carb fitting. Cut & Remove the oil lines leading from the tank to the pump, drain and clamp off to prevent spillage. Remove the stock plastic oil tank from the rear of the Blaster, draining all the YamaGoop. Remove the front, stock, plastic Injector Oil Pump Cover. There are two bolts that hold the oil pump, remove the bolts and pull the pump out. Now, remove the rest of the bolts that hold the main sidecase in place. You may need an impact driver to loosen the Phillips screws, be careful not to strip them.

There are two bolts that hold the oil pump, remove the bolts and pull the pump out.

Two screws and a little coaxing, the pump came off.

Next remove the rest of the bolts that hold the main sidecase in place. You may need an impact driver to loosen the Phillips screws, be careful not to strip them. You may have a hard time getting the kick starter off, be patient. You can see the clutches. It's a good idea to inspect them for wear.

With the cover removed, you will see a plastic drive gear. Pop-off the "C" Clip, pull the pin and gear out. Now remove the second "C" Clip and the worm gear will push out. Take a pair of pliers and pull the steel spacer out of the side case. The gear removes with two e-clips

When you are done, and before you install the front oil cover, use the stock rubber grommet that the oil injector lines ran through. Put some black silicone where the grommet meets the case, then fill the holes with silicone. While this is drying, Install the Sidecase DRY, using the new Clutch Cover Gasket, making sure both surfaces are clean, and the dowel pin is in place. Later, you can use silicone to install the front oil cover, or just bolt it on. We like to use a thin bead of Silicone as a moisture related safety precaution.

Now you can install the gasket and block-off plate provided in the kit. Use Lock-Tite on the machine screws and don't forget the lock washers.

Fill your transmission case with .3/4 of a Quart of 75 OR 80 Weight Motorcycle 2-cycle Transmission Fluid NO Automotive Oils!! DO NOT Overfill, as it causes excessive internal pressure and could blow out a gasket(s). Forget the sight window in the engine case. If your engine is not leaking, you don't need to add oil as it has nowhere else to go.

last step empty gas tank of old gas and refill with a freshly mixed 32:1 ratio premix solution. adding fresh premix on top of old gas just dilutes it worst and you lose some lubrication.

Yamaha Tuning Forks
Yamaha Tuning Forks | Source

This DIY mod is a great budget mod and should never have reliability problems. However there are some injection block off kits you can buy that provide a metal plate to replace the whole oil pump assembly as well as all its gears and tubes so you never have to worry about an air leak through you DIY injection delete.

Below are a few links where these block off kits can be found and for not so expensive as well.


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