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Pass or Get Out of My Way

Updated on November 28, 2012

Rules of the Road

Apparently some drivers in Kansas have not received the memo about driving in the left lane. Without further rant on left-lane-hanger-outters. (Left-lane-hanger-outters...that's the "official" name for them...since I can't cuss on HubPages...)

As noted by the The United States Uniform Vehicle Code:

Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic ...

What does this mean for all you left-lane-hanger-outters? It means get the eff back into the right lane unless you are passing someone or traveling at a higher rate of speed than the rest of the vehicles around you.

Is it really that hard of a concept to grasp? (Yes.) I cannot describe the pure and absolute rage I feel when I am stuck due to two DB's performing the infamous Kansas Block (two cars traveling in each lane, side by side, so that passing is made impossible). Seriously?! (Someday some DB will be on the receiving end of some severe road rage...mine.) be honest...being blocked in by not even the worst. The worst thing of all, the most maddening, infuriating and rage-invoking thing of finally getting around these turds and glancing over (Okay...glancing over to give them the "death stare"....) I see...........the driver Jesus, please grant me the patience not to go postal on this unsuspecting and inconsiderate piece of...

If these LLHO's would put their cell phones down and glance around at their surroundings they might see the signs that clearly indicate that slower traffic should keep to the right. And they might be surprised to find that they aren't the only drivers on the road (if they weren't so busy texting, talking, putting their make-up on or reading the newspaper) and then perhaps they would spend more time on actual driving activities (accelerating, for example).

I wish that none of this affected me like it does. I am getting angry just thinking about my drive to and from work. But, as I sit here and type this, I realize that it's not the driving in the left lane or the talking on the cell phones that irks me. It is the complete and utter lack of consideration for others that is creeping into every aspect of our lives that is bothersome.

I am no tree-hugger...but I do miss common courtesy. I miss manners. And most of all, I miss a time without cell phones. Life seemed so much more uncomplicated and friendly before the invention of cell phones. Oh my God...I think I'm getting old.

For Pete's sake...just stay in the flippin' right lane if you're going to be involved in any other activity besides driving and/or if you're going less than the posted speed limit.

I leave you with these parting words:

Movere, Canis. Adepto viam.

***I would never and have never engaged in any road rage. This article is purely for laughs.***


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