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Protect Your Car With A Locking Gas Cap

Updated on November 5, 2014

Make a small investment to protect what's becoming a big investment

I filled up my car on a trip the other day and since when did I get just 14 miles per gallon? Turns out, it's entirely possible that I didn't.

Seems gas theft is on the rise along with the gas prices. Understandable, although it does mean that we have to think about protecting our cars in ways that never occurred to us before. And that includes our gas tanks.

Turns out, you can do something about the gas tank. At least a little something since they make lockable gas caps. Yep, gas caps that lock to keep your gas in and bad things out.

A lock adds just another $5 to the cost of a gas cap, so it's an investment worth considering.

Prices at the Pump Are Part of the Problem


Pros and Cons of a Gas Cap That Locks

A locking gas cap isn't the perfect answer here. Certainly just seeing the lock is often a deterrent in itself, and if you keep your car parked on the street, that might be all you need to thwart the casual theft of a couple of gallons. (And anyone seeking revenge by dumping sugar in there.)

What to remember when looking for a locking gas cap:

  • Get the right size for your car. An improperly fitted gas cap can actually cost you in terms of gas via evaporation and the wrong size might also be too tall.
  • Different fuels require different caps - green for diesel, yellow for flex fuel. Make sure you get the right one if you have something other than regular gas.

Keep in mind a locking gas cap can be tough to get out if you lose the key (so just don't lose it, OK) and it could possibly not be quite as perfect a fit as an original. (Typically causes the check engine light to come on).

Looks are an important element in choosing a locking gas door.
Looks are an important element in choosing a locking gas door. | Source

Locking Gas Doors

They're a bit pricier than the locking gas caps - OK a lot pricier in most cases - but a gas door is a bit more secure than the cap. Mostly because no one can attempt to cut it off to get into the tank.

Even more so than a gas cap, you have to get the right door for your car. This is completely replacing the exterior piece of the car, so it needs to be the exact match. Not to mention, you want to spend a little more time picking it out so it looks good on your car. Example, my current door is color matched to my car, but the trim on my car is black. So I'd be looking for a black gas door rather than chrome.

I did see some comments talking about the finish on some of these not lasting that great, so again, take some time to really pick out a quality piece.

Color counts!!!

Have a diesel? You need to make sure you get a green cap. Yellow if you have a flex fuel vehicle.
Have a diesel? You need to make sure you get a green cap. Yellow if you have a flex fuel vehicle. | Source


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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Years ago someone got into my car's gas tank and added something (maybe sugar) that made my car not run and created a repair bill that I could have done without. Yep, I got a locking gas cap. Recommended!