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Popular Types of Farm Machinery

Updated on January 6, 2013

Modern machinery has made farming a lot less time-consuming and labor intensive. A modern farm is equipped with a range of machinery, from machines to help in preparing the soil to machines able to speed up the harvesting process. Here are some of the most commonly relied on farm machinery:

The Versatile Farm Tractors

Tractor are likely to be seen as one of the most familiar and iconic of the farm machinery pieces and able to perform a wide-range of functions, which might consist of transporting harvests and hauling equipment. Tractors are frequently used and this mass-produced piece of farm machinery was first introduced back in 1915.

The Basic Farm Plows

A plow is highly effective at turning and loosening soil, which is essential on a farm to aid in improving growth and deterring weeds. Plows are likely to be one of the more basic pieces of farm machinery, with the most basic of the tools referred to as an ard. Originally the plow was pulled behind a horse or bullock, whereas the most modern plows are now designed to attach and follow behind a tractor for easier operation.

Deep and Shallow Farm Cultivators

Pulling a farm cultivator behind a tractor is a highly effective step for preparing the soil for growing a harvest and essentially cuts either shallow or deep grooves into the earth for which the grain, vegetable or similar seeds are planted. Prior to the various forms (horse or tractor pulled) of cultivator, it was necessary to prepare the soil for planting by using hand-tools. Many variations of the cultivator have been developed to make the preparation of soil so much easier for the farmer.

Combines for Harvesting Grain Crops

A combine harvester (or just known as a combine) is a high-tech piece of equipment and designed to cut grain as it moves back and forth across the fields. In the process of collecting the grain it is able to split the stem and hull from the actual edible part of the grain. Early combines were horse-powered and due to the machines weight might require up to fourteen horses or more to pull. The latest line of combines is highly technical and fully featured to offer a truly impressive piece of machinery.

Compacting Straw, Cotton or Hay with Balers

A baler is an essential piece of farm equipment used in the process of compacting a certain material (straw, cotton, hay, etc.) into a compact shaped piece, which is often found to be either round or rectangular-shaped. The process of compacting the crop makes it much easier to haul and store for future use.

Overall, the latest and most modern pieces of equipment are quite expensive and therefore it often benefits to look at the availability of the highly attractive used farm machinery Victoria market if hoping to make farming a far-sight easier.


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