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How to Pass Your Driving Test in Just One Take

Updated on August 3, 2015

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Many challenges would come that people have to face in their lives. There are moments that seem to be very difficult to handle. Maybe one of these could be as common as the idea of taking a driving test. You may have survived your driving lessons, and you are now preparing for the actual driving test. The nerves are coming to you, so how could you pass it the first time? There are helpful reminders to think over and finally survive this difficult moment in your life.

Be familiar with the traffic rules and read your manual
Be familiar with the traffic rules and read your manual | Source

Prepare for the Written Test

First thing that you should know: prepare. You might have just finished your lessons from your recently concluded driving lessons, but you should know that you have to review the things that you have learned there.

Pick up the manuals that your driving instructors have given you. Read the driver’s guide. This will help you study for the written test. With this, you will learn the basic and prepare yourself for both the written and actual test. Exerting extra time and effortwill not harm you, but instead be your friend in the time that you really need the most.

Prepare Some More

Of course, the preparation should not end with the paper copies. Go out there and practice your driving skill. But, remember that you have to follow the rules and have your provisional license available all the time. Do not practice behind the wheel without your permit, because that would be illegal.

Then once you have those skills on check, be familiar with the signage. The manual would help you here again. Once you know the hand gestures, street signs, when to pull over for emergency vehicles, the practical test would go on with ease.

Booking for the Practical Test

When you finish the written test, you have to proceed with the practical or actual driving test.

You should provide all the necessary information when you book your driving test. Do not forget to mention if you have any special needs or disability. There would be a little difference with the test when you mention any disabilities.

If you have any difficulties in booking your test, the driving instructors have the knowledge of this. You might try to ask your instructor for some extra help in booking your test. Then you also have the ability to check the details of your test booking online.

Check your car before the test
Check your car before the test | Source

What to bring?

When you come to your practical driving test, you must present your written test result, the two parts of your driving license. You might ask your driving instructors for more information to what documents to take when you have the actual test. They would help you come prepared.

For the license you should have both your photocard and the paper equivalent. Do not forget these documents because if you come without these, your test might be cancelled and you have to apply for another appointment. This would lead to the waste of your fee and time.

During the Test

There would be some familiar conditions that you might already have practiced in your driving lessons. For the practical test, make sure to come at least ten minutes earlier. Check that your car is in good condition. Have some time to refresh and remember some of the driving lessons that you had. Then feel comfortable with the examiner. You may ask some questions to clarify some confusion about the test. The test examiner would be happy to help you so that you are ready to start.

Be reminded that there would be an eyesight test before you go behind the wheel. Then the test would last for 40 minutes. The test examiner would observe the way you drive and how you follow the safe standard of driving.

There is also an independent driving test for ten minutes. You would be driving alone here. This is not to check your navigation skill, but more on following traffic signs or following a series of verbal directions. There might even be an instance to have both.

Once the test starts, drive in a safe speed. There are times that you might move in bigger gestures to make the examiner see that you are actually doing the right thing. For instance, checking the mirrors regularly, keeping your head moving to see over the window for cars or pedestrians, staying focus on the road. These are the time to show what you have learned from your driving instructor.

When you finish the test, the examiner would most likely speak to you briefly. The things that happened during the test, the things you did wrong, would be mentioned and most importantly you would know if you pass or fail. No matter what happens do not forget to thank your examiner. Know how to be polite because you might not know that if ever you fail, you might have the same examiner the next time.


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