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Preventative Maintenance & Tips For How To Keep Your ATV (4 Wheeler) On The Trail

Updated on January 23, 2012
Camo Polaris Sportsman
Camo Polaris Sportsman | Source

We all know it's important to do some minor up keep and maintenance to all of our vehicles, including recreational ones, to keep them going longer. Here are some helpful hints and preventative maintenance to keep your ATV on the trail.

After Each Ride

  1. Wash your ATV thoroughly, especially if you were in the mud. Mud will build up and will rust your 4wheeler faster, and can also get into places it shouldn't be getting into. No need to get the soap and sponge out, but make sure to hose down all of the major mud.
  2. After washing your ATV, check for leaks of any kind. That way you can fix it before you take it out again.
  3. Check the tire pressure. You could have hit something to give you a slow leak.
  4. Check the hours on your machine to determine if you need an oil change or if it's coming up on one. Check your maunal to see how often your machine needs it's oil changed.
  5. Cover it up. At least put it in an enclosed area to avoid dust and other particles to get on the plastics, increasing the chances for scratches. Also, the seat will wear away the longer it's out in the weather. A 4wheeler cover is an inexpensive way to prevent an expensive problem!


  1. Check the headlights, both HI and LOW beams to make sure they are working.
  2. Check your gas level. It's never fun to run out of gas.
  3. Check the tire pressure. You never know when your tire has a slow leak.
  4. Check the coolant level while the machine is cold. There is a MIN and MAX line on each tank. Anything above the MIN line is fine to ride with, but add more if you'll be on a long ride.
  5. Make sure your brakes are working.
  6. Make sure you have emergency items with you, in case something would happen.
  7. Grease your 4wheeler at all the grease fittings.

Refer to your owners manual for all specifications and for when you need to change the fluids.


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