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Rebuilding CV Joints Is Less Expensive Than Replacing

Updated on July 22, 2011

Recreation and outdoor activity happen in many different ways for people. Getting outside and enjoying the beauty nature has to offer us can relieve stress, improve health and well being and give meaning to lives that otherwise seem like an endless cycle of work, eating and resting. Going for a drive in the mountains, taking a hike, going to the beach, taking an all terrain vehicle out on trails in the woods or sand dunes in the desert or beach. Depending on the interests of the individual person recreating, the many different ways to have fun can seem like endless possibilities for enjoyment.

All terrain vehicles are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts in many different areas. Whether the wide open spaces of the Western United States or the forests of the Eastern US, the opportunities afforded by the flexibility of these remarkable vehicles offer unique enjoyment for the people who love riding them. ATVs offer a chance to ride in nature, without the danger and unpredictability of horseback riding and the mechanization lacking in mountain bikes. ATVs also can pull more weight than a non-mechanized bicycle or horse. Riders need to carry their own fuel if traveling for long distances through wilderness trails.

One thing to always be aware of with ATVs is their popularity among children, but the rates of injuries increase as the age of the rider decreases. Children lack the experience and response time that adults have, especially when it comes to driving vehicles. An adult driver is going to be more capable of stopping a potential roll over simply because of the ability to throw their weight against the other side of the vehicle. Children are much lighter than adults and lack the weight advantage when riding ATVs. Even though there are ATVS designed for lighter, smaller riders, there are minimum weight and age recommendations for a child to drive an ATV. Depending on the jurisdiction, the child might have to be of an age to be legal to drive an automobile before riding an ATV is legal. While this does not prevent parents from allowing their children to drive ATVs, it can help protect the children if they are prevented from doing so. ATVs are easily tipped over when the vehicle hits a large rock or a hidden hole on the trail when the load being carried is lighter than the manufacturer anticipated when engineering the model. Riding smaller ATVs can help protect smaller passengers and decrease injuries that could occur when accidents happen. Lighter ATVs will not be as devastating to smaller passengers if they are trapped underneath them, but will still cause serious injuries if precautions like helmets are not taken.

Many areas popular with ATV and ORV riders have taken advantage of the strengths of these vehicles and offer ways to offset their weaknesses. ATV CV joints can weaken and break over time, causing problems with the enjoyment of riding. Regular maintenance can spot these weakened joint before they break, allowing the owners and riders the chance to get them fixed before a rider gets stranded on the trail. CV stands for 'constant velocity.' These joints allow for great flexibility with the suspension of off road vehicles and provide a smoother, constant ride without causing damage to the riders or the carriage of the vehicles. As time and usage increase with a vehicle, the ATV CV joint can become unsafe and worn, requiring a rebuilding or replacement. The cost difference can be enough to consider the practicality of hiring a qualified repair shop that specializes in the rebuilding of an ATV CV joint.

Every ATV CV Jointis actually two joints, one on the inside and one of the outside of the axle, offering maximum stability and flexibility. Removing the joints can be done by someone familiar with the process and mechanics of ATV CV joints, but understanding where the weakness in the part requiring rebuilding may take the attention of a professional. There are different types of CV joints, each varying in design and final ability to perform function, but every design has weaknesses and strengths that are understood by specialists in rebuilding and replacing parts on ATVs.

When a CV joint starts having issues, the ride and feel of the ATV changes. The ride becomes rougher and the vehicle becomes less able to compensate for the bumps and shifts occurring with off road riding. If the joint is not repaired, the result can be a total failure of the suspension system and the enjoyment of off-road riding goes out the window in a big puff of dust. A repair shop specializing in ATV repairs might not also specialize in the reconstruction of CV joints and axles, but might be able to direct a customer to a place that does. In places like Piute County, Utah, there are fewer than 5000 people and over 100 miles of improved ATV and ORV trails. A local repair shop will see more than a few vehicles needing specialized work, and might have a better grasp of the best manner to fix an failing joint or axle.

Using common sense when riding and maintaining ATVs can help prevent problems from mechanical failure and misuse of the vehicles. Outdoor recreation will continue to be a draw for millions of people in the United States. Preservation of trails that are used by ATV enthusiasts have become an important topic in rural areas dependent on tourist attractions and the money the riders spend in their area. The conflicts between environmentalists who want to ban ATV riders from these trails and the riders and local businesses who are fighting to keep them open have inspired many different news stories and attempts to pass laws to both protect the trails and ban the riders. With the extreme of the two sides, a resolution is unlikely in the near future. However, in the meantime, if riding an ATV, be careful, don't make illegal maneuvers, be extremely careful with children riding and stay on the marked trails.


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