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Protect your Car Interior with Kid's Car Seat Undermats, Mats, DuoMats, or Ultramat Seat Protectors

Updated on August 27, 2012

Protect your car seats from children's spills or car seats

Does it seem to you that it is a never-ending battle to keep the upholstery of your car nice when you have small children? Or does your child's car seat leave unsightly depressions or even scratches on the back seat when you remove them?

To protect and prolong the life of your car's interior, you may want to consider mats that slip under the car seats, called undermats, ultramats, or duomats, depending on the company who makes them. There are many major companies who produce these, and they are very reasonably priced to suit any budget.

Elite DuoMat Premium 2 in 1 Car Seat Mat by Kiddopotamus
Elite DuoMat Premium 2 in 1 Car Seat Mat by Kiddopotamus | Source

Also great for storing baby or toddler's supplies or toys

Besides the protection to seats, most of these seat protectors come with pockets for storing bottles, wipes or diapers for your baby, or toys and snacks for toddlers and older children. These multi-purpose mats will help keep your interior clean and uncluttered at the same time.

An added bonus is that all of them are either machine washable, or can be wiped down with a damp cloth, which is much more preferable than having to scrub and sweep your car's interior on a regular basis.

Elite DuoMat Premium 2 in 1 Car Seat Mat by Kiddopotamus

One of the most popular products in seat protectors is the Elite DuoMat Premium 2 in 1 Car Seat Mat by Kiddopotamus, whose design has won the iParent Media Award. It features padding made of dense molded foam to protect upholstery, and is covered with waterproof material that easily wipes clean. The underneath of the top and bottom of this mat has non-skid material to keep the mat and car seat from scooting around. The back panel can be folded down while using with rear-facing infant seats. Then once your baby starts using the forward facing seat, you just unfold the back panel for full protection of your car's upholstery. The Elite DuoMat Premium 2 in 1 Car Seat Mat by Kiddopotamus also has the mesh pockets for storage to help with organization.

Sunshine Kids Ultramat

Another option is the Sunshine Kids Ultramat. It offers the same protection to upholstery with the high density foam inside, and non-slip waterproof, washable fabric on the outside. This has a two-part construction to easily customize for the appropriate car or booster seat.

One Step Ahead for bench seats

Eddie Bauer, Graco, Munchkin and One Step Ahead products

Eddie Bauer, Graco, and Munchkin also offer undermat car seat protectors. Each have the extra storage pockets, gripping surfaces, and easy-to-clean fabric.

If you have a bench seat in back, check out this car seat protector by One Step Ahead. It fits bench seats of any size, due to its self-adjusting corner panels. They are made of machine washable poly fleece with a water-resistant backing. If you click on the ad from Amazon below, it will give more detailed instructions for installing.

Anyone of these products are guaranteed to get you on your way towards a cleaner, more organized backseat, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Kick mats available, too, for protecting the backs of front seats

If you would also like to protect the backs of your front seats in your car from scuff marks or dirt from kicking little feet in the backseat, you are welcome to click on either of my informational articles to learn more about kick mats--these have become a very popular products for parents of small children.

SafeFit Kick Mats

More kick mat products


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