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Passenger car rolled over, 37 students and poor workers hospitalized

Updated on February 1, 2016

1/2 days, traffic police force deployed test Hanoi, sanctioned pedestrians violating traffic laws. During his first day, the working group focused on propaganda, remind the violation, which have not been sanctioned.
Who laid the foundation for the model family violence prevention

Prof. Le Thi Quy had laid the foundation for the model family violence (DV) in many places; Be the first bell sounding research field to combat trafficking in women and children across borders and along with the Youth Institute established the model supports women who are victims returned in Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong, from the years 1997-2000.

In Vietnam, Prof. Le Thi Quy is also the leading scientists in the field of research and teaching in science Gender, Feminist Theory, Family practitioners, family sociology. She made important contributions voices build the Law on Domestic Violence Prevention in 2007 and other laws relating to Gender as the Gender Equality Law, the Law on Marriage and Family.

Prof. Le Thi Quy met in real life, one must marvel at the agility, youthful, lively and assertive of women scientists at age 65. Ask about research topics Gender, Feminism, she can raves for hours without getting bored, not tired.

Especially when talking about the model family violence prevention in Thai Binh, Nam Dinh - which received the interest and support of the community, because the humane society and its performance - your voice female professors harbor feelings of regret, sad before this situation in many localities are still not under control.

Empathize with those who have suffered the same sex so disadvantaged in life, she shared feelings outraged and saddened by the crimes of violence against women that I've witnessed in some areas, particularly country.

Due to the sensitive and deep sympathy that Professor Le Thi Quy, who is a student, then a PhD in History, former correspondent of the Vietnam News Agency, the other look for work teaching, study of sociology, especially those specialized in Gender deep, forced touching, contact with the thorny issues in life such as violence against women, prostitution, human trafficking women and children ...

Haunts the brutal images of war.

Scientific research is hard work and requires passion, persistence, sacrifice even more new achievements, things absolutely right to life of Prof. Le Thi Quy. With a fierce personality, shock shoulder, preferred activities, spawned in a Confucian family, order, the circumstances raised in the country at war so her early self-conscious, knowing full acceptance scene and make every effort to overcome difficulties.

From childhood she was eager to learn, particularly good student of Literature, History. When you become a student at Hanoi University, she studied history - an option that until now she feels is right.

The road to a researcher and sociology always practice hard life, zeal and responsibility before all the work, with Prof. Le Thi Quy has many memories. She said, in 1972, when became correspondent of Vietnam News Agency, resident in Hai Phong, once on the way to get information in Thuy Nguyen district, early morning bike ride across a crowded mini markets, spill full of voices laughing.

At night, after crossing the river back, again passing by the market, she panicked. Small markets because American bombs devastated. Immediate grounds just filled corpses of innocent marketplace. The temporary embankment mats determined, surrounded incense. Cries injury felt young, plaintively. Made her hate is okay to cry, choking throat hard and inedible rice several hours later.

Years later, she still never stopped the brutal images of war. Feeling heart sank, sting but can not cry. Love the people and the phobia that ignited in her the desire to fight for equality and justice in their own pen.

At a young age, experience across the boundary between life and death, she felt much more obvious emotions. She said: The life has taught a woman as I have always sought resilience and overcome difficulties, but also taught me how to love and pity before the unfortunate fate.


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