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Pontiac gto

Updated on September 17, 2008

1969 GTO

My Pontiac GTO

When I was in high school my father decided that I needed a muscle car. I never understood why a 16 year old would need to drive a 1969 Pontiac GTO It had a 440 with a 4 barrel carburetor, Dual exhaust that sported cherry bomb mufflers. It was sort of root beer color. Yes it was a nice looking car that got almost 10 miles to the gallon. But even then I knew as a kid it had to much power for me to handle.

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I guess I should have kept my GTO ;-)

My father liked to use the car, again I was not sure why he would but it was a fast car. I remember burying the speedometer and I believe it went up to 110 or 120.

Certainly this was much to fast for an adult to be driving on a deserted country road.

But a kid no way. If you even stepped on the gas petal one third of the way down the tires would spin and smoke. The back end would start to fishtail and your head would snap back in the seat.

What the heck were they thinking when they built these types of vehicles. Reminded me for those of you who remember Bo and Luke Dukes car, (The General) My GTO was fast and scary, it was also so loud that you couldn't talk when it was running if you were standing outside of the car. While many Americans would love to have a car such as this I was not prepared to drive such a beast of a car.

My girl friend didn't like the car either.It drank gas like an elephant drinks water. Of course if you could afford the gas and you like fast cars the GTO is great. I really couldn't afford to drive it even in the 1970s. Between the gas and the insurance it just wasn't worth it. For what I needed a car for going to work and part time high school any fuel efficient car would have been fine.

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  • jim10 profile image

    jim10 9 years ago from ma

    I guess you are not really into cars. I was really expecting the opposite actually. But I guess if it was your dad's idea that makes sense. I had a similar car in high school. I bought a 68 Camaro it was probably a little less powerful with a suped up 327 but it was fairly light considering. That car was the most fun ever. I had the similar situation of lots of power under the hood. But even in the late 90's I could still fill the tank with a $20 of premium. It was a little tricky in rain. I did a 360 trying to stop at an orange light once. But, it was a lot better once I got new tires. Unfortunately I had to sell after a while. I couldn't fit the damn car seats in it. So it kinda became impractical. I kept it a while after but couldn't drive it. It was sad seeing it everyday knowing I couldn't put it on the road for a while. My wife couldn't drive it so we couldn't switch cars when necessary. So I sold it and made $500 profit. I then took the family to Disney World with the money. My friend just got the New GTO. It isn't the same but it seems pretty cool.