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Red Light Camera Detectors

Updated on July 30, 2010
Hammacher Schlemmer red light camera detector
Hammacher Schlemmer red light camera detector

Do red light camera detectors exist?

As a matter of fact, there is such a thing as a red light camera detector. Hammacher Schlemmer is one company that makes such a device. It goes on your dashboard and warns you when you approach an intersection known to have a red light camera. It can be updated to reflect the growth of red light cameras around the country.

Do I need one of these detectors?

That all depends. Do you find yourself blowing through intersections when nobody is there? If you do that in any major or even minor city, chances are you're beginning to find traffic tickets sent to you automatically through the mail and arriving at your door a week or so after the infraction. Some of these tickets can carry a fine of several hundred dollars apiece. If that's the case, this $200 device is certainly something you should look into. It'll also look great next to your radar detector on your dashboard. Some companies even make radar detectors with red light camera GPS info built in, so you can save some dashboard space there. I know Cobra is one such company.

What else can these detectors do?

Well, they don't just detect red light cameras. Many of these devices will also tell you where known speed cameras are. That's especially useful if you like to cruise down the interstate at 90 mph. One little warning signal and you can slow up for 30 seconds or so until you pass the camera and then you can get back to the races.


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