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What makes Yamaha RX100/135 different from other bikes???

Updated on September 24, 2010

Escorts limited launched RX 100 during the later phase of 1985 which revolutionised the Indian Bike Market. Now the point is that what makes this bike brand so special?

Looks? Control? Security? No, not at all. If you look for above mentioned three qualities, RX is not at all an option. Then what makes this a firebrand. Undoubtedly, it is the riding comfort and pickup. Some people including myself loves this august motorcycle even by its sweet phony. I myself being an auto enthusiast had driven lots of bikes [not in the range of super bikes though- I'm taking defence :-)] but still if anyone asks me to rate, RX will surely be there in top 5 of my list.The pickup of this engineering wonder from Yamaha is incredible at least up to first 60kmph. Once you ride RX there is no point in thinking twice for bidding a 'like' in Facebook. That is the real power of this peerless two wheeler. If you look 100 cc bike which can manage to win a race if conducted with 150cc segment you will be guided to RX without being loath.

A question which may arise is that which is best - 100 or 135?? I will back 135 -if its five speed, else 100 only. You will come across the demerit of 100 only when you cross 60kmph. With an added fifth gear 135cc counterpart can palliate this handicap.

Every coin has two sides. If you are kind of person backing mileage, RX will not be your Venus. At the same time it will surely be a regrettable miss if you hadn't driven RX100/135 and at the same time you belong to the leonine chunk of men enjoying the art of driving. If you are riding an RX you are surely gonna feel like a king. Then why wasting your life with the so called economical 100cc dross bikes, bearing compunction caused by the mighty RX . Go for RX. Unfortunatley there is no fresh RX 100 available from Yamaha. But you can manage to get a well condition second hand below 20k. Live like a king - try RX!!! Hail RX


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    • profile image

      akshay 22 months ago

      I want a rx 135

      Please inform me at fb AksHay akze

    • profile image

      jmp 2 years ago

      If anyone selling rx-100 or rx-135 in mumbai.plz let me know on this page.and don't forget to add your mobile number.

    • profile image

      Ashok Raju bai 2 years ago

      I love my bike Rx100 i am like my Rx100

    • profile image

      Ashok Raju bai 2 years ago

      I love my bike Rx100 i am like my Rx100

    • profile image

      sreehari santhosh 2 years ago

      Ya u said father have a rx100 and i lv to ride it.but one my frnd have a rx135 and i lv to ride that one more than my both ride like beast....!!!

    • profile image

      Manikandan 3 years ago

      Its more powerful I am think my Yamaha RX z

    • profile image

      Roni 3 years ago

      Bhai Sanjay.... tera 100 mujhe bech de... bura maat manna par tujhe 100 ka music pata nehi bhai. hum wo hai jo 100 ka silencer ke sound se janta nacha de. Kapal fuuti thi jo apni bech diya port blair se aate time. friend, mere yeha ek uncle bazar me roz milta hai, 89 ka 100 leke. daily tang karta hu... bech do... bech do... par muskurake zabab deta hai... beta Taklif nehi deta hai, Q bechu... solid bike hai yaar... kya karu batao yaar

    • profile image

      kamalesh 3 years ago

      My Yamaha rx135 my hart and my love....

    • profile image

      sanjay 3 years ago

      my rx 100 can touch 0-60 before 7.5 seconds i feel awesome ....guys in road looks at me... Feeling great coz of my bike!!!

    • profile image

      Billa Prakash 3 years ago

      I love rx 100

    • profile image

      xavier 3 years ago

      My RX 135. Whenever I accelerate the engine go off. Help. Any suggestion

    • profile image

      thamu 3 years ago

      Yamaha its feel like me a king of the street for ever

    • profile image

      faruk 3 years ago

      I sellin my rx 135

      Cell: 8870882948

    • profile image

      Hiren 3 years ago

      I heard a motorcycle going through my street and the sound made me crazy it was rx100 at age of 18 when was ridding Luna. I ask my father to buy me one from Yamaha. And I went showroom on 1996 . There was one rx100 maroon for sale and one RXG ,did not known much about rx100 and bought newer model RXG . Still regrate it .later bought second hand and total lost in accident , bought another on 21k rebuilt fully with original parts spend 30k .still have it in my storage with 2500 km done .

    • profile image

      Yuvraj gowda 3 years ago

      My Rx100 s 9 years elder than me n nw m 19.....feels lyk it's immortal n it's power keeps on unleashing wen I twist d throttle

    • profile image

      imran 4 years ago

      I have 10 Yamaha rx100 for sell

      if anyone interested can Col me 7840917586

    • profile image

      Anindya 5 years ago

      my dad bought Yamaha RX100 in 1986 till date it runs flawlessly awesomely maintained ....

      i grown up riding our RX on the back seat ... as a kid

      now its my turn to ride this beautiful machine ....

      i changed some body parts with the new once original RX100 Parts ...

      though its 26 year old bike but still it ROARS LIKE A LION

      I JUST LOVE MY RX 100 :)


      YES YAMAHA!!

    • profile image

      Gowtham 5 years ago

      i had realized it n i just love my rx

    • profile image

      Jibin james 5 years ago

      I want to buy yamaha rx 100 bike . . . .which is better pick up and give me more speed rx100/135 ? Pls help me

    • profile image

      Manick 5 years ago

      Yamaha rocks forever....i love this bike

    • mobilephones profile image

      mobilephones 7 years ago from Bangalore, India

      you can join community of RX series in orkut.

      Else take help from local workshop mechanics

    • profile image

      Ramiz mondal 7 years ago

      I am big fan of yamaha rx 100. I want to buy it. Hows this possible?