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Red Bull Gives You Wings Castrol Power 1 Makes Your Bike Zing

Updated on January 1, 2018

I am a firm believer in using the best quality bike engine oil you can get. Why? Premium oils cost a little extra and the benefits are immense. Better quality engine oil leads to a much better ride, especially in the long term. Keeping this in mind, I took multiple opinions and ultimately switched to Castrol POWER1 CRUISE on both my bikes. The Castrol oils have always been popular, and now I see why!

Castrol POWER1 For Pulsar 220F

I know my Pulsar isn’t the best bike, and the doesn’t have the most refined engine. But I bought this bike with my hard-earned money and it is extremely special to me. Which is why I never compromise when upgrading my bike. I use Castrol POWER1 4T 20W-50 for this bike. This oil is particularly good for city riding as it protects my engine from the build-up of deposit, which is plenty on the polluted Mumbai roads.

This engine oil has done a seriously good job of maintaining my engine and ride quality. The ride feels a lot smoother, especially without those frustrating engine vibrations.

Castrol POWER1 For Royal Enfield Himalayan

I use my Royal Enfield Himalayan for road trips across the country. On the long stretches of empty roads, I can’t help but notice the clear difference in ride quality after switching engine oils. I use Castrol POWER1 4t 15W-50 for my Himalayan. When it comes to the long roads, there is a constant feel of fresh acceleration. Other than the obvious difference in throttle response, the ride has become much better with smooth gear shifts.

Castrol’s POWER1 has greatly increased the dependability of my bike. I feel much more confident that my engine won’t overheat and fail in the middle of nowhere. This is a big concern of all solo road trippers out there. Stop missing out, switch to Castrol POWER1!


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      DariusPanday 2 months ago

      Using Castrol POWER1 with your bike, really takes your engine's performance to the next level

      Buy it through the link: