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Pass Your UK Driving Theory Test First Time

Updated on February 22, 2013

Avoid test failure

It costs £31 to take your UK driving theory test so it is well worth making sure that you are fully prepared and able to pass first time! The pass rate is around 63% so that means that effectively just over 3 out of every 10 people taking the test fails and has to take it again. So how can you avoid being included in these 3 out of every ten people?

Well the first thing and most important thing is quite simply to make sure that you do enough work to be ready for the test. Most people take their theory test in the UK at the same time as taking their driving lessons. However you should not just rely on what your instructor teaches you on the lessons. He or she hasn't got enough time in your lessons to teach you all the theory information that you need to know for the test. Sure, the instructor will ensure that he or she includes theory-relevant information on your lessons but the main purpose of the lessons is to put that theory into practice.

How you should learn for the theory test depends a bit on your learning style. Some people love books (I do!) and the best way for them to learn is by getting an appropriate theory test book such as the Official DSA revision book and learning the questions and answers from that. Some people may even want to do the majority of their learning from the Highway Code or the Driving Manual.

Other people are more visual learners or active learners. For these people a computer dvd or an online theory test practice resource which automatically generates theory test questions would be the best option.

The pass mark for the questions part of the theory test is 43 out of 50 - ie 86%. It is ideal to have taken some practice tests and be scoring regularly around the 90-95% mark to be on the safe side (just in case you get a bunch of really tough questions


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    • profile image

      Rich 4 years ago

      I would like to recommend a novel to you, it is called 'The Demon Road: A Theory Test Novel' It is a fictional thriller and a theory test learning tool all in one. It is so effective it will blow you away.