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Public Government and Police Car Auctions

Updated on November 14, 2010

Why Public and Government Auctions in the first place

As everyone knows, it is often difficult to find a reasonably priced car on your budget and it seems that vehicle and car auctions by public and the government alike in or around your city is potentially the best place to find a cheap bargain that is still driveable.

By attending auto auctions, it is easy in most senses to get a grip on the realistic selling prices of these government or repossessed cars and police cars.Sometimes you may find a consignment of Boats, bikes and even planes has been added for depth and variety in the auction.

Going to a bank repossession auction sometimes yields the best results as it often the cases that the bank does not wish to hold its capital in car ownership and would rather get rid of these vehicles off of their balance sheet. The bank is not the game of cars and thus car auctions of repossessed vehicles are plentiful.

Government car auctions are another type of auction altogether as the city has yearly budgets that allow the government to replace these vehicles and often at very reduced prices due to the numbers they are able to buy.

This means that to free up space as opposed to capital for by new vehicles, they will turn to the auction as a sure fire way to get rid of these used vehicles and make space in their parking areas for the new government vehicles.

The police departments are another means for auction cars with such a huge fleet of cars that an auction of police cars is inevitable. The police car auction does draw large numbers of people interested in these vehicles as the majority of government and police vehicles have well run and maintained engines as well as a good source of parts to the auto parts market. Getting your hands on a police car at an auction will usually give you a tried and tested endurance engine with some horsepower if its what you are after in an auction vehicle.

Some folks will use the car auctions as a means to generate an additional income as the prices at which one manages to buy an auction car will allow a margin enough to make a profit.

So how do you get ahead at the car auctions ?

Going to a car auction in the UK,USA and Australia are mcuh the same in many respects and the method I will introduce shortly, is fortunately available to all of these market places and can be broken down further into city such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Chicago,New York, Miami, Boston , London, Ireland, Scotland and a host of other international cities and states.

The financial institutions in all of these cities and states subscribe to an auction manual and journal recording all the available auctions of government cars, police cars and includes a large number of repossessed cars too.

By obtaining this list prior to the auctioneer being assigned to auction the cars, you are in a postition to precede the auction and sometimes even get an opportunity to secure or bid prior to the auction.

The drop out figures needed by the auctioneer or company having the auction are sometimes included in these lists and journals which will ensure you do not waste unnecessary time and effort in pursuit of an auction car that is a waste of your time. These prices at auction, but mostly before, are often between 65 and 95% below the trade value of the car.

So how do you get in on this car auction information

These are a few places that are assured to put you ahead of the competition at any government, police or public car auction in your area.

The mere fact that the companies are worldwide has enabled telephone bidders, which I am sure you may have noticed at a car auction before, to secure auction cars from a distance and enables them to track their auctions and interests in several cities and even countries.

Some police and government car auction sites you can join for free - Bid on items from $1.00 - INCLUDES HOMES, CARS FROM $500,JEWELRY and much, much more.Get access to repossessed cars From $100, Boats, Real Estate, Collectibles And Jewelry. Government And Police Auctions Online. The #1 Trusted US Government, Police, Repos & Seized Vehicles Auction Site (incl. Real Estate).

You will need to define the areas and or zip codes that may be of interest to you, so please be prepared with the nearest towns to your location to get the most accurate of information.

Police car and government vehicle auctions as well as repossessed vehicles are surely a good way to go.


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    • Didge profile image

      Didge 5 years ago from Southern England

      :)P Wonderful hub and a good addition to Hubpages! Thanks for sharing!