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Old goat demanding boss "lucky" to have it considered for the position I moved

Updated on March 24, 2016

My 28-year-old has been married 3 years. Currently working as a customer care of the first media company in Hanoi. Job nothing but guilt complex must shift crew. As a family, do not have any cases when children are but the least that I think really the night scene lavender. So always cherished desire is to move the location, office hours only to have more time for my family.

Tet session, I also put the issue to your boss to move this location or at least be less night shift arrangements. Also thoughtful gifts, both husband and wife to, speak kindly questioned so that what we get is only indifference, cold, no one promises or public collaboration. Depressed left, and I also stay off work to both plan to find a more suitable job.


Not to work, I was disappointed and thought right out of the old man discerning and wonder why he's usually the other day, every day, talking and laughing, flirting and sisters out that this game is close to slam hard sauce skull. My boss is 45 years old, had to leave his wife heard 4 years, graceful temperament, very bad words butterfly bee with our sisters. Sometimes sisters or unmarried puffs which are sometimes scared and insecure when speaking to your boss.

Then thought about to be 1 year old children, the priority of the time that you spend working at home is pitiful, wandering around thinking, I decided to meet the boss once 2. Moreover, I also think, I drop to he first time, I did not what to be marginalized more beneficial. So that…

The next day, I took the initiative to see you boss and motels gently into the decision to transfer positions. Simple thought was okay because I was a girl whose husband, doing well just because other infamous husband because I should be nothing serious. Yet when holding the decision in hand, I felt so humiliated, spectacular. I myself find myself disgusted.

Things obviously did not know my husband, just know that, in the company should be considered sister moved to a new location accordingly. In front of my husband and children are happy and expressed satisfaction at the new location is made more leisurely but higher wages. But behind it is a greater torment, it forces my mind that my life is always stuffy, uncomfortable and know urgency. Do not know what this feeling was clinging to me until this anymore? Now every day to the company met the boss is a torture to me, but now that I considered quitting, will take both ways, I know what to do?

illustrating images
illustrating images

After days to beg your boss fails I do not think about that anymore. Until the last day of spring, shooting down the room my boss Tet. Then lifting a very serious tone said the heads turn into my room talking. Including myself, a few others, she heads to meet the boss of the team, then I knocked on the door to see. In the beginning was just thinking, what's new boss plans for the new year, but it is impossible to think that conversation is clue to guide me to become adulterers.

Just in, a big smile on your boss, ask the speaker what most New Year. Unlike yesterday attitude to home. Then explained: "Today I come to my house, being a little upset about the new so rude to his wife like my husband." I just smiled and listened boss continued: "What I am afraid to change positions is difficult because there are many other women, I am afraid not be sorted. " Had said before, I just yeah, looks like a little off all the boss's right, I should have begged begging his boss to find himself the necessary extent.

Seeing me so, he had turned all the old boss: "Speaking is difficult but not impossible to arrange. It is lucky then, I have counted lucky to me? "- I really did not understand what he was then. After the eyes see his unusual new I dimly realized something. I was scared and ask permission from the room. He added: "I kept on thinking, things have not lost anything to me at all, and even husbands and children have to worry, I wait for you and you are ready to arrange the operating room with the hefty paycheck."


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