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Stop Driving While Texting- Make Your Pledge Today

Updated on February 3, 2015

For Guilt, Pain or Regret You Can Text While Driving

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View Your State Distraction Laws

  • 14 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving.
  • Currently, 44 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands ban text messaging for all drivers.

Visit to learn your states distraction laws.

Texting While Talking

What would you say if you were driving and someone had blindfolds on? Sound crazy? Well that is what is happening every time someone is texting while driving. If they are texting they are not watching the road. It only takes a second to end you life or someone else.

I hate to state the obvious but until everyone is practicing cell-free driving we will continue to lose lives. Everywhere you go people are still holding their cell phones talking or texting. On the highways, crossing lanes and in school zones. I am terrified most of the time.

Let's face a real truth. We love each other. I mean as humans. We are all connected and would be deeply affected if we unintentionally hurt one someone.

I had an incident when I zoned out of my surroundings while talking on my cell while driving. I was hands free but was preoccupied nevertheless and didn't notice a truck signaling to enter my lane and my guess is he was on his cell also because he was coming over.

When I noticed him it was too late. I step on my gas to speed up while blowing my horn. He noticed me right in time as his front bumper bumped my rear bumper. I lost control of the car. He slowed down giving me more space as I tried to gain control of the car. If he hadn't I would have been pushed off of the road.

What's more special is other truckers widen the space around me until I gained control. It was amazing...then they protected the trucker not allowing me to get his license. go figure. I was shaken and watched as they moved on. I pulled over and suffered only shock and a small dent. I was speaking to my daughter. I only answer the phone for family but no more. It can wait.

The moral of this story who ever is calling it can wait and we are not really paying attention while driving.

One less attentive driver the safer the roads will be. Start with you.We have to drive for the other guy that is not paying attention. They might be:

  • talking on their cell
  • jamming to their music
  • attending to a small child
  • eating their breakfast
  • Putting on make up

Talking on the cell is just another distraction of the worse type because it last longer. Unnecessarily talking and texting kills and when it isn't fatal it is still frightening to the other drivers and your passengers.

When you are on the phone your concentration is no longer on the road. You are just as unaware as a drunk driver. It will only take a second before everything can go horribly wrong.

You know what I'm talking about because it has already happened to you. How many times have you already slammed on the breaks just in time or had swerve to avoid hitting someone? That might not be your story but you have one.

7 Tips To Start Driving Safely Without Cell Phone

  • Don't answer your phone while driving.
  • Make calls before you are on the road.
  • Have a passenger answer your phone.
  • Put phone away to not be tempted.
  • Put ringer on silent while driving.
  • Care about your life more than the call.

Become a role model for your young drivers and stop talking while driving. Show them that you don't want to cause harm to yourself or to others.Bargain with them to stop the madness of texting/talking while driving.

The reasons fines and possible jail-time is to show you how dangerous texting/cell while driving is. If you don't worry about yourself worry about the people that will be hurt you have a serious condition already. You are addicted and you need help. Why else would you continue to do something as dangerous as drugs?

  • You can lose your life.
  • Lose your license.
  • High insurance
  • Someone else can lose their life.
  • Your loved ones will miss you.

Try to change your habit of texting or talking on your device while driving. Like any drug or life stlye change you have to wean yourself off. Try not using your phone while driving one day the first week, 2 days the next and so on until you completely stop.

I sure wish you would stop because it is so serous but we know life doesn't work that way. It shouldn't take a near miss or worst to stop you all at once.

After a terrible accident there is always remorse tears and guilt and that's only if your lucky enough to be alive. Don't text and drive.

Love One Another Don't Text and Drive. Pass It On


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 7 years ago

      It's ashamed xixi12 that so many still will be hurt or worse by this selfish act. I've seen this on a bus also. People need to get irate when so many lives are in jeapordy by one simpleton! Make your calls on breaks!

      Some jobs have to reach their drivers by phone no matter where there are. They should make headset mandatory!

    • xixi12 profile image

      xixi12 7 years ago from Everywhere but here. In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. You can never be truly free till you have the discipline to manage it.

      I quite agree with you. A lot of people have lost their lives due to carelessness. I remembered being in a bus when the driver picked up his cell phone. Another passenger warned him of the dangers and his reply was, he has been driving for years and he is an experienced driver. If only he knew that most people who lost their lives were also experienced. Very useful article.