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Portable Car Door Handles

Updated on August 20, 2017

Portable door handles work very well and hook firmly to the truck's door latches in a few seconds, giving a regular handle. This can be a useful device for older people, a disabled person, or anyone who needs mobility assistance. Best portable door handle and emergency device on market? The 3 in 1 Portable Handle.

With its 3 in 1 integrated flashlight, safety belt cutter and life hammer to break the glass, you are better equipped with this device at your fingertips.

Integrated Light

No one wants to think of a possible emergency, but we can not escape one of them, especially as the number of car accidents is increasing. Get a light signal for someone close to detect, so you can shorten the time to save as much as possible. The integrated light is quite glossy and works well enough to increase visibilty in case you have a car accident. You can also make it easier to look for things in the dark.

Safety Belt Cutter

"Put your belt on!" Mom said often. It is not wrong, and statistics show that wearing a safety belt reduces the risk of injury or death by up to 50 percent. But ridiculously, wearing a strap puts your life at risk at the same time when you need to get out of the car, but you are trapped by the belt. Never risk your life! You must have a safety belt cutter that is sharp enough to cut through the sturdy belt

Life Hammer to break glass

The behavior itself has a hidden risk. You cannot guarantee that other drivers are aware as they are, which is why you should have an emergency tool in hand that you can escape any danger on the streets! If you are trapped inside the car with no power, nothing will save your life like a hammer strong and fast enough to break the side and back window. Don't waste time looking for an object that is hard enough to break the windows of the car. Knowing that this 3-in-1 portable handle has the ability to help you in any given circumstance, it will be a no brain.

Put This portable handle in each car it is essential for the convenience and safety of you and your companion. It is always better to be sure than to repent. Since it is compact and lightweight, you can easily keep it from the door or glove box for easy access. Make sure you have this profitable device handy!


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    • WheelScene profile image

      WheelScene 6 months ago from U.S.A.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Aelbarsha profile image

      Abdelhakim Elbarsha 7 months ago from Benghazi/Libya

      Amazing. It's something that I never heard of it before. Yet a simple device, but it can save lives.