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QTbot Review: Whitaker Motors, Adamstown, PA

Updated on March 31, 2011

About a month and a half ago, I purchased a 10+ yr. old car from Whitaker Motors in Adamstown, PA. I went there on a weeknight, test drove the car for less than 10 minutes and then told the salesman/owner that I wanted to purchase the car. I had inquired about what kind of financing options were available and because by the time I got to the dealership all the banks were closed, he said he couldn't offer me any loan info until the following day. I needed the car that night so I asked if I could pay with my credit card, which at first he was hesitant to accept because of the merchant fees credit card companies charge for processing but then when I told him I didn't have a checkbook on me (I never carry around a checkbook!!! That's what debit cards are for!!!) he said that he'd accept credit cards after all. So I thought, okay this transaction will be over and done with in no time! WRONG! For some reason his credit card machine wasn't working! Needless to say, it was not a short transaction at all. At any rate, the next day I dropped by to pick up my credit card and any final paperwork & any other items associated with this car. I also asked him when the car had an oil change last and he said he didn't know but if his shop had done it there would've been a sticker on the windshield. Of course there was no sticker on the windshield so I had to get the oil changed within a few days of purchasing the car. After I left, something had been bugging me: I remembered reading the ad for the car online and it had listed "remote for keyless entry" as one of the features ----I had not received a keyless remote, so I contacted the dealership dude again, and he was like "oops sorry, you can come by and pick it up" which was frustrating because before I left the dealership earlier that day, I had asked him "are you sure that's everything?" a few times.

Here's a list of repairs that have been done on the car since February:

1. According to the mechanic I took my car to, the dealership took the two existing rear tires and put them on the front, and replaced the rear tires with a different set of tires. This is not good practice because tires should be replaced as a set on a 4WD car because of the way the tires wear. I had to get all 4 of my tires replaced + a wheel alignment.

2. One of the rear wheel bearings was in critical condition. I had to get this replaced which wasn't cheap! I could have taken this back to the dealer under the 30 day limited warranty but I figured if they had done such a crappy job with the maintenance of this vehicle thus far, I'd rather go to a reputable mechanic instead.

3. The owner had no idea how long it had been since the last oil change so I had to get it done.

4. The rear windshield wiper and the front windshield wipers all needed to be replaced because even though they moved, they were in bad shape and didn't function properly, making my windshields look blurrier than clearer.

5. The front headlight needed replacement.

Overall, I think I did get a decent deal on the car in terms of price even though I did end up spending hundreds of dollars on repairs and maintenance. But considering there was no record of the most recent oil change, the tires switcheroo, and the dangerous wheel bearing, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable recommending this dealership to friends.


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