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Premium 110 CC Mid-Size Quad ATV Four-Wheeler: An Overview

Updated on December 15, 2017
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Patrick has been working as a freelance writer for the past 3 years


With a height of 22 inches from the seat to the ground, the 110 cc mid-size quad is the perfect fit for kids outgrowing the Mini Quad ATVs. Specifically designed for teens, the 110 cc mid-size quad comes with a number of exiting features that they will totally love. It is lightweight and low maintenance, which makes it perfect for casual yard, field as well as trail riding. Safety, comfort and added functionality are also at the center of this particular design. With the new, better features in place, kids will not experience any complications when riding. Whether on road or relatively rough terrain, kids have a great time and loads of fun riding the Premium 110 cc Mid-Size Quad ATV Four-Wheeler.



Some of the main features of the 110 CC Gas Mini Quad include:

A Single cylinder, 4-stroke engine (Air cooled)

CDI ignition

12V, 4Ah battery

Hub/hydraulic disc brakes

An automatic clutch


As mentioned, safety, comfort and functionality are at the center of the design. The bike comes in the perfect size for kids, which also allows some room for growth. This factor has been taken into consideration, which means that kids will not rapidly grow out of this bike. While it only accommodates a maximum load of 60 kg, the Brand New Four-Stroke 110 CC Gas Mini Quad ATV Four Wheeler has enough room for kids of different heights therefore allowing enough room for comfort during when riding. The comfortable, well cushioned seats also add to the comfort of the rider during the ride whether on a smooth road or rough terrain. For the rough terrain and off-road adventures, the bike also comes with aggressive tires that ensure that the rider does not easily get stuck. In addition, the upgrade of both the front forks and strong shocks by the manufacturer ensures that riders keep moving and having fun during their off-road adventures. The other aspect of the Brand New Four-Stroke 110 CC Gas Mini Quad ATV Four Wheeler that teens will really like is that it is fully automatic. As such, kids do not need to learn how to switch gears since the ATV will shift gears on its own. This means that kids can simply increase speed while gears change automatically without any complications. Therefore, all that the riders have to do is be in control of the quad and have fun.



The quad also comes with LED headlights, a loud horn as a rear installed luggage rack for any luggage. The LED headlights ensure safety when riding at night or when riding in such conditions that require the headlights such as when it is misty. With the rear rack in place, the quad can be used to carry light luggage from one place to another with ease. This feature therefore adds to the functionalities of the quad.

Other specifications of the 110 CC four-stroke quad ATV include:

An electric starting system

A 52.4 x 49.5mm bore stroke

Chain transmission

2.4L fuel capacity

800mm wheelbase

With the 110 CC four-stroke quad ATV, kids will experience a lot of fun even with little experience. It is a great way to move around and enjoy outdoor adventures. Do you Agree?

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© 2017 Patrick


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