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Practical guide on electric bike parts

Updated on September 13, 2010

Electric bicycles employ parts that are similar to standard bicycles with a few add-ons. Electric bike parts include the electric motors, electric batteries, and a handlebar mounted speed controller. There are several designs of an electric bike that is comparable to the standard bicycle; however,  every two-wheeled vehicle with pedals and an electric motor is not really a bicycle. Electric bicycles are vehicles that have electric assist motors, or assist in pedaling, if it has non-assist motors, then it is considered to be a scooter, moped or motorcycle.
The first electric bike part to learn is the electrical assist bike motor. There are several types of electrical motors. The electrical assist bike motors enhance the power of a rider’s pedal stroke. This is what receives the input from the pedal stroke. If a rider push the pedals, the motor would detect it and then add more power. It makes the wheel to rotate quicker than usual.

Nowadays, two designs of electric assist motor are available such as hub motors located within the bicycle and motors mounted on bike frames with roller-drivers in contact with the bicycle tires. Just remember that assist motors only provide power when a rider pedals on a low speed. Online electric bicycle resources suppose that 400-watt motors meet the needs of most riders.

electric bike
electric bike

The electric battery is the electric bike part that powers the electric motors of electrical bicycles. Companies usually produce lightweight rechargeable batteries that are very compatible with the electrical assist motors, such as lithium ion batteries. Many electric motor systems can work on batteries of different sizes generating different power levels, especially for drivers that cover long trips or used to climbing steep hills. The batteries used are rechargeable through wall plugs or on-bike power generators that mounted in specially designed areas. The batteries can be fully recharged in about three hours.
The last but essential electric bike part is the electric bicycle speed controllers. They are typically mounted on the handlebar, and commonly operate on levels of power for electric bicycles. Typical power level speed controls offer two to five level speeds.
It is important to familarize oneself with electric bike parts so one modify and revise it to suit the riding conditions according to one's taste.


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