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How Police Auto Auctions Can Make You Save Money On Your Next Car

Updated on May 4, 2011

Police Auto Auction

So you have been thinking about buying a car, but have you done so through a Police Auto Auction? 

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How Police Auto Auctions Can Make You Save Money On Your Next Car

Everyone knows that an auction can be the place to find incredible bargains and lucrative investments but the majority of regular auctions will have an individual seeking a profit, that is when the police auto auctions become the haven for the real personal and business financial investment.

Accepting the current situation of the world's economy, as it stands, and even though we know that within a couple of years or so the world economy will be stronger than ever before, doesn't stop an individuals need for the occasional new car.

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With banks shying away from credit loans at the present moment, it is a true advantage of knowing a few facts about real police auto auctions. There is an incorrect common mis-understanding of the quality of cars auctioned to the public through the police auctions. Cars which are auctioned aren't usually old models or totally damaged, infact the cars that are auctioned are nine times out of ten, usually anywhere from being brand new up to 5 years old.

The cars found within the police auctions are attained by recovery, being unwanted and abandoned or seized. If a vehicle is unclaimed and without suspicious circumstances connected with it, then the owner has up to 2 months to reclaim the vehicle before the police have the right to make the decision of making a sale.

The majority of vehicles that are sold through the auctions that are held on behalf of the police, are regularly sold at such a low cost that the buyer can usually save up to 90% of the total value of the vehicle. If a vehicle has been donated to the police for auction by any member of the public then that vehicle will not have a minimum starting bid and can be sold at an even lower price than the rest.

Another interesting fact to remember, when searching for a nearby police auction, is that the police auctions must be publicly advertised, to show that everyone has a free and fair chance of purchasing any items sold by the police, therefor you will find police auctions advertised within the local newspapers showing the exact time and date of an auction near you.

With some other methods of buying cars, a buyer can be sometimes un-aware as to the vehicles history. When purchasing a vehicle from a police auto auction you can be guaranteed of one thing for sure and that is that there is no criminal history to be concerned about.


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    • profile image

      Auto Auction 8 years ago

      I went to a police auction in Florida and there were over 200 bidders and only 12 cars for auction. The bids were almost the street value for the used cruisers. I think looking for smaller city police department auctions is the way to go.