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Phantom Gas

Updated on February 11, 2018

Phantom Gas?

Often enough there will be some scheme developed to make extra money. The trick is to do this without anyone noticing the effect that they are actually being ripped off. Phantom gas is just another example of how we are taken at the pumps.

How To Save at The Pumps?

I've been suspicious a few times getting gas noticing that when I started pumping the gas, the meter seemed to jump start at 9 or 10 cents. The more I actually think about it, the more I can recall this happening. I'm not saying that all gas pumps are rigged. In fact a high percentage of pumps are regulated and things are functioning normally. The problem is there are the small few who are fixing their pumps to manipulate the actual prices. I only buy gas where the pumps don't make me suspicious.

Phantom gas is a topic that people may read up on if they were ever suspicious that they were being ripped off at the pumps. Are you getting the gas that you are paying for?


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      Elena 3 years ago

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