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E36 M3 or 328i M sport top bargain second hand car

Updated on October 14, 2015

BMW e36

The BMW E36 is one of my all time favorite BMW's not only because I have owned one in the past but because they are such a good buy second hand! The reason these cars are such good value for money is that you can pick up a second hand e36 328i M sport for between 1000-3000 GBP. You can pick up the E36 M3 for around anywhere of 5000-10000 pounds GBP which is not bad at all for the amount of car you get and the quality.

E36 328i M sport Statistics:

Production: 01 Aug 1995 - 15 Jul 1999 Weight: 1395 kg Fuel Delivery: Injection

Transmission: Manual Gears: 5 Speed Engine Size: 2793 cc

Cylinders: 6 0-60 mph: 7.1 secs Top Speed: 147 mph

Power Output: 193 bhp Valves:24 Torque: 280 Nm -

MPG:30 mpg

E36 M3 Statistics:

Engine – 3201cc, 6-cyl, DOHC Power - 321bhp@7400rpm

Torque - 258lb/ft@3250rpm Top Speed – 155mph

0-60mph – 5.3 seconds Economy - 20 mpg

Gearbox – 5/6 speed manual

Below is a picture of an E36 M3 ,however, the e36 m3 and the e36 328i m sport look the same apart from wheels. Underneath the Image we will discuss why these cars are such a bargain.

E36 328i M Sport


5 reasons to buy an E36 M3/328i

The reason why the E36 328i m sport or the M3 is such a bargain car second hand is because you get good high end build quality and a lovely 6 cylinder engine which sounds amazing and your grantee to fall in love with the sound alone, I know this from experience of owning the E36 328i M sport.

It might be an old car but you still get a car that is better than some of the new cars today. For example this car would be a far better buy than say a brand new vauxhall corsa or a ford focus or any cars like that, But why? This is because when these cars were new they were all 30k+. Generally with cars you get what you pay for so for between 1000-3000 for the e36 328i M sport your getting 30k worth of quality and more with the M3.


The price is incredible because the E36 M3 are fairly common and cheap. You can usually pick them up for a decent price which I have mentioned earlier. Also they are cheap to insure, run and fix and this goes a long way when buying a second hand car. It is also the perfect weekend car because BMW quality is so high it wont break down on you and if something does go wrong they are cheap to fix.


The E36 is an older car that was designed and made in a time were there was very little electronics which means fixing, modifying and upgrading is simple enough to do yourself.


The E36 was never quite as quick as the E46 was but its just as much fun, also it feels more planted on the road when driving compared to the E46. The E36 makes a great track day car because it has enough power for you to have some real fun in and the handling of the car is excellent.


The availability of these cars is huge there are plenty for sale on auto-trader/Ebay/piston-heads etc. Some people might not like the fact that they are a common car, however, this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it means you can shop around to find the one in best condition and also you can argue price with the seller.


Its a classic M3 it was the first M3 to have a 6 cylinder engine. It is also an affordable classic as the E30 M3 is ridiculous expensive these days. This allows you to get into a classic that is still very popular and well sort after.

E36 M3


E36 M3 Bargain Track Day Car

The E36 M3 is also one of the best budget track day cars you can purchase. You will always see plenty of these at the track and that is because they come with a good amount of Horse power standard and have a good standard set up on there suspension. Most people who purchase the E36 M3 for a track day car will later go on to upgrade there tyres and suspension. Most wont bother with adding power modifications as the m3 already has 321bhp standard which is more than enough to have some fun in the twists.

E36 Track Day Car


E36 Summary

At the end of the day it really depends on what your looking for and I can only give advice from being a E36 owner for 3 years. They are a great second hand car for the price considering you get quality with performance. You would get far more quality from a car like this rather than a brand new car that costs around 12000 pounds.


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