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Pimp My Ride: Shoot Out Style

Updated on March 3, 2009

Pimp My Mighty Boy

The objective is to take a stock standard 1985 Suzuki Mighty Boy and improve upon its look and performance, a la Pimp My Ride.

The project is being done in conjunction with The Shoot Out, the 24 hour filmmaking competition that started in Newcastle and 2007 being its ninth consecutive year.

Every year in addition to the 100+ teams that compete for prizes by shooting a 7 minute film in 24 hours they have a 'challenge'. In the past it's been things like writing and recording a song in 24 hours, shooting a film on film in 24 hours... this year we have been given the opportunity to Pimp Our Ride.

Can it be done?

Mission Impossible

We soon realised 24 hours was mission impossible. We wondered if instead of a 24 hour block we divvied it up into sessions between 10 or more sponsors that would be required to pull off this feat. A few hours here, a few hours there.

Before the cameras started rolling and we worked out a production schedule after consulting with the various businesses we came to the realisation that we'd be lucky to do it in 24 days.

As the story unfolds it has turned into an interesting ride. Both in front and behind the camera. We wanted to do the project justice, not just make it look good on camera, but we threw out the stopwatch when we realised how serious these skilled professionals of our local automobile industry were about doing the best quality job. It was after all, their reputation being put to the test and their skills being showcased.

About The Shoot Out...

The Shoot Out is a filmmaking competition where the competitors must make a film in one day. 24 hours. Straight. In that time competitors must make a short film that is no longer than 7 minutes. No editing. Just "in camera editing". Which for most, amounts to using the pause button and then shooting the next scene.

The event started in Newcastle in 1999 and the event is also staged annually in Toowoomba (Queensland, Australia), Geelong (Victoria, Australia), Hamilton (New Zealand) and Boulder (Colorado, USA).

100+ teams compete in the Newcastle event. Each team consists of 1 or more team members. The average is around four, but there can be plenty more depending on how elaborate the production is.

The competition starts on Friday, with registration and sign up. And then there's a briefing at 8:30pm when the competitors are told the ground rules and also a list of items/locations of which 5 need to be in their films (so the Organisers know that the film was indeed made in the 24 hours). The stories can be about anything.

The prizes are quite prestigious and worth the time and effort to put together a team.

$18,000 first prize package for the Best Film. And also cash prizes for categories such as Best Cinematography and In Camera Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Script, Best Music Composition, Best Soundtrack, Best Direction and best Under 18's film.

On the Friday at 9pm after a briefing, the competition kicks off. Some head straight out to begin filming. Others scout out the areas, and also instruct their teams on what their plans and script is about. Before trying to get a good night sleep and begin filming the next morning.

The film has to be handed in no later than 9pm Saturday night. If it's handed in one minute past 9 the contestant is disqualified, no ifs or buts.

From the afternoon of Saturday the first lot of films that have already been handed in are sent off to the preliminary judges. over the next 12 or so hours three shifts of judges sort through the submissions. Culling the good from the bad. And as the night progresses it gets whittled down to the best of the best. Early to mid Sunday morning they've finished and the final 10 (or sometimes 11 or 12) are transfered to a secure location and locked away.

The weekend event culminates on the Sunday night where a large booked auditorium (in the case of Newcaste it is at Panthers) hosts the Awards Night. At Panthers the main auditorium is filled to capacity. The top ten films are shown and a panel of Industry judges (producers, television personalities, Australian film actors, etc) vote on selected criteria.

No one knows that they've been chosen until they recognise their film on the big screen. You know when someone has become a finalist when cheers erupt from their group.

After all the films have screened, the votes are tallied during an intermission and then the winners from each category is announced. The Best Film is announced until last.

It's a big event on the local calendar. It's a fast, fun and action packed weekend.

Find out more here:

The Sponsors of Pimp My Mighty Boy

Here are the sponsors on board and locked in...

Newcastle Auto Dismantlers at Cardiff. John and his team are doing the engine, mechanical work and have provided new seats.

O'Neills Tyres at Gateshead. Tyres, mags and the exhaust. The rims had to be sourced and freighted in from South Australia as blanks because the Mighty Boy wheel is small and has an uncommon stud size.

Rhino Linings at Warners Bay will be doing the tray lining and also the floor of the vehicle. Doing the floor was a last minute decision, prompted in part by the amount of water that was lying there from all the rain we got from the recent storm. It'll also insulate and give extra soundproofing to the floor.

Mamics Smash Repairs at Broadmeadow are doing the body work and respray. Johnny Lipus did an amazing job of cutting out the rust and fixing up a lot of things we didn't even realise was wrong, until you do something like this and strip the car back so completely. Gary from Mamics is also fixing up the chroming on the roof racks. And importing a new Suzuki Mighty Boy grill from Japan.

Yates Windscreens at Belmont have ordered in a new windscreen and a back window and will install it.

Pedders at Gateshead are providing new suspension and fixing the steering.

Tims Trim at Warners Bay. Tim is doing the hood lining, door linings, reupholster seats, make mats of the same colour as the paint job and also a tonneau cover for the tray.

Orix at Hamilton have loaned us a car for the duration of the project for all the running around we do in getting the car to different places.

Altapac were a late inclusion and have come to our rescue in more ways than one. Just recently approached for window tinting they also do central locking and immobiliser. That last one being an absolute Godsend. As we're increasing the value of the car by over a 1000%. The added bonus is that they also do "car wrapping". I don't think I can do it justice to explain it without having seen it up close and personal but it will make the graphics and sponsors logos that we're putting on the vehicle a hundred times better then what we had planned.

Shannons do car insurance for motoring enthusiasts. We needed insurance and they saw an opportunity.

Newcastle Pro Sound are installing speakers to go with the multimedia GPS system that they're supplying.

A word about our sponsors...

We'll be discussing in greater detail the involvement of each of the sponsors and the work they've done as well as the names of the fantastic owners, managers and employees of each of these companies... after we've pulled off this incredible project.

What we're up to so far...

We're done!


All the outside is done and finished and most of the inside and was displayed at Newcastle Panthers Club in the foyer on Sunday 15th July.

The immobiliser and central locking were completed the Thursday after the event.


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