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Redlight on The dashboard is on

Updated on October 9, 2008

Save yourself a headache and a bundle

You have been ignoring the flashing orange dash light for the last hundred miles or so and suddenly the car stops dead in its tracks. You attempt a start but it's no use. You are certain you have blown up the engine on your new Audi. You try to think, what did the warning light say? You look and turn the ignition key on and off a few times but the light is blank. You remember it now. It said: Check engine.

You didn't read the glove box manual, so you don't know what that means. Have you ruined the engine on the car? Not likely if it is a newer mode.Usually an orange light indicates problems with the emissions system. Even a loose gas cap may cause the light to light up. A loose hose or oxygen leakage are possible culprits.

In older model cars the cause of the problem may escalate into major trouble. such as a clogged filter that blocks engine oil, for example, or a broken smog pump belt might do some major damage if not attended to. Chances are the car stopped for another reason than the light. Most likely cause is you ran out of gas.

A red light is much more serious and without further information(such as neglecting to change the oil or running a quart low on oil) it is important to have the car checked out at once. You will want to go to "Car Talk" to find an honest mechanic, especially if you are on the road. Mechanics tested by readers are shown with indications about such things as competency and honesty.

In these days of scarcity , it is important to maintain the engine of your car while having a basic understanding of what brings on those lights that can induce panic and confusion. take a few minutes to read your car manual. At the least,it might save you some heavy towing charges.


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