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Overton's Boat Supplies Reviewed and Great Place To Shop

Updated on August 15, 2010

Overtons Boat and Overtons Marine

I was looking for a boat supplies store and came across Overtons Boat Supplies and love it they have tons of boating equipment for great prices. Overton's Boats is a great company that has been in business since 1976 and is a major player in the boating industry. The site has boat covers, trailer equipment, tubing equipment, and all your fishing needs for the fishermen. Overtons Marine has lots to choose from for the trailer winches with straps take a look for pretty much anything boat related I found a nice boat cover for my new sail boat that I got and the customer service was incredible which is hard to find.

Overtons marine trailer

These are the great prices and quality I'm talking about that Overtons boat supplies has to offer I bought the winch for $49.99 and I love it it works great since I have had two other brand s break on me what's nice about these, they are, Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant construction, One-piece solid steal gears and gear pawl and they have a Power-Grip handle.

Boating Vest

Do you need to have boating vest on your boat of course you do it's required by law so you can look here and overtons has a great deal where you can buy the 4 in a pack with a case to carry them in. These are great life vest made for children all the up to adult and don't worry they are USCG approved type II, this is the recommended type for children and adults and these nice yellow colored vest are recommended for the visibility of the vest since a yellow, orange or other florescent color are recommended. These yellow Overtons marine boating vest are perfect for everyday boating and remember you must have a life vest for each person on the boat so stock up on these quality boating vests. The four pack is a Type III from the USCG and a Type III are vests or full-sleeved jackets that are good for calm waters when quick assistance or rescue is likely. They are not recommended for rough waters since they will not turn most unconscious persons face up. Type III PFDs are used for water sports such as jet skiing, tubing

Overtons boat supplies mirror

Have blind spots in your boats view. take a look at these mirrors from overtons marine for your boat I like these because I can help the spotter for tubing keep an eye on the tuber for added safety. Also keeping an eye on your blind spots will add to everyones safety alsoit will help you from having to turn so much. The thumbscrew mount makes your job of installing it easy, the two-way bracket provides the option of mounting the mirror above the windshield or below the windshield. The tightener virtually eliminates the chance of the mirror becoming loose, wobbly even in rough water. The mirror fits on to windshields up to 1" thick.

Water Skis

Overtons website also has these great water skis as well as dozen more these skisare perfect for beginn to expert and in between the superior quality of these skis will last you forever. I ave personaly bought this pair from the Overtons Boat Supplies website and love it. he price is very resonable for the great quality anywhere else I as looking were $250.

Great Customer Service at Overtons Boats

This is a great place to check out boat supplies from overtons boat supplies or overtons marine both are great sites to view boating supplies from water sports to fishing to boat covers and all in between.  The customer service is great and they usually have incredible savings and promos for us the customers to save big money.  I have spent around $630 and saved about $110 with the promo codes and all the items are great an have had no problems with them.   So check out Overton Boats you'll love it.


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