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QTbot Review: Scott's Exeter Car Wash & Auto Lube

Updated on August 20, 2011

How much rudeness can you put up with in order to save a few dollars? Depending on your answer, this Exeter Township establishment may or may not be for you.

A few days ago, I was looking through the Reading Eagle Clip-It booklet when I saw an ad with a coupon for an oil change & wash (including quick interior cleaning) for what seemed like a reasonable price offered by Scott's. It just so happened that my car was overdue for an oil change and it hadn't been washed presumably since before I purchased it in February of this year. I had never taken my car to a "wash & lube" establishment before (I usually just get oil changes at Sears or Monro Muffler & Brake and skip car washes altogether) so I thought I'd try it out. I didn't know what to expect, what the typical procedures were etc.

So when I drove up to this place this morning, I saw the signs in the parking area to leave your keys in your car which I thought to be a questionable, unsafe practice. Not feeling comfortable with purposely leaving the keys in my car, I ignored the signs and went inside to speak with a person behind the counter first. I walked up to the counter to try to talk to RudeDude #1, explaining that I saw the sign about the keys but wasn't sure how to go about things, beginning to explain that I had a coupon etc. RudeDude #1 apparently couldn't deal with a few simple questions, so he passed me off to RudeDude #2 who began to input my name, phone number and other info into their system. RudeDude #1 came back and asked me for my car key, so I started to take my key off of my keyring, and RudeDude #2 said I could just leave my keys on the keyring unless i was "really paranoid" so I just let them have my keys, even though at every other car place I've removed my keys from the keyring and no one before had ever said anything seeming to insinuate that I had an unhealthy level of paranoia. I tried to give RudeDude #2 my coupon before I left and he acted like it was covered in a radioactive &/or carcinogenic substance and said repeatedly that I needed to hold on to it until I picked up my car later. I began to tell RudeDude #2 that I was going to go do stuff and come back for my car, and he was very dismissive and cut me off and told me to go do "what you have to do" as if I was asking for his permission in the first place.

When I came back to pick up my car, I walked up to the counter and RudeDude #1 started to ring me up on the register and I asked where my car keys were, and he said they were in the vehicle. That really irritated me, but I think it was more annoying that he made a big deal about there being a coupon on my receipt for a reduced price car wash but since I already got my car washed that I could use it next time. I thought it was rather presumptive of RudeDude #1 considering his (and RudeDude #2 's) less than satisfactory customer service.

I understand that it was a Saturday morning which is probably a busy time for them, but seriously, I was appalled by how I wasn't even allowed to really ask questions, and was cut off in mid sentence several times during the brief interactions I had w/ both RudeDudes, as well as basically being told that I was paranoid if I took my keys off of my keyring! I would rather pay an extra few dollars and take my business to a place where I won't be treated like crap and where I feel my car is a little bit safer (i.e. a place that keeps the keys to vehicles behind the counter instead of inside the cars in the ignitions!).


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