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Pagani Zonda Cinque Review

Updated on April 16, 2013

Pagani Zonda Cinque

Pagani Zonda Cinque
Pagani Zonda Cinque


It seems even the fastest and most expensive cars in the world are going green. Do the very rich even concern themselves with consumption issues? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure: this Argentinean car still packs a punch that no competitor can match.

The fact that there were only five of these made, make it an exclusive supercar that only a select few will ever be able to see first-hand, never mind purchase – that is, unless you have a cool 1.3 million euros lying around, (plus tax!) Rumor has it that one of these exclusive models has found its way into one of the most famous garages on earth: Jay Leno’s garage. The hybrid model, like its gas consuming counterpart, is just as exclusive and promises to be just as fast.

The company trimmed 40 pounds off of the standard car’s weight, allowing for an even faster ride, performance, emission and driving pleasure. The Titanium-Carbon chassis has been completely redesigned to compensate for the missing roof.

Juan Manuel Fangio, a Formula One champion, was involved in some of the original Zonda engineering. The car was going to be named, “Fangio F1” in his honor, but after his death in 1995, the car was renamed after the Argentinean air current.

The Hybrid model was featured at the Geneva Auto Show in 2009.

Pagani Zonda Cinque - Rear



There are almost no words that can describe the look of this car – sleek doesn’t even begin to describe it. Silver in color, with spoked mags and red accents, this angular shaped-car has all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect with a Zonda. Art and engineering combine to create not only one of the fastest cars in the world, but one of the most unique. And who could miss the red racing strip across the top center?

The aerodynamics offer maximum downforce and feature a long front bonnet with flaps, a rear overhang, adjustable rear wing, closed underbody and a race-derived diffuser. This is meant to allow for maximum and superior corner handling.




The on-road version follows the car’s racetrack version and offers only the most basic interior features. The entire layout is customized for the driver to offer maximum benefit and support. The Digitek instrumentation systems provide the driver with essential information.


Features a 678-horsepower, Mercedes Benz AMG V12, in conjunction with the hybrid engine, allowing for the driver to switch between the two models.

It is the company’s first sequential manual transmission vehicle.

Tech Spec

Engine is a Mercedes Benz AMG model with 678 horsepower and 780 Nm torque. Other features include:

Carbon-titanium frame

Traction control, ECU, Bosch-engineered ABS

Titanium/Inconel exhaust, coated with ceramic

Suspensions in titanium and magnesium

Cima sequential 6 speed gearbox, Automac engineered

APP monolitic wheels forged in magnesium and aluminium

Pirelli PZero tires

Pagani carbon fiber and leather racing seats

Brembo brakes in carbo-ceramic self ventilated with hydraulic servo brakes

Dry weight 1.210 kg

Weight distribution in driving condition: 47% front, 53% rear

  • Acceleration

0 – 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds

0 - 200 km/h in 9.6 seconds

  • Braking System

100 – 0 km/h in 2.1 seconds

200 – 0 km/h in 4.3 seconds


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